3/22/15... This week has been so good here in the 101, we are working HARD

Family! So today I am just going to go ahead and start my email with it........ 


haha I finished my Family Book this week (seriously it turned out SO cute, thank you so much Mom for all of your help!) But I just kept pulling it out all week and looking through it at your cute faces or showing it to people.. haha I realized I am pretty much obsessed with you guys and I am so so thankful that you are mine. **get your own family book here: https://familysearch.org/campaign/myfamily JUST DO IT!!

Anyways, this week has been so good here in the 101, we are working HARD and actually this weekend we got to play kinda hard too! It was the District Conference plus Zone Conference so these last 3 days there have been missionaries and members from all over the Isan here in Roi-Et and it was way good. Between the meetings at the hotel with all of the members and the Zone Conference activities going on at the church we are all so exhausted from these last 3 days, but seriously it was TOO FUN! 

Also the reason I didn't email yesterday... Sorry Mom. haha

So probably the coolest part of the District Conference that President Senior pointed out was the fact that we get to witness the forming of a Stake and how there aren't many places left in the world where this is happening. This meeting was a preparatory meeting to the one that will happen in June when Ubon will become a Stake and I think this weekend was a huge realization for me of the implications that come along with this. I have such a greater appreciation for the service of the senior couple missionaries who are spending their time training the members here on what they will need to do as a Stake (there will now be a high counsel etc) I love how specific everything is in the Lord's way... there is order to everything and the Stakes in Zion no matter if they are in Kennewick WA or Thailand will be administered the same... SO COOL. And such a huge shout out the senior couple missionaries..........

Speaking of senior couple missionaries, Sister Stoker seriously reminds me so much of you mom! She with the help of some of us missionaries and a few of the other senior Sisters put on the most amazing dinner for all of the missionaries for this Sunday night (she even made steamed BROCCOLI at my request!) not to mention made carrot cake for the entire meeting of people on Saturday night too. She is amazing and it totally reminded me of all of the times mom just threw together an awesome dinner or party or activity like it was nothing.... You guys are so talented! 
Sunday night we also got to watch MEET THE MORMONS... hahaha I have made every district leader of mine email President to ask for permission to watch this on a p-day or something, and nothing, then finally, at long last, I got to see it! It was good.... I think I am with you Dad, "I have already met lots of Mormons!" I think it will be a one time watch for me, but still good nonetheless!

Probably my favorite part of Zone Conference though was the introduction of the new campaign that the church is launching, BECAUSE HE LIVES:

Get ready people, this is going to blow your mind. As a missionary it is a refocus on our  efforts in our testifying of the very basics... the reality of a Savior. The fact that Jesus Christ did in fact atone for our sins, then miraculously rose from the dead. The Resurrection is real and as his representatives we can testify of the simple truth that changes lives when it is truly understood:


I feel like this is something that has actually been on my mind all week, so it was so fitting that that was something we talked about in Zone Conference. It has been way cool being companions with a recent convert because we have had conversations about the very basics of the gospel.. Earlier this week while we were waiting for an investigator, I asked Sister Castel to practice teaching me the Restoration and when she got to the Savior's earthly ministry... she paused and asked me, "Sister, what really is the Atonement?" As I recounted to her everything I knew about the Savior, His mission, His life and ministry, His death, His resurrection, His love... I realized something... 

I really do feel like I know Jesus Christ. I know Him like I know you guys, and I love Him. I have felt of His love and His reality and it is something that I want for EVERYONE. The Thai people, my companion, my friends at home, you guys. 

Anyways, this week was so awesome..... our investigators are all doing well, we should have 2 getting baptized for sure this Sunday... Please pray for Brother First and Sister Boonthaa! We had some way breakthrough lessons this week with those two, Sister Thim and 3 new investigators that I will keep you posted on! Also please pray that Brother SomSag and Sister Thoo-ey will help Sister Nah!Nah! feel good about her date to be baptized. :) I know with your faithful prayers........ we will see MIRACLES!

Seriously this last week, I feel like everyday I was riding my bike home just before 9 pm from inviting at the market or teaching or whatever and I just felt literally exhausted. Feeling exhausted in the Lord's work at the end of the day is literally the best feeling ever.  My last district leader would always follow up on our obedience and one day he just said "The only thing that matters is that we are happy." It literally just hit me, giving the Lord 100% all the time is how we are happy! I am grateful for the opportunity to give him all I've got. 

This week is already off to a good start, we have two new daters for baptism after last night and we have lots of lessons lined up to teach (some weeks you are more just piecing it together as the week goes, so I am so excited to have the elect ready to go! haha) Plus today we are going to a way cool museum (or so they say it will be cool... idk if I trust them... haha) with the Elders that is apparently not opened on Mondays so that should be fun!!

Life is good, the Lord's work is moving forward, it is still SO hot in Thailand, and we are happy!

I sure do love you and hope you have so much fun this week on SPRING BREAK, you all deserve a little relaxation... please take LOTS OF PICS!!!!!

I don't want any speedo pics of Dad or Jourdan though....




Oh my gosh....... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE!!! Seriously cried a little I think at how thoughtful you are mom... you take such good care of me and know me TOO well.... but the other moral of the story:

Do not ship Hairspray internationally!

Haha the APs were so nice and brought the package to zone conference for me, but when they handed it to me it was in like this huge plastic sack from the mail company and smelled so strong and like some of the cardboard had been eaten away... I knew immediately the hairspray must have exploded! haha well I get home and open it........ and don't worry nothing was compromised too badly but I will tell you, butterfinger muddy buddies and funfetti popcorn are not quite as good with a fresh covering of hairspray.............

somehow the bags totally ripped open and I am still trying to figure out what lesson the Lord was trying to teach me with this whole experience but it just seems really cruel to have my two favorite treats in my hands after weeks of waiting, still looking super delish but totally tasting like ballpoint pen ink.... hahaha I will let you know when I figure it out :)

Thank you again though...the lulu bag the camera case, the necklace, the brush, everything, you are the best!!!!!!!

our house! I call it 'Full House meets beach shack chic'........ I love it, it is perfect!
our kitchen that you see right when you walk in the front door
our desks... on the wall, we are putting a miracle a day for the transfer! fun huh?
More house pics to come... but I didn't really get any pics from this weekend so 
I am stealing these from the Church Facebook page and 
we will call this next segment of photos 

"The 101 beautiful faces of Sister Morgan......." 

"Wow I love slicing Carrot Cake..."
"Seriously Sister McKnight stop breathing on me..." hahahaha I really do LOVE Sister McKnight

"Hey Sister sit down lets take this pic already......." 
ok this one is actually not too bad....... love these Sistas
then I somehow managed to pull a traditional smile for the group photo... SUCCESS!

hahaha come on President Wisan, what did I tell you about only getting my good angles?!

3/15/15... We have seen serious MIRACLES ALL week (haha do I say that every week???)

Visiting a family from the ward on Sunday, they are so awesome and not to mention I want to take their kids back home with me...........

HEY HEY!! Holy cow you guys are BLOWING MY MIND this week with all of your updates...... You are now Edison warders, PJ is prepping for high school, Brad is killing it with pitching, mom is going on my DREAM vacation to market and one of my best friends since Little Treasures is GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!! I am so happy!

For real though, this week was SO good here too! I don't even know where to begin, so I am just going to begin.................. from the beginning haha

We have seen serious MIRACLES ALL week (haha do I say that every week???) here are a few snippets: 

So Monday night we went to have Family Home Evening at Bro สมสัก and Sis เต้ย's house... two Recent Converts who are like the CUTEST grandma and grandpa you have ever seen. Sister Stoker is awesome and has put together these FHE kits for us to go around and do FHE at the members homes to start them off and hopefully get them doing it on their own. Right before we go, the District Leader calls me and says,"You know they have a granddaughter who lives with them who is not a member, you guys could teach her... missionaries have tried before but haven't been super successful..." So of course I am just SO stoked. We get there and make friends with her, and just really try to make her feel comfortable, then we taught about the Plan of Salvation and temples in the light of ETERNAL FAMILIES.. She is the cutessst thing ever and has a date to be baptized! Her name is แน่ๆ (Nah!Nah!)

Another one of our new investigators is ฟิรลื (First), a 17 year old who has lived alone since he was young. Because he hasn't had much direction in his life he drinks, smokes, does drugs, and most of all, has just never really felt like anyone loves him. My heart ached as he talked about this in our lesson. He is so earnestly searching for truth and light and it has been so cool being on the forefront as he realizes that it is the love of the Savior and light of His gospel that will fill the hole in his life. He is so diligent in reading the BOM and avoiding the parties and friends that caused him the break the WOW in the past.. Every time I call in to follow up I am just so proud! Pray for him as he prepares for baptism at the end of this month!

We have had so many other awesome miracles in finding and teaching new investigators. We had a walk in on Thursday, กบ (Gop) who didn't have a phone that totally showed up for church and is preparing for baptism! Other progressing investigators to keep in your prayers ฟิลม (Film, cutest girl from English), ติม (the wife of an RC), บุญตา (the Mrs. Clause of Thailand... I can't get over her!!), บอย (Boy), and มัน (Man, friends with Boy, struggling with smoking). I wish I could write about each of them, they are all SO cool. But please keep them in your prayers and pray that they will be ready for baptism (Most of them have dates for the 29th!)

So yeah! Training is going so well. Sister Castell is awesome and we are having SO much fun together. I feel like I am learning so much from training, especially about the qualifying power of the Atonement and the way the Lord works. At the very beginning of the book of Mormon (as in the book that has 10ish chapters written by Mormon in the collective book the Book of Mormon haha) Mormon talks about how at age 10 he begins to be learned in different languages, prepared spiritually etc... AGE 10 the Lord is entrusting him to be the one to be the keeper of the most important record on the face of this earth?! (When I was 10, I just cared about sour patch kids and soccer I am pretty sure....) haha Really though, when I read that this week I was reminded of that fact that The Lord will accomplish His purposes and qualify us for his work because HE can. I feel a little bit like 10 year old Mormon (on a lesser scale obviously), but as I look back on my mission thus far, I know he has been preparing me for this, and I am so grateful for His trust. 

Haha Sister Castell and I have a little joke actually, because there are literally cats everywhere here, that when she gets feeling down about the language or anything, I just remind her, "if Heavenly Father wanted, cats could do this work, and we are much more qualified than cats! Lets get to work!!" haha we are having a great time.   

Other fun updates/happenings:

We had zone training here and all the missionaries came, then Sis Castell and I did a switch off with the Sister Training Leaders... such good times!

We are having zone conference here this coming weekend and it is going to be AWESOME! Word is we are going to watch Meet the Mormons, and of course my favorite President Wisan will be here and that is always a treat!

Having a senior couple in your area is literally GOLD... namely Elder and Sister Stoker! They are so awesome, Sister Stoker had the whole branch doing country line dances at the branch Birthday party on Friday... umm funniest thing EVER Thai people country dancing, they absolutely loved it! 

Some good ole Thai Country Line Dancin' for ya!
yep, so so good
The fearless dance instructor, Sister Stoker! 
Fun fact about my companion... she is a musical genius!! She has her flute here so we have been taking that to people's houses when we teach them, and the spirit that it brings when we open a lesson with a hymn inspired by the Savior is just indescribable! Haha and she is helping keep us on tune when we sing during companionship study too.......

K other funny for the week... going through all the training material with Sister Castell has been super cool cause it has helped me see some things that I want to improve etc... Well I decided one of the things I wanted to improve on was "inviting the head of the household to offer a kneeling prayer at the close of the lesson" So like I said we taught, Sister ติม (Thim) the wife of an RC in the branch this week, and they are definitely older, but I guess it didn't really cross my mind that it would be an issue so I ask Bro เขียน (Kien) to offer the prayer and invite everyone to kneel. Well it turned into this big 8-9 minute ordeal of discussing each of their individual health issues that cause kneeling to hurt so bad and getting pillow cushion things situated on the floor for everyone's knees... HAHAHA seriously I am just like sitting there like "ok staying in the chairs would have been fine people!"...  good intention turned wrong I guess, so so funny.

I was telling Sister Castell that this week... some of the best advice I have for a greenie or for anyone in general, "Love the Lord and Laugh!"

If we do that, it will all work out. He is in His work. He knows and loves His children. This is His church and I know it is true!

You guys are awesome... I love you so much!! Have a great week

Sister Morgan

PS Mom I shed a little tear that Serena played in BNP this year... OMG

I am sort of making an ogre face, but our first companionship selfie + Elder Morley! Good times at the โบลถ

Seriously get a load of that girl?!
Seriously get a load of that girl?!
พ่อ John, how adorable is he??? He loves to have his pic taken and is at the church all the time!!
Sista Stoker in the house......... I seriously can't believe we get to serve together! <3
(Sister Stoker is the mom of one of Sarah's friends from BYU!)

This is from back in December....but it is fun to hear her speaking Thai!

3/8/15... GOOD BYE P-LOK!!!

my cutest market friends who ARE going to get baptized!

Hey hey!! Ok seriously such good updates from all of you, I literally died a few times reading your letters... I think my favorite parts were totally picturing Tyler making himself socks out of paper towels at the bowling alley cause he didn't bring any and then Bradley not having any idea about Mom being severely injured.... HAHAHA I can't even handle it. Then of course Dad still considering butter to be his number one food group... I am glad to know that with all of the changing constantly going on in the mission some things just stay the same :)

Speaking of CHANGE, I am here in ร้อย เอ็ด (Roi-Et) and life is good! I am training Sister Castell who you saw the pics of and she is great! She is 23 and is a convert to the Church of just under 2 years... How awesome is that?? 
with my new companion SISTER CASTELL <3
I feel like it has been a whirlwind since last Monday getting everything all set to leave P-Log and then getting to transfers and then getting everything all settled here! Wow. Needless to say, I have officially completed "the triangle" as in served in Bangkok, the North, and now THE ISAN.... haha Sister Nethercott is obsessed with the concept of "the triangle" so I hope I made my old companion proud with accomplishing such a feat so early in my mission. 

Here are some of the fun ideas floating around in my mind to give you a little update on what has happened this last week:

So my last few days in P-Log could not have been any more perfect... The members were all so sweet and I got to say goodbye to my recent converts and investigators.. They gave me the cutest little gifts, I love them all SO MUCH! We got to eat at our favorite ส้มตำ people one last time (It's kinda funny, when you leave an area you realize you will miss your go to food people maybe just as much as the members! hahaha mom think walking into Costa Vida and them starting to make "the usual" before we order... totally happens here too!)

Probably the funniest/best ending though.... So there is this ice cream cart lady that Sister Nethercott would always get ice cream from, and we get talking with her and we find out her daughter is totally a member and studies at BYU Hawaii... We are like so stoked and so determined to help this lady get baptized so we decide that we will just causally teach her every time Sis N-Cott gets her ice cream. Well it was like probably the second week of the transfer and we talk to her about the Restoration and leave her with a pamphlet. We both thought it went way well and wasn't too overbearing or anything and made plans to teach her the Plan of Salvation.... but then we NEVER SAW HER AGAIN!! We were just like so confused because she came everyday and told us she has sold at this spot for years... We started to get worried that we scared her away but were trying to keep our faith and decided that there was definitely just an ice cream convention going on somewhere (maybe in Bangkok or something hahaha) So everyday that we would be sitting in the church teaching and we would hear the bell that the people that sell stuff ring as they push their cart by, Sister Nethercott would RUN outside to see if it was her...no it was always like some man selling brooms or processed meats on a stick. (they love that in Thailand for some reason.) So it is the very last day in P-Log and the other sisters forgot something and asked us to meet them at the bus station... We change our route and as we are riding up, low and behold there is the precious ice cream lady! After 4 long weeks of training on flavors and scooping techniques THE ICE CREAM CONVENTION IS FINALLY OVER!! 

haha apparently she was just really sick, but for sure the new Sisters are going to get her baptized! I dont know if that story will be as funny if you weren't there, but I hope at least mom is laughing......

Anyways, transfers were super good.. it is always so much fun to see everyone especially people from your old districts and stuff! Seriously I have to share the COOLEST miracle that I just found out about from the Bangnaa crew.... So I think I told you about the guy named Jack that I invited to come to church one day at Imperial, kinda thinking he didn't seem that interested,but then totally came. Well he got baptized and got the Priesthood while I was there, but then the Elders just told me that he is seriously like the strongest member! This last transfer, the Elders taught and he baptized his little brother, then he wanted to find a way for his wife and daughter who live in Udorn to learn about the gospel/get baptized. So Elder Suphan (the district leader in Bangnaa) who is Thai and has family living in Udorn, writes his family to help find Jack's family etc and I guess through the whole situation, Elder Suphan's uncle who hasn't come to church in years has totally come back into full activity! How awesome is that?! The Lord works in SUCH mysterious ways... 

So yeah, we got to ร้อย เอ็ด and it is great here! The Branch is AMAZING... the church is so big and there are so many members, I am a little in shock! It is for sure the biggest branch/ward I have served in yet. So many awesome members... The branch president and his wife have already had us over (they are going to be SO great to work with), then the members invited us over yesterday for this big celebration that is going on here where everyone eats together (still not exactly sure what the celebration is about cause everyone in Thailand eats together all the time anyways? I think it has to do with Buddhism and Isan culture....hahaha) 

Seriously though, I am so ready to get the work going! The Sisters have been having a little bit of trouble finding people to teach, we are kind of coming in with no progressors or anything, but I am SO excited to get things rolling.

This morning in my personal study I was reading about miracles in the Bible Dictionary and seriously LOVED this one part...

"Christianity is founded on the greatest of all miracles, the Resurrection of our Lord. If that be admitted, other miracles cease to be improbable."

I think we forget that sometimes, we so easily accept the Atonement of Jesus Christ as truth, that the Savior literally overcame sin and physical death for all mankind, but we have trouble believing that the Lord can do miracles in our own lives. 

I have learned how important it is to have faith that the Lord can and WILL work miracles through us as we are in His service. It is both humbling and empowering all at the same time, but I know it is true. Heavenly Father is a God of MIRACLES and there are miracles happening in each of our lives daily if we will but open our eyes!!

So here's to a week of miracles in ร้อย เอ็ด and in Kennewick and where ever you may be (knowing you guys possibly Hawaii, Utah, Mexico, California.... :)) haha  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

xo, Sister Morgan

Mom here are the answers to the q's I didn't answer:

ร้อย เอ็ด is a biking area! hahaha so basically if you want a visual of me riding a bike... you know how on the Pink Panther Inspector Cluseau is always like wreaking havoc around him (think like causing a globe to run into the tour de france, cars crash, etc you know the movie) and is like totally aloof to the whole situation going on behind him... that is me 

the move with everything was fine, I think I am going to get moving down to a science! We were seriously on the nicest bus on the way to ร้อย เอ็ด I couldn't believe it!

So about Sis N-Cott.. she was told she was staying, then at transfers they walk up to her and say she will actually be moving! She she and her new companion had to go all the way back to P-Lok, get all her stuff, then back to their area in Bangkok! Sister Alley is there now with Sister Tautioli and Sister Bagley in a trio, they will be PERFECT for the area! 

And what your Thai friend has said about the food... I have yet to find something as good as our P-Log go to's, (food in the North is SO good) but Isan food is the best, so I think we will get some regulars figured out here soon :)

And, no I didn't get your package :( I was way sad! But the ZLs (who are in my area!) are going to Bangkok for training this week so hopefully it will be there for them to bring back! I did get Sister Smith's package though, thank you so much!! 
My ส้มตำ lady! How cute is she??? 

Our dinner crew...

one of our lunch spots! the lady there loves me cause I rave over her สูกี้ (suki)

Goodbyes with the my favorites in P-Log!!
ประสงค์ (Brasong, our monk investigator!)

Sister มัธ

saying goodbye to เมธ์... she is going to be the general YW pres someday!

my FAVE girls Mint and May, we are soul sisters for real

The FUNNIEST guy we just started teaching at his store before I left... hope things progress with him!

my girl Sister Herrmann... always SO fun together

3/1/15... To Him, we are all one BIG FAMILY....

hey hey hey!!!! Loved all the updates, can't believe my favorite older brother turns 23 this week... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TY TY MOO MOO COW COW, I wish I could be there to eat a Sinful Sundae with you guys :) 

Anyways, this week has been too good here in P-Log, we literally can't believe it is the last week of the transfer already! Where has time gone??

So I think I am just going to start with painting you a little picture of the most beautifully hilarious, perfect culmination to this transfer that there ever could have been... and that would be our first baptism of the transfer, Bro ฟลูค์ (Fluke), baptizing his dad, Bro บุญธรรม (Boontaam), as our last baptism of the transfer!! Seriously the coolest experience, but the way it went down was just too funny not to share... 

So the baptismal font is connected right to the Sacrament meeting room, and on Sundays where we have a baptism we can't start filling it until after Sacrament meeting finishes at 10 cause it is SO loud, which makes it kind of difficult to fill sufficiently for a baptism at 12. So it is 12, and we peek in and sure enough it is like a little above knee level maybe, but Elder Calderon is like for sure that it is good to go. haha Sister N-Cott and I are like a little worried about this because  A) Bro บุญธรรม (Boontaam) is not necessarily a small person, and B) Bro ฟลูค์ (Fluke) has never baptized anyone before but we are just gonna go with it! So right before Bro บุญธรรม (Boontaam) gets a little nervous about the fact that his head has to go under too... I don't know where we missed that part because he for some reason thought just going to the chin would do :) but anyways they get in the font and the water is just so low, and bless his heart Bro ฟลูค์ (Fluke) was so nervous too, and it just all kind of collapsed and it looked more like a grown man trying to bathe a larger man in a weird backbend sort of fashion (despite the larger man not being very nimble) than a baptism. But  he was completely IMMERSED and it was done by PROPER AUTHORITY, and that is all that matters!  

Brother ฟลูค์ (Fluke) and Brother บุญธรรม (Boontaam) :) YES!!!!!!!!

In all seriousness, what a cool thing to see come to fruition. The Lord changed our vision and asked us specifically to seek to teach families this transfer, and I am so eternally grateful for that. Sister Nethercott and I agree that we probably wouldn't have asked to teach his dad had it not been for this, because here in Thailand most people are very private and turned off when it comes to sharing the gospel with family. Families are so central to the Heavenly Father's plan and it just makes SENSE to take this approach as we seek to hasten the work, and even more as we seek the blessings of a temple here in Thailand. 

Another highlight of the week would be making food with Bro ประสงค์ (Brasang), our investigator who used to be a monk! So he is an AWESOME cook, and taught us how to make green curry and thom yum gai... Seriously SO delicious. I am thinking we are going to have to start teaching our lessons like that all the time. :) He is doing awesome, totally didn't wear any of his เพระ (Buddhist necklaces) when he came to our appointment this time cause we had just taught the 10 Commandments the time before. I am pretty positive he put them right back on after he left, but it was a nice gesture and definitely a good step! He has a date to be baptized on the 15th and will be going to church this Sunday. (Thank you for your prayers!) 

Also! Our investigators เกีต (Gate) and เดียร์ (Dear) could use prayers this week! They are the coolest Former Investigators that we found in our Area Book that I decided to give a call while we were planning one day. They met with us and have a date to be baptized this Sunday! I actually ended up calling a referral to Lopburi this last week, and the Elder that answered was the one who had taught them here and he was SO EXCITED. He said that he had no idea why they didn't end up getting baptized while he was here,  they just kind of lost contact with them. EVERYTHING in the timing of the Lord! But for real... they are like the Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf of Thailand, as in just like beautiful people. HAHA! Every time we walk out of lessons with them the members like whisper to each other or when they ask about how they are doing they refer to them as "คนสวยคนลอ" (khon suay khon laah) Which basically means person beautiful person handsome" Irrelevant detail, but really funny nonetheless! The gospel is for everyone! 

I think my email today can be summed up in one scripture, found in 2 Nephi chapter 26 verse 33 talking about Heavenly Father,

 "For he doeth that which is good among the children of men; and he doeth nothing save it be plain unto the children of men; and he inviteth them all to come unto him and partake of his goodness; and he denieth none that come unto him, black and white, bond and free, male and female; and he remembereth the heathen, and all are alike unto God, both Jew and Gentile." 

To Him, we are all one BIG FAMILY, this gospel is for all to partake of freely, and I am so grateful to be His representative spreading that message here in Thailand. I love this work!


This just in from my Zone Leader literally this very minute as I write this..... I will be leaving P-Lok this Thursday....

A little in shock, I can't believe my time here has been so short, but I will go where the Lord needs me to go!

Keep all of the missionaries in Thailand in your prayers this week while there are changes being made! 

Love you guys, 

Sister Morgan

Our adventures in the mountains with the members last Monday! 

Seriously so beautiful!
I feel like we were at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory or something... but BETTER
the pics don't really do it justice!
The view...
So this pic serves two purposes... number 1. Mom you asked if I was using my ZIGS, you know I am! Everyone in this mission has friendship books, so I use them for sure at the end of every transfer. Love them. And number 2. a little lesson on inviting in the Thailand Bangkok Mission for the rest of you!