4/26/15... I feel like this week I was totally reminded how fun being a missionary is

Sister หวาน(Waan) on her baptism day with her ginormous missionary.... HAHA


Thanks everyone for the updates, I am so happy about everything going on-- weddings, branch activities, physical therapy, more strike outs, guatemala, and what is this I hear about KISSING GIRLS?? None of that!!

Haha but yeah, this week has been so killer here in Udorn!! We are loving life and working hard!

Seriously way jam packed week, so I will give you the highlights:

So on Wednesday we had the baptism for Sister หวาน (Waan)! It was crazy because the baptism was scheduled for 6 pm and right before it just starts raining SO hard, literally buckets. When it rains Thai people do NOT leave the house, so we were so worried, especially since she walks everywhere and doesn't have a car. Sure enough though, Sister Nitaya and I get up from our knees after saying a prayer, and the sun comes out and not 20 minutes later there she comes, walking up the alley to the church... MIRACLES! 

another one! the little girl is actually the little sis of a missionary in the mission, Elder Gandun, she is slightly autistic I think and she has had 3 other baptism days scheduled but then gotten freaked out and refused until last Wednesday! all went perfectly! maybe she was just waiting for a friend to get baptized with her that was her same size... Sis หวาน(Waan) just about fits that description!

This week my testimony of member missionary work was so strengthened. We went out to visit Jack's parents in the boonies with แม่ พร (Mah Pawn) who for the record drives like Grandpa Floyd (hahaha SO SCARY) and they ended up not being home. We were way bummed, because we way wanted to teach them and we also drove for a good hour to get out there... but then แม่ พร, bless her heart, is just like the best missionary in the world! She knew where all of the houses of a bunch of RCs were and even a little family that had been taught in the past. We made 3 more visits, shared scriptures with the RCs, taught the family and gave the daughter a baptismal date! What a cool example of the Lord having different plans- maybe even better plans than we originally had.. but even more than that, I will never forget แม่ พร's example and enthusiasm to share the gospel. I think she would have taught the entire lesson if we had let her, and if we hadn't told her we needed to go inviting for the day, I think we would have stayed out there finding people to teach and share with till the sun went down! So awesome. 

This morning in my studies I was reading in PMG and I came across this quote from Pres Hinckley that just sums it up so perfectly: 

"We are here to assist our Father in His work and His glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Your obligation is as serious in your sphere of responsibility as is my obligation in my sphere."

I love that thought, that no matter our calling, the purpose of our life is to help Heavenly Father help His other children-- I am excited to be a missionary FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. haha :)

Then this weekend, we had our District Conference here in Udorn... I told President Wisan that I am strategically trying to get transferred so I can make it to each of the district conferences and be in the pic with Pres and Sister Senior.. HAHA But for real, the conference was AMAZING!! It was all about spiritual self reliance and I cannot get over how spot on that theme was for the Thai members at this time as they prepare to become a stake, prepare for the temple etc. The workshops were awesome, I translated for Sister Stoker's FHE class all day on Saturday-- SO fun to reunite with her and be together even though translating is actually so exhausting! The whole weekend just went so well, the speakers, the music, plus Sister Senior is so detail oriented-- we are talking mirror quotes and hand scrub and lotion in the women's bathroom to make the Sisters feel special. HOW CUTE IS THAT? But ya, just way cool to see the faithful members from everywhere, especially LAOS. And as always, such a good time to be with all of the missionaries, the Seniors, WISAN, the Stokers... Thailand Bangkok Mission seriously gets the best of the best. And, so fun! Sister Senior's sister was here visiting, and she and her husband are great friends with Dave and Becky! The church makes the world so small, and it was so fun to hear a little update on the cousins etc... and she and I both agree that when we grow up we want to be Becky Bates. hahaha :)
The Plummers... Dave and Becky's friends!
Then one a little more ASIAN style... they were SO nice!
But ya, I feel like this week I was totally reminded how fun being a missionary is. Being in a four sister house is the best and it is specially fun with my CRAZY companion... I am trying to think of all of the things she has done in this past week.... like the other day leaving FHE she whispers to me to ride home really fast before the other sisters and when we get home she starts preparing buckets of water to dump on them HAHA. Or the fact that she will be like "Hold on Sis I am having tong sia" which basically means "wait for a minute Sister while I have diarrhea" (Thai people are way open about stuff like that!) or the fact that she washed my clothes for me last week in one load and turned all of my garments pink.. Haha yep. we speak only Thai, she eats noodles for breakfast, and we listen to Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas CD every morning at her request.. I really do love her, & Sister Coates and Sister Olsen too! 
Sister Nitaya hard at work!
And to close I will give you a little recap of our conversation while emailing:

Sis Coates: Hey what is a good movie to suggest to watch, like after your boyfriend breaks up with you, not about love but just like good movie...

Me: What About Bob 

Sis Coates: I am not going to suggest to my friend who just broke off her engagement to watch What about Bob...

I tell you, some people just don't understand!  Still quote it and no one EVER gets the references hahaha. you wouldn't believe how often it is applicable to missionary work... 

"Is this a fake hang up? ...This is a fake hang up" (calling everyone who gave you their number to go to church)

"We are like ropes hanging on the Good-Year blimp, he is just so far above us" (whenever the ZLs are around HAHA jk)

"I tell myself this telephone booth is just temporarily out of order" (when your investigator won't answer the phone)
"DON'T HASSLE ME I'M LOCAL" (every single day in Thailand) 


xo Sister Morgan

We go inviting here a lot! It is like a huge shopping center and at night there is a fun market!
 Udorn is cool......
This one is for Brad and PJ... this is Elder Roberts who just got to the mission and he is on Nitro Circus! 
I guess his uncle is the producer and he is tight with Travis Pastrana... 
(+ also pictured is my sweet sweet Sister Olsen!)
Sis Nitaya's little sis Ribbon came for the weekend! Oh to be a คนไทย and get permission for such things! But really... she is a DOLL
out to lunch for Sister Gaw's b-day... cutest RM who lives here in Udorn and served in temple square... she is the daughter of แม่ พร and is going to BYU in the fall! Love her :) 

4/19/15... We survived Songran... it was SO fun, so cold, so insane, so hilarious, and just so glad I will have my one and only Songran to remember forever!!

ME AND MY NEW คู่ <3 I love this girl!
Family!! Thank you so much for the updates this week, you are all doing your thing and killing it like usual, I am so proud!

so much has happened since I last emailed-- it has been a little nuts!!

But ya, you already know...I am in อุดร (Udorn) and I am companions with Sister นิตยา (Nithaya)!!!!!!!!! 

I died a little at transfers because this is literally just TOO perfect, this area and my companion are a DREAM. Everyone calls อุดร (Udorn) "the Promised Land" and I would say it is for sure living up to that in the total of 4 days that I have been here. Haha, the branch members are so awesome, our house is so cute, the town is perfect, and the ส้มตำ (SomTham) is yummy. 

Not to mention the biggest miracle of it all, I AM REUNITED WITH MY MTC COMPANION/BESTIE SISTER COATES! She has been serving here for 2 transfers already, and we are totally in a four sister house together.On top of that the Sister she is training, Sister Olsen, is like my soul sister lost at birth. I feel a little spoiled, but I decided that I am just going to be so so grateful and work so so hard this transfer to thank Heavenly Father! haha

Then Sister นิตยา (Nitaya)...I absolutely love her! It's so crazy, we were just bound to serve together sooner or later and I am so so happy about it! She is my first Thai companion (Seriously best thing ever... they just do like the most random funny things all the time.) But I have been following like all of her areas! She served with Sister Croft in บางนา(Bangnaa) right before me, and I met her family at the District Conference last transfer. And then most random thing! So I have this picture album that I teach with in our lessons, and on the front I have the pic of me with my mission call, the same one that Wisan posted on the church Facebook page, and she saw it during one of our lessons and was like "Oh my gosh Sister, that is you?! We talked on Facebook when you got your mission call and we talked about how fun it would be to be companions!" Haha that is like the most vague shadow of a memory in the depths of my brain where I store anything previous to my life here in Thailand (except you guys of course, you still have a prominent place, don't worry) hahaha, but way small world! .. She is so loving and HILARIOUS and is just such a good missionary and we are going to see MIRACLES together. 

Speaking of miracles, so the first day I get here... we are talking our bus came in from Bangkok at 5:45 AM Friday morning after traveling all night and so it goes, we started our day! (Like Ty says... "sleep when you're dead!") Anyways, we had a lesson set up to teach our investigator who lives way out in the boonies and is the mom of a member in บางนา(Bangnaa)... Turns out she is the mom of Jack, the guy I invited at Imperial that got baptized in Bangnaa and then I found out at the next transfer meeting that he is just a way strong member now etc/ has been trying to get all of his family to be baptized in Udorn-- I told you the story in one of my letters.. well now, I totally get to have a part in it!! We are working with his mom, and until this lesson, I guess his dad has never sat in or really given them any attention, but he totally sat and talked with us and took a baptismal date! It was so cute, I showed them a picture of Jack that I had on my camera, and they were soo so happy and proud. I think me kind of knowing his son was part of the reason his interest was kind of sparked. Yay. Then we called Jack after the lesson and he was so excited to hear what had happened, and we got things all set for him to come here and baptize them! He said he will have enough money for a ticket to come on the 10th of May. Please pray pray pray that all goes smoothly, that his parents (especially his dad!) keep progressing, he is able to come, and that this family takes one more step to becoming an ETERNAL family! 
Jack's parents! 
Sundays here are a little hectic, there are 2 branches, so we have church twice-- at 9 and at 1. It is a little nuts getting from a baptism after the first one is over to the 1 o clock sacrament meeting, but it was way fun... seriously so many awesome members. I think I have said that about all of my areas, but I am not lying! After the second sacrament meeting we taught one of our investigators หวาน (Waan), the cutest tiniest lady with no front teeth, who has been an investigator forever but would not get baptized! We had a way good lesson with her, and she will be getting baptized this Wednesday! Pray for her please :)

But yeah, as I have been moving a lot, I have really started to realize that you can be effective in your service from the very first moment you are called to do something or called to go somewhere. It is the natural inclination to want to kinda step back and figure it all out when you are in a new situation, but I have seen amazing things happen as I just remember to trust in Heavenly Father's qualifying power and rely on the Spirit. So special and also so humbling. I can't even tell you how much I love this work!!

Other tidbits I haven't filled you in on/ need to know info:

being surprise attacked by the members
We survived Songran...(which is a country-wide WATERFIGHT for the Thailand New Year!!!)  It was SO fun!! Haha actually so cold, so insane, so hilarious, and just so glad I will have my one and only Songran to remember forever. As much as I loved it, I think USA got it right with its holidays, we're talking the classics Christmas, Thanksgiving, the Fourth hahaha. And it was so true, we still ended up wet on Tuesday and Wednesday when we were supposed to be "working"... it is literally unavoidable!!

My goodbye with the branch members in ร้อยเอ็ด(Roi-et) was so good/ sad! I will miss them SO much. They became my family so quickly.. in fact my เเม่s (Mahs) somehow just got my number here in Udorn and called to check in on me this morning... HAHAHA seriously they are my fave. They all showered me with gifts, including knitted winter scarves. With all of this moving and how adorably generous the members always are, I am going to need to buy a new suitcase for my "gifts". haha Oh Thailand.................

So ya, I ended up leaving Sister Castell in Mahasarakam with the Sisters there and traveled with Sister Lor to Bangkok for transfers. Sister Castell and I had a great last week together, she is doing awesome and I am excited to see her finish some of the work we started together!  She is now companions with Sister Alley (who I served with in P-Log), which I am SO excited about. ร้อยเอ็ด(Roi-et) is in great hands between the two of them!

Last tidbit about my new life in Udorn... Sister Nithaya loves to เก้ลง (glayng!) which means prank/joke and she is literally ALWAYS laughing mischievously or trying to plan a little prank to play on the other Sisters. I love it, seriously HILARIOUS

That is all I have for you right now, promise next weeks won't be so scatterbrained! I love you guys so so much... more than you even know probably 



Sister Morgan
the town was MADNESS!! 
playing with the ward members!
somehow I was the target of EVERYONE... being attacked by the Elders...

for all ages!!
right by the church, haha drunk ladies dancing and just soaking everyone that drove by!! 

it was ICE cold!!
snuck in a companionship selfie! 
but you know me... I am a SUNSHINE girl!!

Saying goodbye to my regular food people in ร้อยเอ็ด (Roi-et)! 

we had lunch here everyday, it was literally right behind the church! 

4/12/15... I AM MOVING!...but I feel lucky to have come to Roi-et, even if it was for just 6 weeks

Songkran...Thailand celebrates the New Year with the world's biggest waterfight!!! 
FAM!!!!! I can't tell you how happy I was to see everything went smoothly with Mom's surgery, I have been fasting and praying and I think the pic of PJ doing the ponytail for her was an answer to prayers...all is well, all is well! haha now it is just down to forcing Mom to sit still to HEAL. That is where the prayers will be focused now "Please bless Mom to not try to do everything for everyone right now..." haha so fun that you guys snuck in a good visit from the fam and Brad killed it on the mound too!

So luckily we found an open internet place this morning because things are about to get CRAZY!!

We are all here wearing our floral collared shirts-- EVERYONE wears the most awful tacky Hawaiian shirts (it is like so adorable though, we're talking babies, old ladies, teenagers, moms, dads, hobos), and over the last few days the preparations around town have been insane! I have gotten a mix of "you should be afraid for your life" and "it will be the most fun thing of your life" from members and different people, so really I have no idea! The branch is having like a 6 hour party at the church and I guess anywhere we go, literally anywhere, we will have water thrown on us.. HAHA. Already last night on the way to a member's house for dinner kids were totally spraying me with water guns and I was just biking as fast as I could screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" So these next few days (It is a 3 day celebration) will be fun for sure! We do have a 6 pm curfew and have lots of rules to keep us safe too.. like we have to stay with our district at ALL times while we are playing and stuff. But ya I love Thailand......................

Anyways, this last week has been insane... I will start with the big news, Haha can you believe it? To be honest, when I got called here, I knew my time would be short and my purpose for coming here was very specific, so I am at peace. But I am not kidding, this area is a dream and I am sad to leave it! The Lord has blessed the work so much and we have taught so many AWESOME people, then there are my แม่s (Mahs) and so many other great members, we live in the CUTEST house, then of course THE STOKERS. I feel lucky to have come here for a time, even if it was just 6 weeks.
With some of the members on our our last Sunday!

With transfers being this Thursday and it being สงกรานต์ (Songkran) everything is absolutely crazy town. All of the bus tickets are sold out, and since it is a more dangerous time to travel in Thailand (Think the way people feel about Thanksgiving weekend or something.. just tons of people commuting) President doesn't want anyone at transfers that is not moving and does not want anyone traveling at night. So as of right now, I think Sister Lor is going to come here from Mahasarakam because she is moving too, and we will travel with the Elders on Wednesday morning. We will see, but either way Mom, I am sorry to break it to you.. but we aren't allowed to have transfer videos anymore! You will have to wait to know where I am going like all the other missionary moms around the world...... haha but for real, please pray that everything is good, that everyone is safe, and pray that President and Sister Senior don't stress out too much (I can't even imagine!)

This week with our teaching everything was soo good. We have people on date for the 19th and the 29th, so I won't get to see them get baptized, but I am so excited for them. Especially Brother บอย (Boy) because this last week, I found out 2 of my old district leaders, Elder Bannagon and Elder Calderon (who were ZLs together here between serving with me) totally taught him, he just didn't end up getting baptized for some reason.. He didn't mention one thing about it when I met him at the market, or one thing about it at any of our lessons until one of the members that came to teach with us was like "Hey, you're back!" I love that it really doesn't matter who is doing the teaching or the finding, that the Lord will make a way for the prepared to receive the gospel according to their needs and His time.

Our week has been way scattered though. We had Zone training on Tuesday, so all of the missionaries were here and it was so awesome. So so special, we got to watch the temple announcement for the first time. TEARS. It was actually perfect, the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders had the training meeting with President Senior the day after we had gotten the news at midnight, so our April training was kind of centered around the temple (I am starting to think President had a pretty good idea the temple was going to be announced.. but literally the missionaries had NO IDEA!)

We also talked about consecration and I am so excited because we were challenged to start a "40 day fast". It is a 40 day fast from 10 things that poke at your spirit, 10 things you want to change about yourself, that will help you give a more full offering to Heavenly Father. It is actually from a talk by Elder Maxwell I think and one of the things from the talk that I loved...

"The submission of one’s will is placing on God’s altar the only uniquely personal thing one has to place there. The many other things we ‘give’ are actually the things He has already given or loaned to us.”

How thought provoking and entirely true is that statement? I am ever learning more and more that giving Him our hearts, or minds, our desires is the only way to be happy as a missionary, and I think the only way to be happy as a person. Here is to 40 days!

On Thursday night we traveled to Bangkok to renew Sister Castell's visa... our bus was like a spaceship and I slept most of the way so it wasn't too bad!

killin' it on the bust to Bangkok!

But nothing like getting to the visa renewal place and finishing your sleep on a nice granite slab. haha luckily the Saranoni was one of the best decisions of the stuff I brought on my misson (A HUGE THANK YOU TO KRISTY <3) (A Saranoni is about the softest blanket ever made.)  I take it with me everywhere and it is perfect. Except for the fact that I think I am turning into a bag lady like you, Mom, always bringing stuff to study plus a blanket the size of a small car. hahaha jokes on all of the missionaries that made fun of me for it... I slept like a baby on that granite slab! 
We didn't get home until like midnight on Friday... oh the glamorous life of a missionary. I love wearing the same outfit for 2 days, not teaching anyone (in the words of Sister Croft "I loathe that!!!!") and looking like a hobo... its awesome! 

It was fun seeing Sister Castell reunite with her MTC district at the Visa place... Your MTC district is like your family, so anytime you see them it is so special. Also we stopped at the mission office and I got the package Mom! Seriously, thank you so much! I had a little moment of silence seeing MINI bags of my Costco popcorn. haha if anyone reads my letters that didn't know me before you are probably going to think that I am a crazy popcorn horder addict. And you are correct. I sort of am. Haha really though, thank you for everything! I can always feel your love in all of the things you send.. so thoughtful!! and so yummy!

We finally got to watch General Conference on Saturday and Sunday and it was SO good. We watched it in English in a small room while the members watched it in Thai in the chapel. We made sure to go in and watch their reaction at the announcement of the temple (even though most of them already knew by now) and they were kinda like "ooooo" and a few people clapped a little. It was cute. We are going to get them SO ready for the blessings of the temple, I cannot wait. I don't have the time or the space to write all of my thoughts from conference... as always it was SO GOOD. But one of my favorite one liner rhetorical questions, was from the Sunday session Elder Causse's talk and it was so simple...

"Is the gospel still marvelous to you?"

I seriously just sat there during that talk with tears in my eyes as I reflected on how marvelous the gospel is to me. I can't put into words the thoughts or feelings that filled my heart- the confirming testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel, the love for my Heavenly Father who sent His son and restored his teachings in their fullness to the earth today for our benefit, the gratitude to get to share the message with the Thai people etc. I don't think I will ever cease to be amazed, and I don't ever want to! 

So good...
Anyways, that is all I have, we have to get to the branch party now (it is only 6 hours so def don't want to be late HAHAHA) I love you guys so so much!

xoxo Sister Morgan
We rode water buffalo on P-Day!

You know me... always one with the animals HA
So apparently the tallest Buddha in Thailand is here in Roi-Et!

Obviously got a comp pic... but it didn't fit (its that tall people......)
out for lunch after Zone Training... seriously such great Sisters here! <3<3
Mom, I had to get a pic for you... this is how they do roasted sweet potatoes in Thailand!
not quite the same as yours...

4/5/15... A TEMPLE IN THAILAND!!!!!

this text came in exactly at midnight (00:00)..... 
translation "We are gonna have a temple in Thailand!"   heck ya we are............


Oh my gosh, I can't get over the cruise pics, sooooooo much fun! I am so glad you guys owned it, especially dad on the KARAOKE (still dying a little bit!) and Parker making reservations on his own/ knowing the ship in and out... SO classic. and the fact that Brad still made it home for baseball, I don't know how you always do it mom, but you do!  

So last night, we have dinner at the Stokers house and watch a little bit of Conference after (SO excited to watch everything next week, the talks we watched we so spot on!!). Sis Stoker told us that in the Saturday morn session the Prophet was too sick to speak, so that he would just be speaking later. 

I felt my heart beat, a little amused at the fact that of all conferences for this to happen, its this one. (The Lord is continually trying to teach me little lessons in patience I think HAHA)

We watch a few talks, it is time to go, and all I can say is "I just want to stay until the Prophet announces the temple!" We laugh, and kind of reason with the fact that there haven't been temples announced in the last few conferences, and they are working hard to finish the ones already under construction. Its ok Thailand's time will come...

We go home, we go to bed.

Its 12 AM.... we are sleeping, the phone is rings.............

Its our district leader Elder Sukan, and he's crying.......

"Sisters, the APs just called. President Monson just announced, there is going to be a temple in Thailand."

Immediately I jump on Sis Castell and am like speaking cry gibberish.. she is SO out of it and probably confused. 

Next thing I know, we are on our knees, and I am weeping some sort of prayer of thanksgiving and lets just say I don't think I fell back asleep after that.

I can't even type this without tearing up. A temple for Thailand, the Lord's perfect plan and vision for this country and these people. I think of all of the people who have had a part in this and I am left a little speechless. 

President Wisan called me this morning to make sure I had gotten the news (love him!)  and I could't help but get a little emotional as I thanked him for the YEARS and years he has been building the foundation for this.
I think of President Senior, about to finish his time here, and the incredible growth he has inspired. There were exponential increases, growing pains, going back to the drawing board time and time again all because a temple for Thailand was his/our goal.
I think of my uncle David and my teachers at the MTC, my dear Sister Croft, people who aren't here right now that served so diligently and had their part. 
Then I think of the members... I don't think there are a more faithful, God loving, humble people than the Thai people and the Lord knows that. 
All things in His time. And the time is now. I am ecstatic. 

I think all other happenings from this week seem small in comparison to the news that was dropped on us about 12 hours ago... but we are working hard and having fun here in Roi Et!

Some highlights of the week:

Our #BecauseofHim Easter activity was a hit! Sooo funny, we had egg tossing, egg spoon relays, and an egg hunt then finished with the video and stuff. They seriously LOVED IT... Thai people just had no idea about any of these things so some of the sisters in the ward were mortified that we wanted to toss raw eggs because a) you will get raw egg yolk all over you if you don't catch it (THAT IS THE POINT!) and b) they wanted to eat them as hard boiled eggs when the games were done! hahaha it was ALL we could do to get them to only boil the eggs for the egg hunt. Which speaking of, for it being their first time, they painted Easter eggs so beautifully! haha we walked in to the kitchen and they were painting them like dark forest green and red, and we were like "uhh Easter is more pastel...." but little did we know they were egg painting masters and were not yet finished cause then they added flowers and stuff. SO cute
painting christmas eggs? HAHA
We went to the Elephant Village in Surin last Monday! haha Surin is like the elephant capital of Thailand, I am pretty sure they count the elephants as citizens there, ha jk, but really so awesome! On the way there we stopped at this wat/ field place that just had one thousand monkeys... literally! Realization of a lifetime is when you realize that monkeys aren't actually as cute as people always give them credit for, they kind of look like old creepy english men.. haha still so fun and cool none the less!

So also this week, miracles with our teaching. We are still teaching the same people plus 4 new investigators too (a few of which more found us than us found them.. so awesome), and have a lot of them on date for the 19th. We are so excited about it because it gives them an opportunity to listen to conference next week before! It has been fun to promise them that if they will pray and prepare to listen to the mouthpiece of God, and even prepare a specific question they have, they will receive an answer. I never get over how many times in my life that has been the case... I love Conference. 

Next week is สงกราณ์ (Songran) the HUGE water fight/celebration in Thailand... honestly I have no idea what to expect or how to explain it but I have heard it is MADNESS...so stoked. haha look up a youtube vid or something!! 

It goes without saying after this weekend, but the Lord's hand and care are here in Thailand, and as always it includes His missionaries. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have a part in the work at this time in this place. Life is good!

I love you guys SO much, have great week! 

Mom, of course you will be in my prayers more than ever this week with the surgery... I have a really peaceful feeling about it. Brad and PJ and Dad.. Take care of her and be gentle when you are putting her hair in a pony please HAHA (I am trying to picture it right now... like all three of you, one with the brush, one with the elastic and one offering advice/ support) maybe video...

haha anyways, here is to a temple in Thailand and another good week,

Sister Morgan

ps we will be emailing way sooner (like 2 or 3 hours sooner) than usual next Monday so we can go out and dominate people with our super soakers............ haha literally I guess no matter what you do or whee you go you are DRENCHED
at the #BecauseofHim activity! I love them!
Sister นก (Nog) and her loot! 
one of our investigators แทน (Tan)... he got so hyped on the egg hunt. almost as hyped as I hope he is for his baptism on the 29th............... (:
Some of my แม่s (Mahs)!! The one on the far left is my RC,
it melts my heart how they have just taken her in! <3
this was everywhere.... but they had so much fun! so worth the mess
the egg hunt was intense, yes he is scaling the building.. HAHA! watching everyone hunt for the eggs took me back to all of the years the boys were in a mad dash around the yard to get all the eggs and I casually walked around till I found the big money egg.. hahaha love it

a little lift!

and a little hug!
seriously some skilled elephants down in Surin
District love at the Monkey wat!

seriously, monkeys were everywhere!!!
tried to get the little handoff...but failed...they are so fast and SNEAKY!

random fireworks at the ปึง the other day while inviting... I tell you, if there is any possible occasion to celebrate, Thailand takes it and runs with it haha I love it!

3/29/15... Share, Post, Like, Breathe in the fact that HE LIVES!!! --Another jam packed week in Roi-et

Sis บุญตา and Bro เฟิรส์ --happy happy day!
AHH you guys are cruzin right now!! Soooo fun, I hope you get this email and I hope that you are taking TONS of PICS for me!!!! 

Wow this has been quite the week! It feels like I just wrote you guys, but at the same time this week has been so jam packed so it also kind of feels like forever ago.. funny how that is! 

Anyways! Big news of the week... We had 2 baptisms yesterday! Bro เฟิรส์ (First) and Sis บุนตา (Boon-Thaah) They are both so awesome. เฟิรส์ (First) is the 16 year old who has kind of been an orphan his whole life, completely smoked, drank, and did drugs. It is AMAZING the change this kid has made... The coolest thing on Saturday, I was sitting there with him after his interview and he just goes "Sister, I am not getting baptized because you told me to.. I am doing it because God told me it was up to me, and I want to follow Him." I was like YES!!!! Seriously, this kid just way understands the concept of prayer, that it is literal communication with Heavenly Father. And my fav, he told Elder Sukan, the DL, in his interview, that before learning with us he never wanted a family but now he does for sure because he knows it is important to God. He is an allstar, kind of a punk sometimes (its like that little brother relationship HAHA) but for real, he's so good!!
Sis บุญตา and Bro เฟิรส์ with Elder Watkins and Elder Keller too!

Then บุนตา (Boon-Thaah)... The one who I said looks like the Mrs. Claus of Thailand- Literally cutest lady! So it was seriously a miracle with her this week... The last time we met with her (totally a breakthrough lesson on baptism by proper authority because she has been Christian for years and baptized before) she told us she was leaving to stay with her grandson like 2 hrs away and wasn't sure when she would be coming back... so we left the lesson a little unsure about her date for the 29th. Well at the beginning of this week, I had the strongest impression to call her and tell her that Heavenly Father would make a way for her to be baptized the Sunday if we prayed and had faith. 

This brings me to a pause in the story to tell you about 3 of my FAVORITE people here in ร้อย เอด (Roi-Et)... เเม่ บุญล้อม (Mah Boon-Lahm) เเม่ จำปี (Mah Jumpi) and Bro ปอ (Bah) So the เเม่s (Mahs) are just little old single ladies who are at the church everyday... They teach with us and I can't even describe how adorable they are. Like the other day, they found out kettlecorn is my favorite food and they keep bringing it for me, or the fact that they both say "zone prayer" at 10 o clock like all of the missionaries and pray for all of our investigators specifically. How cute is that?! I am obsessed with them and I told them I am taking both of them home in my suitcase at the end of my mission (They loved that and remind me everyday :)) Then Bro ปอ (Bah)... He is a pretty recent convert and is in the bishopric- Literally funniest, cutest, most generous guy ever. He is with the Elders all the time and will do like huge lunches for us at the church and drives us anywhere at the drop of a hat. Seriously I LOVE THESE PEOPLE! 

So back to บุนตา(Boon-Thaah)... We are sitting there with the เเม่s (Mahs) and I tell them the situation about บุนตา (Boon-Thaah) and เเม่ บุญล้อม(Mah Boon-Lahm) goes "Call her right now, we will go pick her up!" So we call on speakerphone and get a map all drawn to her house and Sister บุนตา (Boon-Thaah) is just SO happy. We called Bro ปอ(Bah) and of course he agreed to drive us. I just sat there as this unfolded before my eyes, the willingness of these people to help the work of the Lord roll forward without a thought for the time and effort it would take on their part, just so happy to help her. Well long story short, a few days later Sis บุนตา (Boon-Thaah) called and said "Sister, I found a way to get to town, you guys don't need to come, I will be there Saturday night!" 

So at first, it is like wow, all of that planning for nothing (I must say, I was kind of looking forward to road tripping with the เเม่s (Mahs) and Bro ปอ (Bah)! hahahaha jk) But I really think it had to happen the way it did. The Lord wants us to do all we can, work things out the best we can, call on Him for His help and support, and He will work all things together for our good. The planning helped Sis บุนตา (Boon-Thaah) see the importance of baptism, fell the love of the branch members, and exercise faith in Heavenly Father. His ways are so so perfect. Plus I will never forget the scene after hanging up with Brother ปอ (Bah) and the plan was all set to pick her up, แม่ บุญล้อม (Mah Boon-Lahm) dancing around the room singing "I'm just so happy Sis บุนตา (Boon-Thaah) is getting baptized!" Seriously PRICELESS...

But yeah, other than that our week was great! We have the coolest investigators right now. Some of the ones I haven't told you about yet- A family from english (yay!) a boy ironically named บอย (Boy) who's grandma is a member in Chaing Rai, and a guy named แทน (Tan) who I met at the market that has learned with the Elders in Ubon before... They are all so elect!

Other awesome news/ fun tidbits:

-So I was looking on Sister Alley's blog and the week after Sister Nethercott and I left P-Log, ประลงค์ (Brasong) and แปะ (Bai), 2 of our investigators got baptized! It is so crazy when you leave an area because you have no way of knowing what happens with the people you were teaching (we aren't really supposed to call other zones just to call) But ya! ประลงค์(Brasong) was the former Monk that I found at the train station, who will literally be the next branch president there (mark my words!) Then แปะ(Bai) was a guy I met at the walking street market who really ended up being a surprise! The coolest part is that of the 6 baptisms Sis Nethercott and I had together, 5 are potential Melchizedek Priesthood holders and this last weekend was the District Conference for the North in Chaing Mai where they ordain them, so fingers crossed that all 5 of them went because P-Log needs Priesthood holders!
ประสงค์ (Brasong) and แปะ (Bai)'s baptism in P-Log! <3
-If you are ever in ร้อย เอด and find yourself wondering if you should go to the science museum, I will tell you right now... just don't go hahaha. Last P-Day, not a hit, still fun, but just save yourselves and go like... anywhere else 

-I miss the Stokers... They went to Chaing Mai and won't be back until later this week. haha

-I broke our kitchen sink last week (literally there was a pool in the kitchen) and our shower this week... luckily the people we rent the house from are like the nicest people ever!


Is that not SO GOOD??

-Also! Ok people conference is next week (we won't actually watch it until the following week) but are they announcing the Thailand Bangkok Temple????????????

A sister can dream........... :)

That is all I have for you this week! Hope you are soaking up the SUN, relaxing, adventuring, and eating yourselves into mini comas (I know you guys all have the last one covered hahaha, especially you PJ)


Sister Morgan
District learning at the science museum + our favorite Brother ปอ (Bah)!
the science museum in all its glory......... yes that is Einstein watching over everything!
haha words I live by "EAT MORE VEGETABLES!
(all of my companions can attest to that one/ incessantly make fun of me for it! )

the park (its called the ปึง (Buhng)) where we invite almost everyday... 
seriously it is the best park in the world! 
Everyone feeds the birds and fish (and I think sometimes they want to feed us to the birds and fish for asking them to come to church a million times.....HAHA)
its not a Thai park if theres not a huge Buddha!
seriously it is so lush and green!

plus a workout facility! 

So cute right??????

and one last one.... so breathtaking