11/16/15... How can I be so lucky??? That is what I have been asking myself over and over since transfer meeting...


I know you are all dying to know,

you have been waiting long enough,

and there was totally no transfer video for you to get the inside info............

where am I? who is my companion? what did I wear to transfers? 

I will just go ahead and give you the scoop first thing:


My companion is Sister สิริขวัญ (Sirikwan), the cutest  native คนไทย ever... 

Then, if you must know, I wore the dress of my dreams... ha! :)  .... (It has tennis racquets all over it!)

But yes, how can I be so lucky??? that is what I have been asking myself over and over since transfer meeting... because there are some extra must know details:

I am actually only going to be in ChiangMai for like 2 more weeks... 

There were a lot of crazy "half" move type of things going on because we will be getting 7 new Thai Sisters from the Philippines MTC on December 2nd. So Sister Sirikwan will train one of them here in ChiangMai, and I will go open a new area in Bangkok, ดอนเมือง (Don Mxang), and train one of them too! I don't really know all the details, but all President told me was that I will be about 30-40 min from the church (it is the church that we have transfer meeting at!) and we will be living around where Wisan lives... Apparently the Bishop there has been wanting to open something out that way for a while cause there are tons of members and opportunities for growth etc... 


It is honestly the perfect answer to my prayers. I think it will be very humbling, but really cool to see what the Lord has in the works to help Thailand grow. There were a lot of crazy changes made at transfers... opening up new areas, tons of new technology resources for us to use with our phones, clarification on some rules etc, and it just kept running through my mind that "if we always do what we've always done, we'll always get what we've always gotten." We want change and progression, and I love that we are doing something about it!

Even if it means leaving this place that I LOVE......... The Lord just completely prepared my heart for this, and was very generous to me in it all as well. I never thought I would get to be companions with Sister Sirikwan, so these next two weeks are going to be such a treat. She is from ChiangRai which is not too far from here so we were so surprised when her pic came up at transfers for ChiangMai! She is SO adorable and so fun. She has been out for about 10 months and is a way good missionary. Then on top of that, I get just a little more time to work with our investigators and RCS here... and I think it is kind of fun to note that I will totally get to be in ChiangMai for ลอยกระทง (Loigatong) the famous Thai Lantern Festival, and also for Thanksgiving with the Stokers.
**that is just ONE of the stuffed animals that Sister Lor sleeps with every night....
So yeah! To backtrack a little, it was a great week leading up to transfers. It was kinda crazy, because we didn't get the move call until Tuesday afternoon, and usually we get it on Monday! Everyone thought I would be leaving, so it was a huge surprise when Mags was the one going.. Sister Lor moved too. We were actually at our favorite Bro พงค์ (Noi) and Sister น้อย's(Pong)  house (remember them... the cutest white haired couple that had us over to make food and work in their yard?!) when we got the call. And again, it was just the greatest time ever. They treat us like we are their children! This time we pulled weeds and the elders cut some trees in their garden then we learned how to make Massaman and TomKhaGai. They are my FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD and I cannot wait for you to meet them someday. I offered that we would do a house trade with them for a month or so, like the movie the Holiday, but they just insisted that the whole family comes to stay with them at their house for a while. haha! some of the greatest examples of generosity, selfless service, love and charity have I witnessed on my mission thats for sure. 

Like take yesterday, at church. It is always so fun here in ChiangMai because we get so many tourists here on vacation, members from all over the world who come to church, especially in the morning branch. Just as sacrament was about to start, these 3 dads come walking in with their 3 10 year olds on a fun little "coming of age" family tradition trip (so fun huh?!) and one of the dads hands me a white shirt and tie to give to someone who doesn't have one, then lets me know that he brought a change of clothes for after church to give the one he was currently wearing too. I love that... I just want to burst when I witness little acts of charity and kindness like that. Or like Brother Brayoon, who totally came to church yesterday (YEAH!!!!!!!!!!), and as he was walking in, carried the bags of one of the older แม่s (Mahs) in the ward (sidenote she is like one of the FIRST members in Thailand), got her all situated on her row, then went and sat with Brother สมชัย (Somchai). I have learned through my own experiences and careful observance of others (if you know me, you know how much I love watching people!) that the happiest people are the ones who sacrifice in behalf of others. The ones who know the value of a smile or a load lightened for a dear friend or even a complete stranger. 

The quote that has been running through my head ALL week for some reason, way random actually, is from one of the hymns of the Restoration that we all know and love:


In whatever light you look at sacrifice, whether it be sacrificing for others in service, or sacrificing something personal like maybe some favorite sins or "natural man" behaviors, I testify that sacrifice is what not only brings forth the blessings of Heaven, but what brings a closeness with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. To be like them is to know them, and I know that every effort of ours to sacrifice out of love for them, only lessens the distance between us and them. Until one day we will see them in the flesh, already having a perfect knowledge of them through the "sacrifices" we were willing to make.

That is truth. 

But yeah, sorry this week doesn't have tons of crazy stories, there was lots of bus/ train time, lots of packing and unpacking, but still miracles as always. Some super tid bits for you:

-เฟิร์น (Fern) one of our investigators who is 18, honestly the cutest girl, called us and asked if we could teach her friends... and asked if they could come to church with her on Sunday. They came and are so great!

-จ้า (Jaa!) another cutest new investigator from English brought her friend to church on Sunday too. All of these girls seriously LOVED the Primary Program (Branch 2's was this week) and Young Women's after too. We are excited to keep working with them.

-ชล (Shone) came EARLY to church and says he thinks he will be ready for his baptismal date this coming Sunday. PRAY FOR HIM PLEASE!!! He has made HUGE progress this last week, and I think the coolest part, is it has for the most part been through his own personal prayer and reading. YES!!!!

-เบญ (Ben) the investigator from under the tree, still way good, but definitely some possibility that he could actually be crazy. Sis Sirikwan and I had the funniest lesson of our lives with him on Saturday. Nonetheless, he wore a white shirt and tie to church like we asked so we will see! 

-ฝน (Fon) the RC that just got baptized two weeks ago... DOING SO GOOD! She is so cute.. the only questions she had this last week when we met with her, "Sister is it ok if I come to church in the morning instead sometimes if I have appointments I can't miss with my doctors?" and "Who do I give this envelop with my tithing?" She is a rockstar and we are SO close with her husband! Pray for him to have free time!

-Totally reunited with SIS OLSEN and it was BLISS!! She will be training a Thai Sister when they come too! (Can you believe they are trusting us to be MOTHERS???? hahaha just kidding)

-Said goodbye to some of my favorite Sisters ever... I cannot believe they are home now! Love them so much. They just all better wait for me to be at their weddings!! HAHA!
love these Sisters FOREVER!!!
Anyways, happy, healthy, and loving this work here. Thanks for your love and emails and for giving me a life full of equally special and hilarious memories to the point that sometimes I am just sitting there and something funny pops in my head about one of you guys... and then I am just sitting there laughing really hard to myself like an idiot. ("MY SON WILL NOT LEARN MATH FROM STAN THE JANITOR")  Its the best and again, I just think to myself "how can I be so lucky??????"

on the train!
craziness of getting all of the luggage and bikes into TAXIS... you should see the looks on the drivers faces when we start to get all the bags in... then we show them the BIKES. I think the Lord really plays a part in preparing the hearts of just enough taxi drivers to get us safely to transfers and back to our areas cause it is a little insane!

  I cannot believe I found this dress, I cannot believe it was 150 baht and I cannot help but believe in its prime, it was sold at some high end boutique near the grass courts of Wimbledon and by some turn of luck (or maybe some mission blessings) it somehow made its way here to Thailand to find me. Wow, how could I be so lucky??? 
reunited with SIS OLSEN and it was BLISS!!

I didnt take any pics at Noi and Pong's, I will try to get some from Mags and send them!


also,,,, do you guys have any christmas requests?!!!

ps thanks for your sacrifices for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and your sacrifices to work at the airport too... that is crazy your schedule. 

11/9/15... Chiang Mai, you have been a dream!

FHE with Elder Kanikam of the Quorum of the Seventy @ his sister's house! Such a treat

I really can't believe another week has already FLOWN by! Time has been on FAST FORWARD lately for all of us I think, like what the heck.. Ty has been interviewing with DENTAL SCHOOLS?! so proud of you guys and everything going on. 

Sometimes it feels like I just want to pause time, slow it down a little bit, but it is definitely such a blessing here when we have some nice jam packed days then just delightful exhaustion when we hit the pillows at night. haha I literally sleep like a baby here, and according to Mags, I have been talking in my sleep a lot.......

yikesssss HAHA

So we have TRANSFERS this week- again the time warp, where did this transfer go!?- and we have LOTS to do today, not tons of time to write but I have a few good updates for you as always and I think it would be fitting, in the off chance that I could be leaving this place that I love so much, to include some of the greatest lessons I have learned in ChiangMai:

here goes!

So on the mission it is DAILY that you are praying to find new investigators, asking to be led to the right places, open your mouth, say the right things etc, and it is really fun to see how the Lord will answer these pleas in His own, often unexpected, ways..... 

like sometimes you are riding your bikes up to the church, and there right before your face, He has placed someone  RIGHT UNDER THE BIG BANANA TREE on the church property just laying down taking a little nap... And when that happens, you just say a little prayer of thanksgiving, laugh a little to yourself at the reminder that His ways and thoughts are not ours and that He will make things happen as He wants them to happen.

How cool is that? I have seen so often that the Lord will literally LEAD the prepared to us, through referrals, random misdialed phone calls, or in the case of เบญ (Ben), a little snooze in some nice shade under a conveniently located tree on a hot Thailand day.. HAHA So he is this quirky older guy who has been having some family problems and came to the Church because years ago he learned with missionaries and thought this was what he needed in his life. He has a date for baptism and really loved church so much. hahaha actually kind of funny, Sister Mags sat by him in sacrament and she said everything she did the whole meeting he just like copied her... like if she folded her arms or clasped her hands or stretched he just kinda followed right along. HAHAAAAAAA kind of cute/kind of weird you choose

One of the things I learned/ was reminded of this week, is the beauty of the reward at long last after diligent effort. How much sweeter is the victory or the fruit or the success after we have labored, maybe even been frustrated or discouraged at times, prayed, fasted, kept the faith and in the fourth quarter or last harvest or last opportunity...... it finally happens??? SO MUCH SWEETER THATS WHAT! 

We saw that x2 this week. One of the RCs that was baptized just before we got here, Sister โม (Moe) has been close to impossible to get in touch with since our arrival. Every so often we have gotten her to pick up one of her phones (**sidenote, it is not unusual for Thais to have like 2 or 3 cell phones... it is way weird. But you can imagine how much greater the grief when you cannot get a hold of someone when you have tried all THREE of their numbers 100+ times!! hahaha) but she has been way too busy with work to actually meet with us or come to church. Well, after only a handful of scriptures shared over the phone, not to mention lots of daily unanswered phone calls, she FINALLY CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY! We were able to meet with her after and make a plan of how she can regain the faith she knows she once had and how she can continue so much FURTHER than that as well. Super fun to see her in the flesh, finally have a face to the name (she looks completely different than the small pic we had to go by!) and hear her share her testimony with us. After 12 weeks, oh so sweet. 

Then the other prolonged effort that finally came together............ Last transfer President called us and asked us to find a 17 year old girl who was recently baptized in Utah and is here on Foreign Exchange named Elly. (Super random/ fun detail, the wife of Elder Rendlund the new Apostle was the one who emailed President Johnson to make sure she was taken care of... so you can see that totally just added to our fire to make it happen!) Of course we accepted and were so excited to track her down! We had some phone numbers and an address and thought it would be so easy to get in touch with her... well NONE of the phone numbers were right, and after hours of driving around with the Stokers we realized the address was incomplete... Thai addresses are not set up the same as they are at home and are totally not way specific in a GPS system. So weeks go by, we finally get more info, more phone numbers, and these ones work! But they were to the home of the host family, and the cell of each of the mom and dad. The first initial call was super alarming to them, (hahaha "How did this white girl get our phone number??!") but time after time she was not home. I think I personally called each of the phones upwards of 50 times each, trying out different times of the day... Their maid started to get so bugged... "No Elly is not home. No I do not know when she will be home." haha, long story short, we finally get her cell phone number, coordinate with the Chambers to pick her up, and she FINALLY made it to church on Sunday!!! It was so fun to see her, hear her story, and have her in the church with the members- who absolutely loved her! 
Our girl Elly.. She is so cute! 
(that's right, you know I pulled out the flannel "Free People" dress round two... lets go!)
turns out her mom does massage therapy and Elder Rendlund's wife is one of her clients... I'm sure since this last General Conference she could start making a little extra money on ebay or KLS if she wanted to like "towel used by Sister Rendlund wife of Apostle Elder Dale G. Rendlund" idk just a thought..................... 

HAAAA just kidding

But seriously...... the Lord is so with us in this work. He is blessing our efforts constantly and we are so grateful, even if we have to wait till week 12 to see something tangible. sooooooo good!

Some of the other lessons learned, cultural tidbits and fun extras in ChiangMai:

-I have learned after weeks of careful observance, no two nationalities respond to foot tickling from fish spa the same way.... hahahaha so the computer place that we use is actually at a fish spa, and I am not kidding, people from all over the world come here and do it and it is the funniest thing in the whole world. Like way excited loud Germans, casual Japanese people sipping bubble tea while they do it, American girls scared out of their minds.... honestly it is so funny/ a shockingly incredible variety.....

right now it is English kids with their parents watching them, "Daddy it feels so weird!" (in a Harry Potter accent) haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

-There is nothing better than riding a bike! It is the best thing EVER when the traffic is crazy here to just weave between the cars.... don't worry Mom, I ALWAYS wear my helmet!

-Maybe stop answering the phone while riding though... I totally got hit by a motorcycle as I was answering the phone/crossing the road to park my bike on Saturday! The motorcycle drivers are CRAZY here.. he totally knocked me off my bike but it was not a big deal. I have totally wondered though "what would it be like to get hit??" and now I know. I think the lightning only strikes once type of thing applies here and I am good from now on........

-I really have no problem these days just kind of fishing ants out of my ส้มตำ (SomTam) I think my favorite ส้มตำ so far on my mission is from this place we eat at here everyday... and it is not a rare occasion that we find a few ants. Maybe that is the key ingredient???

-I LOVE whoever decided that every October, around the world, we will give the children the power for once... and there will be a Primary Program! I can't believe it was my second Thai Primary Program, just yesterday I was watching Bangnaas. There is nothing like the spirit that little kids bring when they sing the truths of the gospel as loud as they can...... NOTHING beats it!! 

tears as they sang the words to one of my FAV songs ever:

"I know He lives! I will follow faithfully. My heart I give to Him. I know that my Savior loves me."

Such a simple beautiful declaration of testimony and I add mine to that one... He lives, He loves us and the greatest thing we could ever do for Him, is just as they sing, to follow Him give Him our hearts. 

How can we do that better this week than last?????

and that is my last thought for you...........................
I sure love you guys, thanks for all  you do for me!!!
So Mags thinks if she is moving, she is going to Udorn, and I think if I am moving, I am going to Bangkok........ TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK! ChiangMai you have been a dream!
these are my minions... Brame, Ten, and Hunter. 
We teamed up on everyone in 4 square. HAHAHA I LOVE THEM!
only in Thailand! ...at the park and we happened upon this... 
casually cutting down the excess leaves... how funny is this?!
Mags cut her hair for her big 2-0!! Such a FOX
funnest Birthday dinner for Sister Mags at Sister Stina's house-- 
she is the coolest member here from Denmark. 
Apparently it is Danish tradition to put the flag on the table for birthdays... how cute is she?!
Stina is so gourmet!
The Canton's, Sister Mags Filipino "parents" in the branch here, 
took us out for her birthday! So nice!!

11/2/15... "So, Sister Morgan, has your mission met the expectations of all you thought it would be?"


before anything else--

Its November 2nd here already so I am just going to do the honors of wishing BIG BRAD a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY before anyone else!

it really is a big one too-- EIGHTEEN. It won't be long before you are wearing your name badge teaching the people of ___________ in the language of ___________ ?????????? 

hahaha--- I am hearing Dad chime in "Boise, Idaho-- Hmong speaking" sooooo classic 

Anyways! This has been the best week here in MxangThai. So many miracles- both personal and in our work for reaaaaaaaaaaaaal. 

This week President Johnson came back to ChiangMai and interviewed me and one of the things he asked me was something that has lingered in my mind....... he said, 
"So, Sister Morgan, has your mission met the expectations of all you thought it would be?" 

As I thought about it for a minute my answer for him was so clear, no hesitation at all. For sure, my mission has opened my heart and helped me see with more clarity so many things...  I will quote from the talk by John H. Groberg that I have been pondering on this week to paint the pic of the greatest realization I am continually awakened to everyday--

"I learned that just as rockets must overcome the pull of gravity to roar into space, so we must overcome the pull of the world to soar into the eternal realms of understanding and love... What did matter was how much love I had in my heart. I knew I needed more! I knew that our joy now and forever is inextricably tied to our capacity to love."

I think I have told you about those moments I sometimes have here just sitting in sacrament meeting looking around at all the people and just feeling the most overwhelming warm all encompassing love. Every time I get that feeling, a TASTE of the thing most precious and most desirable to the soul, I am reminded that one hundred fold my mission has exceeded anything I ever thought it could be........

So I think today, as I tell you some of the stuff that happened this week, I want to highlight some of the very people that I love just so much!

We started this week with FHE at Sister จันทร์'s (Jan's) house. She is the COOLEST/ most hilarious lady in one of the branches here. She runs a clothes washing/ ironing business from her little house and loves helping the missionaries. It was so cute watching how much her customers adore her, and how much she adores them when they came to pick up or drop off clothes while we were there. We can always count on her to make our investigators feel sooooo loved-- sometimes we just fear them feeling a little too loved (she will just like maul/hug/occasionally kiss their cheeks when we introduce them in the investigator class that she teaches HAHA its so awesome) If I was to give you the most accurate description I can, she is your most loving grandma mixed with a little Kelly Kapor mixed with a female version of the voice of the brother on Rat Race with the infected tongue ring SO AWESOME we are besties for life.
Sister จันท์ (Jan) I cannot wait for you to meet this woman!! haha <3
Then later this week we had a fun outing and went to visit ชล (Shone) one of our investigators at his work.. he is always SO busy with work so we figured it would be a nice gesture to go eat at the restaurant he works at. He was so excited when we got there... but not as excited as we were to be there! He totally left out the part where he told us that his workplace is the literal replication of the Garden of Eden... like SOOOO incredible. Probably one of the most beautiful things I have seen in Thailand. We went with Sister ฝน (Phone) and Sister ป่าน (Baan), two RCs here that we love. Both always so willing to help and have the strongest testimonies (and they are preparing to be missionaries too!!) Sister ป่าน (Baan) is honestly sooo funny-- her motto in life: "EATING IS MY FREEDOM" hahaha -flashbacks to another motto I have heard from someone else at an earlier time in my life about butter being a favorite food group or something??? HA! Seriously though, Sister ป่าน (Baan) has been such an awesome fellowshipper for ฝน (Phone, our investigator with cancer, not the one who went to the restaurant with us) she has just taken her under her wing and loved her so much. I'm sure its like when you see kids at school playing with your little kid you are just SO grateful. yeahhhhhh

dinner at ชล's (Shone's) restaurant..... exquisite!

So yes, ฝน (Phone), such a JOY teaching her this week.... then she got baptized on Sunday! It was so fun putting together her baptismal program with all of the people that have helped us with her... Sis จันทร์ (Jan) said the opening prayer, Sis ป่าน (Baan) spoke, Sis ตะเกียง (Thaagiang), a sister in the branch that she works with) spoke, and Sis ลิ้น (Lin?), the one who brought her to church in the first place!) said the closing prayer. So cool to see the support and love of these sisters for ฝน (Phone). I can't even describe the spirit that filled the room with Sister ฝน(Phone) shared her testimony right after the baptism. She shared about the peace and strength that has come into her life as she has learned the restored gospel and about how no matter what lies ahead, or how much longer she has to live, she will be faithful to the covenants she has made. I can't even describe it you guys. There was not a dry eye in the chapel as we all sat there and witnessed such faith right before our eyes. She will be such a special addition to the branch here that is for sure!
ฝน (Phone) and her crew on her baptismal day! so much LOVE for this girl!
Sunday brought other miracles too, with others that you already know and maybe even love by now... Like Brother Brayoon came to church! This week when we went to visit him, we downloaded the Gospel Library apps for him (he was soo funny and clueless about how to work his phone... but he is all good to go now!) and he gave the best insights on the scriptures we shared. Funniest thing ever... introducing him to the new Branch President here in the hall after sacrament, President นคร (Nakkon) who has only been a member for about 4 years and was called last week to be the BP... bless his heart, he goes "Oh is this your investigator?" and Brother Brayoon was like "yeah! Today is my first day here!" hahaaaaa The BP is all welcoming him etc then when he realizes that actually Brayoon has been in his place before and then some, his eyes were just so big and admiring. hahaha it was kind of a Serena Williams walking into the Court Club type of moment for him and  they will be homies for sure. Plus other awesome miracle of Sunday... Sister อ้อย(Ooi), the mom of บรีม (Briim) who got baptized last week, was way stressing because at the end of October her work schedule was going to change again and she would be working during the day not just at night. She (and us too!) have been praying that it would all work out, and lo and behold, right before the end of the month, the other worker just randomly quit because she did not want to work nights anymore-- opening up the night shift for her and also allowing her to spend the daytime with her daughter (especially SUNDAYS) coincidence??? not at all................ her faith is so amazing!

Last story-- So a few weeks ago when the Funks came and did the training for us, Elder Funk shared the coolest story from his mission that taught him the importance of planning in detail so that the Lord knows where you are going to be so He can arrange to have the prepared there for you. To give you the 20 sec version, he and his companion had prayed and decided to act on a prompting to go way far out and visit this house, they get there and no one is there.. way bummed why did we have the prompting? they had planned to tract in this other area, so they make the long bike ride over there and end up meeting this family who has now had several generations in the gospel- and the family said it was crazy cause if they had come 30 minutes earlier no one would have been home... the Lord had set things up for them to arrive at that time, that is why he had gotten the prompting to bike all the way out to the place that fell through. So way cool story, you are like sitting there thinking "man that is way cool, I am going to plan in detail for sure, I wish that could happen to us too........ etc" haha well what do you know!! Last week, we are going on a little marathon bike ride out super far to visit the family that President James gave us the referral to teach (they are awesome, just never free!) and James calls and says that the fam won't actually be home tonight... and we were all the way so far out. I am just riding thinking "dang it.. what are we going to do?" We were coming upon MAKRO (The Thailand Costco) and so I figured we would never be out here with a little bit of time so we could just run in and grab some oatmeal and invite a little. (hahaha totally admittedly that moment on Best Two Years when his companion is like way impressed, "how did you know we should go to the Supermarket to find him?" and he is just like "umm, I was hungry?") So yes... we are inviting a few people and I start talking to this cutest mom with her little toddler who is loading stuff on her motorcycle... We met with her on Satuday at the church and she is SO cool! Her name is บุ๋ม (Boom?) and she is a single mom and has really lit up about the idea of families forever... not to mention that she basically already keeps all of the commandments. So if the Lord needs us to make plans just for them to fall through, bike around this whole place 10 times around, to meet the prepared at the right time... we will do it.  You bet we will!

ahhhhhhhh so many good times this past week. Can't even handle it. Some extra tid bits:

-I finished the Book of Mormon in THAI!  haha I actually finished it on the very exact day that marked living in Thailand for 1 year, I thought that would be significant............... and don't worry guys, I can testify, it's still true no matter what language! 

-Sitting with Sister แช (Shea) another one of our FAVORITE helpers here.. she is the definition of selfless service. She is always cleaning the building on Saturdays and always trying to help get less actives back.... So seriously the funniest thing ever. She is showing us her texts to one of the LAs we are supposed to take care of who is IMPOSSIBLE for us to reach. She has like 100 texts that she has sent..... and she starts with ones like "Hey, everyone misses you at church!" and "Heavenly Father loves you!" etc, no response from her, but does แช (Shea) give up?? hahaha next thing she's all "Hey Sister I am getting married in a few weeks and I really want you to come!" just to see if she could get a response out of her.... OMG we literally died (cause she is totally not getting married), if you know her it is just so unexpected, and like bizarre, but it really just shows how she will take any measures necessary-- even a little white lie here and there (hehe)- to serve the Lord! I love her!
Sister แช (Shea) 
-We started teaching these two 15 year old boys that remind me of PJ and his friends.... tears! they are so cool!

-4 square is getting seriously HEATED these days on Friday sports night.. hahaha all of the dads have started to come and bring their sons (mostly like age 10-14) and they play with us and the YSAs and it is sooooooo fun/ hilarious. 

-Then probably the weirdest moment for me this week........ I am asking Gabe, one of Jenese and Troy's sons who is 12 what he is going to be for Halloween. I am just like telling him about how the boys and I would sort our candy and stuff after we trick-or-treated and he goes......"Wait, did they even have Halloween when you were a kid? I mean like how long have they been doing Halloween?" -------------- hahahahaha I was a little dumbfounded... never have I had someone question my youth!!!!!!!!!!! 

how funny is that????????

So in all of my years of wisdom and old age, I will leave you with just one more tidbit of John Groberg's talk that us old folks really learned a lot from back in the day,

 "When filled with God's love, we can do and see and understand things that we could not otherwise do or see or understand. Filled with His love, we can endure pain, quell fear, forgive freely, avoid contention, renew strength, and bless and help others in ways surprising to even us."

I add my testimony to his, when he closes the talk and says of the Lord, "I know we can feel His love here and now. I know His voice is one of perfect mildness which penetrates to our very center. I know He smiles and is filled with compassion and love. I know He is full of gentleness, kindness, mercy, and desire to help."

yep, its true people. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

have a good one this week, I know we will... it's Mags birthday on Saturday and we are really good at celebrating birthdays around here!

Sister Morgan

I sooooooooooooo think you should all read "The Power of God's Love" by John H. Groberg if you want your world to be rocked

yes, he is the one from the Other Side of Heaven

and yes, that is the one with Anne Hathaway in it

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa read it!

More pics of the restaurant ชล (Shone) works at.  See what I mean... it is the literal replication of the Garden of Eden...  sooooooo beautiful.  


EATING IS MY FREEDOM herself in the flesh
trying to reign in the troops during primary..........hahaha they are INSANE
sometimes things get risky around here.........
Sis Lor inherited some pastels from our old house... she is really becoming quite the artist
Sis ป่าน is so good at english, like so good, so we took the opportunity when there was a word she didn't know yet to play a little joke.... hehehe
 "being told you are psycho is super enduring, like the highest form of a compliment..." 
love this district.....

10/26/15... It was a b-day for the record books that's for sure...


I love love loved all of the updates, the pics were unreal, I can't wait to bike Zions someday. Cause I am a biker people... hahaaaa last night all 8 of us missionaries were biking home from dinner at the Stokers in our "I'm A Mormon" fluorescent safety vests and I just started laughing so hard and was like, "you guys, would we have ever guessed that in our twenties we would just like totally be in a Thai bike gang?".... hahaha never ever, but that is our life! 

Plus also so much more better, cooler stuff than just biking.... we're talking the teaching, the inviting, the miracles, and the TWENTY FIRST BIRTHDAY celebration that happened this week too. 

It was a b-day for the record books that's for sure... how fun is that that the Johnsons were here?! We had a big lunch at this Northern Thai restaurant with all of the missionaries and the Johnsons then we went up to ดอยสุเทพ (Doi Suutabe) this way cool stairway/wat up in the mountains. The views were so stunning, look up pics and I will send a bunch too. 
climbing the stairs <3
Then we all rode out to Troy and Jenese's house for what I thought was going to be an FHE with some of the YSAs, but what turned out to be a HUGE get together with balloons and birthday cake and candles and just about every member in ChaingMai there! haha seriously I could not believe it, they are so so sweet. Way fun day, and just another example of how thoughtful/kind/generous the people here are. WOW
a few snapshots of everyone...
Cute Jenese... I ADORE HER!
spoiled to have the best of the best in the TBM that is for sure! Love the Stokers and the Johnsons!

So clearly the week started out on such a fun note- and just got BETTER! We had the best lessons this week with our recent converts, less actives, investigators- some new, some that we have been teaching for a little while- and I just want to scream or cry or jump up and down a lot thinking back on this last week and the beautiful things we got to be a part of... oh my goodness.

I will start with ฝน (Phone), one of our new investigators who came to District Conference with one of the members here and just LOVED IT. I think the only thing that comes to my mind when I try to explain our feelings about her are, in the words of Bob Wiley (with all due respect and seriousness actually), "...WE'RE NOT WORTHY" ฝน(Phone) is about 30, married, no kids and she has stage 3 breast cancer. She is seriously so cool and without a doubt, has been prepared of the Lord. The light and peace about her are so tangible and really not that expected of one who is in a sense, staring death in the face.. and she attributes it all to the Savior. After our first lesson with her (which she just relished in the teachings of the resurrection, forever families, and baptism like I have never seen) she told us about how right before she came to church last Sunday, she was having so much pain from chemo and just pain in general. So much pain, she couldn't eat or do anything without just hurting. She didn't know what to do, so she went and did บุญ (boon, it is a Buddhist belief of like basically paying for your sins to go away or for you to have good luck and blessings) at a wat. Nothing happened, and she knew in her heart nothing would.. and in her anguish and despair she had an image of the Savior come into her mind. She said she began calling upon him without really knowing how to pray to please take away her pain. She said she was suddenly so comforted, stopped hurting and could eat. Then she came to church with her friend and now here she is with a baptismal date, filled with hope and assurance of a loving Heavenly Father who knows His children, answers prayers, has a plan, and has restored His truth. She is an angel, literally. 

Ok next coolest thing-- we have this LA we have been visiting since we arrived in ChiangMai,  น้อย (Noi) who was a SUPER strong member at one point but has just had a hard time over the recent years. He is actually from Laos and at the time when he went to go to the temple in HongKong, he had a problem with his Visa and couldn't get into the country which just really shook his faith. Then on top of that, a few years later he got in a way bad motorcycle accident and from the injuries in his leg got a way bad infection at the hospital (very common here) that has basically eaten away his bones to the point that his leg is incredibly deformed and is going to need to be amputated. His frame is so frail and sickly (I think he has some sort of skin disease as well) and it really just breaks your heart to see him as he is. We have been visiting him at least once a week, and always leave with him saying he will come to church, but Sunday comes around.. and nothing. Elder and Sister Stoker have been helping him too and after a visit from the Funks last Saturday, he totally came to District Conference! In our visit with him this week, he was just GLOWING. Seriously he was so happy and told us that he was really just SO afraid for that first time back.. but now that it's over and it went so well (members were so thrilled to see him!) he is so freed. I think we can all relate to those feelings. We felt prompted to have him share with us his testimony of the Book of Mormon and never have I heard someone give a witness of the truth like he did. He had a very very special experience and it was such a moment for me to remember and be so thankful that Heavenly Father speaks to His children (who right now are my investigators and my members that I care SO much about) personally. You bet he was at church again this Sunday just happy as can be.

Yep Sunday..... always a good day, but how special was this last one with Sister อ้อย's (Ooi's) daughter's baptism! (I don't know if I have told you guys her name or not yet, formerly thought it was บ๊ม (Biim), was informed yesterday after all this time teaching her that no, it is actually บรีม (Briim) hahaha Thais do that all the time... just like don't correct you on their name even when you are consistently BUTCHERING it. like I think if someone was calling me Sister Morfan all the time I would consider it common courtesy and just be like 'haha wait, you maybe heard me wrong the first time, it's actually Sister Morgan"  HAHA it's really a lot more funny than it sounds now that I have written it out, but whats done is done, I'm leaving it.) So yeah, she was so excited the whole day and gave the cutest most humble testimony after.
I am always so grateful to witness families progress in the gospel, there is really nothing better. I just think of where this single mom and her daughter have been and my heart is heavy (think, as we are teaching fasting and ask Sister อ้อย (Ooi) to share her testimony of fasting with her daughter, she tells of a time when she had to fast for 3 days because she didn't have money to feed both of them.. In the back of your mind you're going "ok that is not necessarily what we were looking for.." trying to address it and build on it, teach the principle and at the same time not just cry) But then, I hear their testimonies and see their faces on this special day and remember one promise that I know with my whole heart is true, 

that "as it is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him." (1 Cor 2:9)

I remember Dad telling me of a time on his mission where he sat in the house of a Puerto Rican family on their dirt floor in just way meager circumstances. I remember him saying he sat and played with the little daughter who was about the age of Angie, at the time Dad's cutest little first niece. How he totally thought about his life and Angie's life of opportunity, security, gospel nurturing, etc and just felt like he would do anything to give them what he had, even just a piece of it. My heart has been feeling that a lot this past week with these different dear dear friends I have told you about. I know what you mean Dad, I would do anything. But amidst an impossible desire to give them Jeff and Chrissy or have them sleep one night in my bed and eat make your own pizza for Sunday dinner or sit by our fire place and just listen to Dad share his thoughts on something he read in the scriptures, I am extremely comforted that this promise is true. That one day, for each and every one of these people, and each of us, as we have spent our days loving God and keeping His commandments, we really cannot even imagine in our little minds and little hearts the blessings that await. Who is excited???
And I think we shouldn't forget-- Heavenly Father does not just want us to wait for the day of happiness... So much happiness is ours to be had here and now and one thing that has been on my mind ENDLESSLY this week is THE TEMPLE. The temple=happiness! All things point us toward the temple, and with our investigators, recent converts, less actives no matter what stage they are at, teaching about it has seriously brought the most special spirit into our lessons. We have shared this video lots this past week: https://www.facebook.com/mormonthai/videos/924579697574313/ 

the best thing ever right?

** the first guy that speaks in the vid was my first bishop here! Then his daughter and wife are in it too! So fun. 

But really, after watching this this last week I would just like to make known that my list of top things to do when I get home is as follows in no specific order:
-hug the family, catch up 
-see the Nicholls
-lay on the CARPET
-eat a Costa Vida salad
-lock self in personal space and memorize the Taylor Swift cd that I missed


so really, such an awesome week. We are seeing miracles and working as hard as we can. The Lord is with His missionaries and is in His work, of this I am sure. 

prayers and love x10000 your way from yours truly, Sister Morgan 


ps the house better be on major Halloween deck out... give those neighborhood kids a thrill HA

A few more birthday pics of at ดอยสุเทพ (Doi Suutabe)...

Sister Ong!

... more from the YSA activity / Birthday party at Troy and Jenese's... 
it was truly a birthday for the books!
make a wish!