9/8/14... Letter #2 from Sarah!!!

Sawatdiikha!!! It is so good to hear from you guys... It sounds like everyone is killing it and life is good!

Mom: I am so excited for you with your new job! you are gonna be so good at it, and look so good in the outfit. please let me know how the studying goes! I will pray that you get it all memorized!
Dad: Way to go with the tennis, and you have no idea how excited I am for your new calling. You were made for it.
Tyler: Living it up down the street from me with all the other heathens..... JK Im so happy that you are down here and I hope school is going well!
Brad: You are the man... I am stoked for your homecoming plans and even more stoked to see pics! 
PJ: I know with just a little more work you will have a puppy in no time! I will def keep that in my prayers too ;) and idk if it changes moms heart at all that her sister missionary daughter is all for it. hahaha

So this week was great, and definitely CRAZY fast! It is so true what they say here that "the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days" cause we do SO much each day, but then you turn around at the end of the week and go wait it's over already??? 

So I will just give you a run through of the week with some highlights and stuff! 

Tuesday: We had a devotional by Don R Clark of the Seventy and it was AMAZING. My favorite thing he said about missionary work was "The day I care more about the people than myself, is the day I will be happy" I am excited for the opportunities the mission presents me with the find happiness thinking of what others need.. it is the best. Also DAD! I have so many good points from his talk that will be crucial in your new calling... Be stoked to hear them!!! :) Also on Tues before the Devotional, we went to choir... my companions are both pretty musical... and the choir director said they arent sure if we will be singing in General Conference, but we will know soon. So basically they are taking the "most chorally experienced Elders and Sisters" and I think it definitely counts that I was in the Southgate Elementary Chorus for 2 years right? hahaha but really it would be amazing to sing for the Prophet of God, so I pray it will all work out. I will keep you guys posted :)
Wednesday: Pretty usual day, I will explain a little bit of our Thai learning schedule. So basically we all sit at our desks in this tiny classroom and we have a 3 hour lesson with our teacher where we practice different things like testifying, sharing scriptures, praying, inviting, or other key grammar principles like use of the words "thii" or "waa". We have 2 of the 3 hour class sessions, an additional hour of language study, 2 hours of "additional study" that we usually devote to Thai, and it makes for one super Thaied-out day.... But the Lord is with us of that I am sure, because there is no way we would be able to 1. Learn all we have learned, and 2. Be attentive and receptive for that long each day! The Lord is too good to us. He is helping me so much with my memorization as well... Like on Wednesday I had been studying these certain phrases that morning while working out, and later that day I was trying to explain something to our investigator Ice Cream, and some of the words I had just memorized are the exact words I needed to teach. Also I have the baptismal invitation memorized now which I am way excited about!
Thursday: So about every morning I go running with one of the Phii Thais, Sis Ong and she and her companions were doing an "english fast" that day so when I met her in the hall, she had a note that explained and so the entire run I tried to speak Thai (mostly Thaiglish) and understand what she was saying and it was way good for me! Every Thursday we have a service assignment, and ours is to clean the 17M residence halls, so we cleaned the toilets on two floors! My companions were like so confused when I said we would do the toilets, but then they realized it was one of the fastest/ least gross jobs. hahaha. Then later that day, when we were teaching our investigator, we committed him to get baptized! haha super funny though, because he asked how he could prepare and We were like read the Book of Mormon, Pray, go to church. and I was like ok ya I want to make him feel super welcome, so I wanted to add "go to church WITH us" but instead I said "go to church OF us" and my companions and I were laughing so hard, and even Ice Cream was trying super hard not to laugh. 
Friday: We play volleyball in the mornings as a zone some mornings which is SO fun! Ice Cream our investigator became our teacher today! His name is actually Brother Hunsaker, and he just got back from Thailand a few months ago. He talks SO fast, but again blessings from the Lord, because I feel like I understand a lot of what he is saying. But definitely sometimes we just look at him like ok what? or we have to say "phuud iig" over and over which means "say again" It is definitely stressing some of the Elders and Sisters in my district out to have him teach us now because it is SO much faster and way different than Sis. Stolworthy our old teacher (who is literally a thai speaking angel), but  I think it will just take us a little while to get used to it. 
Saturday: Another normal day! I have to say though, sometimes it is so hard for us to want to study as a district when we just want to talk and joke! We do basically everything together and have become such good friends. It is definitely inspired the way the mission is set up, because your district, and even your zone, become your "family". Also highlight of the day.... I did win the wall sit competition between all the Elders and Sisters in my district... HAHA. good times
Sunday: The best day! Its crazy, you are spiritually fed all week, and then sunday comes, and you just add too it! There is nothing better! Since it was fast sunday we had Mission Conference, and it was SO amazing!! One of my favorite things from it, was when Pres. Nally said that submissiveness is key to the mission. I am learning more and more that this is not my mission...it is the Lords. I am willing to submit to whatever He has in store, and just hope that I can be a vessel for him to work through in whatever way He needs. It is empowering to think of the mission in this light, because then it turns from "Oh my gosh, I hope my mission is as good as my brothers, or I hope I baptize a lot of people, or I hope I find myself while I am here etc etc" to I am here to be a tool in the Lord's hand in WHATEVER capacity that is. I love the Lord. I hope you guys know that. He truly is with His missionaries. 
Monday: This morning we got to go to the temple and I am so grateful! What better way to start your  day than in the house of the Lord. I love the Spirit that I feel there, and the more I learn of the gospel, the more I see how important it is to go to the temple. We make covenants with the Lord. We learn in His way. I am so so grateful. 

Other stuff: 
I am absolutely loving the Book of Mormon. I have SO much time to be in it, and it is so special to get to literally FEAST on the words. Study challenge for the fam: Read 1Nephi Chapter 1 with this question in mind: "Why did the Lord choose to have this be the first chapter in the most important book to mankind?" Notice all of the different relationships in the chapter and it really is so powerful.
Also! I cant say thank you enough for the Dear Elders, Letters, and Packages!!!!!!!!!! Mom and Dad, thank you SO much for the packages! Grandpa, thanks so much for the doughnuts! Wow, I really have been just completely overwhelmed lately with gratitude for the family and friends I have been surrounded with my whole life. When we are done with our daily planning at night, we go around as a district and say different things about ourselves and we talked about our families last night. Whenever I bring you guys up, I talk forever, because there is just so much I love about you guys. It brings tears to my eyes to think about what great people the Lord has blessed me with. 

On that note, as selfish as this may sound, I will request that the packages and letters keep coming :) there is literally nothing better than studying all day, and then getting a letter with some solid office quotes or a little update on life! :)
Choog dii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sidtuu rag raw!!!!!

(best wishes/goodbye/goodluck!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!)

<3 <3 <3 Sister Morgan

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