11/23/14... I feel ESPECIALLY grateful this Thanksgiving to be where I am

FAM! It sounds like everyone is killing it like always!! 

The Thanksgiving plans sound great, it is so weird to me that that is this week cause it is so hot here and they don't exactly appreciate the American Pilgrims/Indians thing the way we do HA! So be sure to take extra raisins on your plate for me this year because even though I'm not there to celebrate with you, I sure feel like I have so much to be thankful for.

 I feel ESPECIALLY grateful this Thanksgiving to be where I am, grateful to Heavenly Father to get to see miracles by His hand in my life and in other people's life everyday, and especially grateful for the good week that we just had!

I will do my best to give you some highlights...(to think back on seven whole days in the life of a missionary is like asking a 10 year old to tell you about what he did everyday when he was 7 years old... hahaha so much happens in one week, in one day really, it is CRAZY, but so good) here goes....

So last Monday we went to the Ancient City and it was SO cool! Thailand is beautiful. So much fun with our whole Zone... a ton of the Elders and Sisters from the MTC are in my zone so it was super fun to hang out and ride bikes and take in all of the beautiful scenery! I have a bunch of pics I will attach but they don't quite do it justice!

Tuesday we had to go into Bangkok and renew my work permit which actually consisted of LOTS of Taxi driving, LOTS of waiting, and one signature. hahaha. Also Sister Croft and I are convinced that Taxi ride hangover is a real thing.. After you have ridden in a Taxi here for a long time you just feel like you have been hit by a bus. hahaha but the conversation is always good and they are always amazed that 2 falangs can speak Thai (especially Sister Croft...she is SO gang) 

On Wednesday we did a trade off and Sister Coates and Sister Jackson from Sapan Sung came! It was awesome, for half the day Sister Coates and I were companions, then for the other half I was with Sister Jackson and I learned SO much from both experiences. It was so fun to have the opportunity to teach real actual people with Sister Coates after teaching mock lessons together for 9 weeks. It was a tender mercy from Heavenly Father to get to see how much we have progressed in our ability to speak and teach in Thai and our ability to facilitate the Spirit. Then with Sister Jackson, this is also her last transfer (Sis Coates and I are both killing our trainers!) and I just learned so much from the way she teaches so simply and to the investigator. We taught Fern, the 11 year old girl we have been teaching since I got here, and she had this great idea to get some seeds and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and revolve the whole lesson on her faith being like the seed and building it from there. Fern was able to understand it so well and was so engaged, and it also allowed her to have a personal understanding of the BOM as we read from Alma 32. It was so fun to not only teach in a creative way, but to really think about her as we prepared (teach people not lessons!). I am grateful to be able to be continually learning different ways to teach and to have so many different people to learn from. 

So on Thursday, we had a ton of lessons lined up to teach and we were so excited about all of the potentials.. Well literally EVERY SINGLE person pitted on us! Thursday ended up being such a reminder to me that this is not my work. We plan and schedule to show the Lord that we are actively seeking to do the work, but he is really the Master Planner. As our appointments fell through and we found ourselves in different places around town, we met different people we wouldn't have met otherwise. One of them being Bratin! We were walking and met him, he is Thai and he studied at Berkley, so he speaks perfect English! He invited us over and it was so good. Friday, we walk up to this gate that had one of those call buttons and are just like who is this guy?! He had the most beautiful house/mansion and garden (seriously AMAZING) and we taught him the Restoration. Sister Croft and I just really both had such an impression of the light of Christ in this man and are so excited to keep teaching him. On Friday we taught Amanda, a girl who speaks little English and primarily Chinese. She is AMAZING. This is a girl who has grown up her whole life not knowing anything of Heavenly Father. I can't tell you how special it is to be a part of someone's first introductions to the precious truths of the gospel, and to get to watch these personal miracles happen in their lives. Like when she lets us know she has always felt so alone, but when she prays she feels like He hears her, or watching the expression on her face as Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith while we watched the First Vision in Mandarin. It is the greatest high, something I will never tire of.  

So Sunday was sooo good... It was the Primary Program, literally the BEST THING EVER. These are always cute in English, but in Thai, you just can't even handle it. Sister Croft and I were laughing so hard last night because like when they all stood up for their parts for some reason it is like the norm/respectful that they all say the equivalent of each little kid starting with "good morning my beloved Brothers and Sisters each and every one of you, I am little little girl Sister Sarah Morgan..." hahaha I don't even know if that seems funny, but it is so funny. Then of course after church and eating Sister Croft had the 3 hour Choir Practice to end all Choir Practices (I would dare make the parallel between the Soup Nazi and the Choir director) hahaha they are performing in Stake Conference next week so everything has to be perfect, and it ended in a long discussion on each members personal responsibility to stay healthy and protect their voices in the coming week. Also Sister Croft was told if she couldn't find a matching orange shirt she might as well cut her own head off... hahaha they are serious about their singing! I love them so much. Other highlights of the day... They got out their Christmas decorations (YAY!) and they had endless amounts of kettle corn left over from a ward activity on Saturday... Now the entire ward knows my love and devotion to the world's one and only greatest food.... and I am not even ashamed. haha Mom you would have loved it.

Life is good. I am so so happy to be here. Sister Croft is the best companion I could ask for, and the work is hard but fun. We should have the baptism of Fern and her mom this week and we are so excited! I love these people, all of them. I am so grateful to be a missionary in Thailand right now when the Lord has opened the windows of Heaven and we get to help find these people He has prepared. He loves all of His children, and He is good to His missionaries of that I can assure you. 

Happy Happy Thanksgiving.. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!! 

Let's not forget to be so Thankful this week for the single greatest knowledge and gift we have been given in this life, and that is our Savior Jesus Christ. I am reading Jesus the Christ right now and I just read about the necessity of a Redeemer. I never seize to be left speechless and awestruck as I think of the Savior and what he has done for me and for all of us. Read the words to I Stand All Amazed and think of yourself as the speaker/singer.... Do we not have SO MUCH to be thankful for in this thing alone?? 

I love you all so much, have a great week and eat some Ruth's Chris sweet potatoes for me!!

Sister Morgan

Here are the answers to a few of your Qs...

1)  How is your workout situation?  you running there?  Does Sister Croft run too?   

we work out every morning in our room, it is awesome!

2)  People have told me that Thailand is not very safe...many have asked if I have seen Hangover 3?  Thankfully I havent, so I have no idea what they are talking about.  Just be sure that you are safe and conscious of your surroundings.   Do you feel safe?

Mom I dont want you watching Hangover 3... hahaha but I am safe! Dont even worry!

3)  How is your money situation?  Do have enough to cover your needs?

I need money and lots of it as usual.... haha just kidding I have plenty, I think I have only used like half of my money for the month, but I have been pretty frugal, i dont know? I am for sure good though. I will let you know!

4)  Do you shop for groceries on Monday and then is there a fridge to put them in?  or do you have to go everyday?  

We just make breakfast at our house and eat out every other meal! It is cooked to order and so cheap and fresh and delicious

5)  What types of things are you making for yourselves?  Can you find the foods you like at the grocery store?

There is nothing I really like at the grocery store, I just get egg whites and oats for breakfast! that is why I want you to send me some stevia! 

6)  Is your area all within walking distance or do you take taxis or busses?  

we take these things called song tows ( 2 rows) sometimes or thug thugs or taxis, but lots of walking! I havent bought a bike yet... probably not till my next area.

8)  How is your heal holding up?

it is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom start wearing crocs is all I can say... hahaha did you ever think I would say that? Tell jourdan to hold off doing surgery on his patients with severe foot problems until he has tried putting them in a pair of crocs for about a month... it should do wonders

9)  We looked on Sister Croft's blog and noticed that she will probably be going home after this transfer and before Christmas ...is that true?  That was the same with Tyler and Elder Luu...  Glean all you can from her!!  :)  Give her my email and phone number because we would love to go to her homecoming.  Or at least meet her.  (Remember when we went up to Elder Luu's homecoming and Parker forgot to bring any church clothes!?!  That was classic...Thank Goodness for Walmart at 11:30pm!!!  And then Dad crashed that car at the gas station and the attendant said, "Oh its a piece of crap...don't worry about it!"  haha  ...memories)

hahaha literally dying thinking about that whole incident, but ya I will give it to her, she is awesome and probably won't talk too much trash about me so I will allow you to go! hahaha 

10) What is your daily schedule like?

630 wake up  pray, start working out immediately
7 shower
730 eat breakfast
above things done while listening to conf talks or church music
8-9 personal study
9-11 companionship study- since I am training it is 2 hrs instead of 1
11-12 language study- it is only 30 min after training
12 leave house to go eat
eat dinner somewhere between 5 and 7
invite for at least 2 hours during the day
9 return to house and call EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD and plan
930 cage fight Sister Croft
10 sleep 

11) Are you going to be able to have a Thanksgiving feast at all? 

we got invited to someones house to have a thanksgiving dinner on December 6th so that should be great! 

Also our condo complex is called Cassia, I think you asked about that last week!

Mom I love you so much!! I think about you and hope you are so happy. This week I remembered that time when you surprised me and flew down to see me at school. I remember I just felt your love and devotion to me so strongly and was SO grateful. I love you and I really mean it when I say, I have the best mom in the whole world. 

Also I wanted to say, don't stress about feeling like your whole schedule you are used to is SO different than before. Like with feeling tired working out and playing less tennis and stuff. I am learning so much that change is so good. it is so good, and so essential. and also, that this life is so much more than perfect workouts and work out plans. You are doing so much good mom and i hope you arent too stressed about that all changing cause it all works out!! I love you and I know that you are doing so good and this wasnt meant to come across annoying, just that I love you and we are basically the same person so i want you to be happy and feel fulfilled in every aspect of your life. you are superwoman. just think, we are skyping SO SOON!! can hardly wait 

More pics of the Ancient City

Elders in our zone

11//16/14... What a good week here in บางนา!!! (...and I rode an ELEPHANT!!!)

I rode an ELEPHANT!
So we are going to the Ancient City today, so I am on here a little earlier than usual! 

What a good week here in บางนา... Sister Croft and I are continuing to see miracles EVERYDAY and we are so grateful! 

So last November was the mission did something called Bovember and there was a goal to have 1 baptism per companionship in the mission. Well this year, Bovember 2.0, the goal is 2 baptisms per companionship and the Lord's hand and watchful care are so apparent. 

Here are some highlights from the week: 

Suhmwhit's baptism
We had Suhmwhit's (yes, George Costanza) baptism yesterday, and it was so good. We were worried because on Thursday we still needed to teach him quite a bit and he said he couldn't meet with us on both Friday and Saturday. Well on Friday during companionship study we just felt like we needed to call him and that he would be willing, and he made time to meet with us both days! I am grateful for his example of a willing heart not only in this, but in keeping the commandments of the Lord as he is learning about them. We had told him on Saturday that he would bear his testimony after, that it could just be brief about what he knows is true and how he feels, and he totally prepared this paper for when he went up there. hahaha Sister Croft and I were holding our breath a little cause he can be a little long winded and round about, but it was very humble and perfectly Suhmwhit. He is great,  I am excited to keep working with him and see him keep progressing. 

We had 12 investigators at church yesterday! (9 in sacrament) But we got to teach Newt, this mom and her two daughters after and we are really excited to start teaching them. Another one of the people that showed up was a guy named Choke that I met seriously in like the last 5 minutes of our inviting at the market the other day. It was definitely a more bizarre interaction and when I tried to call him to remind him about church it went straight to voicemail so I had kind of written it off in my mind. Well sure enough there he is at church, and so happy and asking questions and kept alluding to how grateful he was that he met us on the street. I feel like the Lord was giving me a little reminder that this is HIS work, and HE is the one preparing people. I hope we are able to teach him this week. 

We went to this crocodile farm last Monday and it was so fun! We were just like looking at all of these crocodiles, then we keep walking and it turns out this place is actually like a zoo emporium with every cool animal known to man! haha it was awesome, we rode elephants, watched a crocodile show, and hung out with a ton of cool Chinese people (seriously everyone was chinese, even the show was in chinese?!) hahaha 

I don't know what it is but a few people came up to me and asked to have their picture taken with me. I don't know if it is the fact that I am a farang or if they really think I am a celebrity, because some kids at church told me I look like Avril Lavigne, which I probably would have found semi offensive before. HAHA I dont even know.....  

But seriously SUCH a good week. Things I love about Thailand/ other thoughts:

Sister Croft is the BEST.
Sister Croft is the BEST. What a blessing to be trained by her. We are having a blast, but she also teaches me so much with her silent example of Christlike love and service all the time. Like the other day it was SO hot (everyday is SO hot!) and there were all these boys out waving flags on the side of the street for different businesses, and she just goes "lets go back to 711 and get them waters, it is so hot out here!" They were a little sheepish in accepting after they had laughed and declined our invitations to church every time we had walked down the street that day, but for reals, she is such a good example! And she is hilarious.

We saw the world's FATTEST dog the other day. Seriously, Chloe had nothing to be ashamed of. hahaha

The food here is AMAZING. there are restaurants and food vendors everywhere (hahaha food is VERY important to their culture here, if they arent making it or eating it, they are talking about it... literally one of the super common greetings especially on the phone is "have you eaten yet?" EVERYONE says it), so we get freshly prepared thai food for lunch and dinner everyday! and the ward makes AWESOME thai food on Sundays. Sister Croft laughs at my love of vegetables.....

We had the ward counsel meeting to discuss CHRISTMAS..... little does the บางนา ward know.... I am a Christmas expert. I don't know if they can adequately prepare for the holiday cheer that is about to hit them!!

haha well that is all I have time for for now! I sure love you guys so so much and I am so grateful to feel your prayers and support all the time. 

I am happy to hear everything is so good!! keep eating Thai food in my honor and get the Christmas decorations up already! (Mom no slacking just cause I am not there to demand holiday perfection!! hahaha)

Brad, good luck in B Ball tryouts!

keep me updated on the Thanksgiving celebrations....I AM SURE THANKFUL FOR YOU!!!

xoxo, Sister Morgan

11/9/14... We are seeing MIRACLES in บางนา for sure.

internet cafe selfie!
Hello!  Thank you SO much for the updates on everyone... wow, it sounds like life is just SO good. I love to hear that everyone is happy, and I love to hear that you guys have suddenly all become world travelers! Haha what a fun, blessed life, make sure you aren't having too much fun without me!

For real though, missionary work is the good stuff... This has been such a good week! Sister Croft and I are working hard and having lots of fun doing it. She is seriously so great, I could not have asked for a better trainer.  

We are seeing MIRACLES in บางนา for sure. If there is anything I could say about this week, it would be how increasingly aware I am becoming everyday that Heavenly Father's hand is so in our lives, and especially in His missionary work. We have had so many experiences this week, especially with our inviting where we just felt like He truly directed us to where we needed to be to find the people He has prepared. Like yesterday, we were planning on teaching one of our investigators at the church then had some other lessons set up, and one of the members Sister San said she had her entire family waiting at her house for us to teach that has been wanting to hear the gospel. So we took a train with her over to their house, and it ended up that they couldn't be taught right then. We were kind of bummed, like wondering why this change of plans happened, but she really wanted to take us to Central (the HUGEST shopping center here) to do our Inviting, so we went and ended up meeting so many people that were without a doubt prepared. One of them being the sweetest lady from the Philippines who's husband had just died, and daughter just committed suicide in the last two months. She told Sister Croft she had prayed and told God she just couldn't do it anymore and needed something from Him, then went out on a walk. And there she runs into missionaries, with the very best thing He could possibly give her. We are so excited to meet with her this week. 
Baptism last week

So many times this week we have been Inviting in the hot sun, and person after person is turning away, but when you finally have someone interested, it carries you on. Sister Croft and I have been talking about how missionary work is so full circle, that we need them almost just as much as they need us. 

It is actually crazy right now, we are teaching so many investigators. We have been so blessed in our finding, and it is just evidence that the people in Thailand are so ready for the gospel. We have 2 people with a baptismal date for this Sunday, one of them Brother Suhmwhit is literally the George Costanza from Seinfeld of Thailand HAHA I love him, and the other is Fern, and 11 year old we are teaching along with her Mom (her Dad is a recent convert) They are the coolest family, 5 kids from Cambodia so it is definitely difficult because they speak Camain better than Thai, but we are so happy to be working with them. We taught them about tithing last week, and it really puts into perspective the principle of faith when you are asking a family who has little to nothing (we teach them in their "apartment" that is about the size of a walk in closet) to trust that Heavenly Father will open the windows of Heaven as we keep all of His Commandments. I love these people, and I am amazed by their faith.

I am seriously so excited about all of the people we have just met and have appointments with this week! We have faith and big goals that we will have quite a few with baptismal dates. It is awesome. 

"Roygaahtone" the lantern celebration
 with the floating flower boats
Other tid bits, this week we celebrated "Roygaahtone" the lantern celebration with the floating flower boats. So cool! My district leader is actually a khonThai and he thinks that every missionary should experience Thai culture and love it (He is seriously so awesome, most inspiring yet hilarious guy ever) so he made sure that we got to participate. The water body that we set our boat things off into was apparently like incredibly filthy sewage water but it was still beautiful and so fun. The people here are so cool. I also taught my first english class on Tuesday night, and it was SO fun! Finally something I understand! (jk, I am very grateful for how much I am actually able to understand everyday, but there are definitely times when I am sitting there like what?? haha) And I also made my first phone calls! (we contact everyone at least once a day so there are LOTS of calls made) haha Sis Croft said no one likes calling at first cause it is seriously the hardest thing ever--- they speak so much faster and its not super clear on the phone, but we have had some pretty funny times with it. 

So probably the funniest thing of this week, I say this in the most humble way, is how obsessed the people here are with me and Sister Croft, who are 'white farangs'!!  hahaha  Everywhere we go, people smile and laugh and love us so much. Seriously when we went to Sister San's family's house yesterday, they talked about how beautiful we were probably for 30 minutes (imagine that, like 2-5 minutes, normal maybe, 30 gets you feeling a little awkward in the most intriguing way hahaha) Then they each took variations of pics with us (some with just one family member, some with 2, some with the kids, some with the dad, some with everyone, some with just me, some with each of their phones...) hahaha so funny. But if anything, I guess it makes you feel good, that even though your face is shiny with sweat and you are wearing crocs, people still think youre cool. Yes mom, I wear the crocs everyday! It is literally the only way here because it will be blazing hot, then suddenly it will downpour and we will be DRENCHED.

It is the best ever though. I will wear crocs and walk all around Bangkok, because what we are teaching is the truth, and these people need to hear it. 

Sister Crofts, my crazy, amazing companion
I love being a missionary, I love my crazy companion, I LOVE our ward here in Bangnaa (they are the best ever) and I love the Savior. 

Thank you for all of the love and support and prayers as always.
Here is to another good week!

xoxo, Sister Morgan

I am pretty sure Dumb and Dumber To comes out this week, please make sure that happens, I want a full report next week! :)

ps what are the plans for Thanksgiving?!

11/2/14... I AM IN บางนา!!‏

22 new missionaries in the Thailand Bangkok Mission!
Family!! What is up!? So it is official... I am in THAILAND!!
It was so so good to talk to everyone on the phone. I love hearing your voices! 

Anyways, life is good! I will answer Mom's q's first then give you a little rundown of anything that has happened since we talked that didn't get answered in the questions!:

1)  How is Sister Croft?  Where is she from?  Do you have lots in common?  Lots of differences?   
Sister Croft is SO AMAZING! So right after the transfers basically every Sister came up to me and said "Sister Croft was my favorite companion!" or "You are SO lucky!" or "They call her the mission machine!" haha, so basically 5 minutes into our companionship, I was already so excited to work with her! She has definitely lived up to it, I learn so much from her. She is the most happy, loving, genuine, obedient missionary. She is from Salt Lake and she is SO musical and artistic.  


Thailand is CRAZY, but AWESOME!! There are so many people everywhere!! The air is HOT (think I just got out of a warm shower). It is kind of a mix between super crazy state-of-the-art buildings and really run down shack buildings. I can't really describe it, but I tried to take some pics! There are motorcycles everywhere and stray dogs everywhere too. But you saw from the transfer vid that I am in บางนา ("Bangnaa") which is in Bangkok and it is great! 

3)  HOLY COW>>>How in the world did you handle the 16 hour flight???

So the flight from LA to Hong Kong was SO long, but it was so lucky-- I got the front isle seat so I could basically lay down! I slept a ton, studied, ate Asian food, and talked with the cute Indonesian lady next to me. I am so glad I had the Saranoni blanket too, because it was super air conditioned! (thank you so much Olsens!!) Then the flight to Thailand, we were all a little delirious, but so anxious/excited/nervous that it went pretty quickly!   

4)  What has been the craziest thing about Thailand?

it is Thailand... everything is crazy!!! Literally though! 

5)  What is your favorite thing about Thailand?

My favorite thing is the probably the people! Everyone is really nice and just loves life-- including all of the missionaries and President and Sister Senior. There is a super cool energy that they have going on in the mission, where its like, yes this is hard work, but let's love it and enjoy it! Its way cool. Then the Thai people are just really great. Don't get me wrong, I have had a fair share of dirty looks (In our mission we are required to Invite for 2 hours everyday, so this means like going out and inviting to be baptized, go to church, asking about interest in Jesus Christ, anything really, just bottom line TALKING TO EVERYONE) but for the most part, super gracious kind people. 

Then second to that is the food obviously! SO good. The only problem is that the menus are in Thai, so I am still at the mercy of my companion when it comes to ordering, but she has never steered me wrong... SO delicious and spicy!

6)  HOW IS YOUR LANGUAGE COMING???  I have been praying for you non-stop...

I can feel your prayers.. Thank you so much!! It is definitely coming, but it is so humbling to go from the MTC to being completely immersed. They speak SO fast!! The members and Sister Croft all tell me how "gang" (skilled) I am at Thai, but I think they are just being nice, especially when our investigator looks at me like what the heck are you saying? haha or when I am reading so slow that everyone is falling asleep (literally!) But I am grateful that everyday I learn something new, and I trust that this is a process and Heavenly Father doesn't want this to be "easy" necessarily. 

7)  Do you need anything?  In your arrival letter, they told us that a package will take 6 weeks to get there and then it will only be delivered on transfers...so basically I need to get your Christmas going!  

I will email you if I think of anything! But how crazy is that that Christmas is so soon!?

8)  How is the electrical situation?  Do your hair tools work?

So the electrical situation is good, it is more the weather situation that is the problem! Haha I don't think I will be straightening my hair for 16 months. but its all good! I just kind of wish I didn't bring them in the first place, but who knows, I might change my mind!

the church
9)  How was your first Sunday at church?!?!  Ward?  Branch? 

So on your first week in the MTC they say "Just make it to Sunday" as in ok this is crazy and new and hard, but Sunday will come and just revive you. Well that was definitely true in the MTC (week one of the MTC feels like an eternity ago!), but it was SO much more true in the field. Those first days after getting to your area are very humbling. Everything is new and you are thrown right into the work (we literally taught a lesson with one of our investigators 20 min after we got to บางนา!) I was feeling overwhelmed a little bit and when Sunday came, it was the perfect reminder of why I am here. I love these people. The ward is SO GREAT, I absolutely love the members... they made me feel so loved (apparently this ward is known for LOVING GREENIES or "noong keeyous") So sacrament was at 9 (I got to bear my testimony since it was fast sunday!) , then there was a baptism after (I am in like all these pictures with her, and I literally just met her hahaha, but she is the cutest lady) which everyone stays for, then in Thailand the ward always eats together after church every week (score right??) so we all ate together, then we had a ward coordination meeting with the ward mission leader (the members are SO awesome here about missionary work!), then Sis Croft played the piano for the ward choir. Seriously the ward choir practice was probably one of the best/funniest parts of being here so far. hahaha so Sister Croft warned me before hand that it was going to be the longest choir practice I had ever been to, and that most Thai people are tone deaf. But it was so great, they sat in a circle on the floor and had a super long opening discussion, then proceeded to sing for probably 2-3 hours, then ended with another long discussion sitting down in their circle. Haha it was so great how seriously they took it, and I say that it was so funny, but it really was so cool how much their testimonies beamed through their singing. I love the spirit that music brings no matter what language! Then of course after that, everyone had dinner together!

Seriously, I can't even explain how I just already love these people, and how grateful I am for their love towards me and their strong testimonies. 

10)  Where are you living?  Address?  What is it like?

So our apartment is super nice! It kind of doesn't fit in the neighborhood we are in, everything else is like shacks and run down. It is great though, like the perfect size. Just 2 beds, and a kitchen area, then a back room with a closet and two desks and a couch. It is a 1 minute walk from the church, which is perfect because we teach a lot of our investigators there. It is great! And address wise, I have no idea, but mail is just supposed to go to the mission office, then they send it out!

So that is the main gist, here are some other tidbits: 

I am basically falling asleep as we plan and make our phone calls at night (being a missionary is hard work! and it doesnt help that I am in an opposite time zone! but slowly I am adjusting to it all!) 

Everyone has warned me about "thong sia" which basically means "losing stomach" hahaha we have been advised to be careful about eating from street vendors and with the ward, but apparently its more of a when than if type of thing, so I am anxiously awaiting that! haha

I am trying to learn all of our investigators' names and just about them in general! It is crazy because you come in after the transfer, and there are people they have been working with, so getting to know them is super important! Slowly I am being able to remember their names. Right now we have a ton of invesigators which is such a blessing! 

I have really had a lot of time to think about what I am doing here, and really been trying to figure out how to "get the hang of it". This morning as I was studying Christlike attributes in Preach my Gospel, I had such an answer to my prayers. I had the strongest impression of love and gratitude for the Savior. I love Him. I know that he loves all of these people in Thailand, and that the Lord has called me to share His love. I know that it is true that "Charity never faileth" That even if I am struggling with this language, or if I am feeling worn out, or feeling insecure about my ability to teach, I need to look outward. To focus on loving as He would love, serving as He would serve. It is such a blessing to have His example and life to look to in all things. 

One of my teachers at the MTC reminded us "The Son of God has descended below them all, art thou greater than He?"

These words mean a lot to a brand new missionary in a foreign land, unable to communicate perfectly, and wondering why it has to be this way. I know that this is a small price to pay to share His love with people who need it. 

The mission is the best.  I love what Dad said about taking in all of the "firsts" here and just loving them. I am trying to do that!

I am excited for this week, miracles are going to happen!

Thanks for all of the love and prayers, I feel them everyday.  

send me pictures!! 

all of my love, 

Sister Morgan
last Cafe Rio (listening to Radiate by Jack Johnson yikes!) the Lord totally blessed me with two of my very favorite things right before leaving the mother land.... so good!

we helped a lady in the ward paint her whole house PINK!
...me and "Boui" she is the daughter of one of the ward missionaries Sister Gwaang and she is SO crazy, but so so cute