9/21/15... Another week in Chiang Mai filled with inspiration, humor and thrilling rickety wooden go cart rides...

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Can't believe you are at Ellie's FAREWELL right now... so so blowing my mind that my fave cousin will be out here SO SOON!!! Can hardly wait for some Sister Heiden emails...

also before I forget... TYLER GET A HAIRCUT!!!!!

hahahaha really!! love you but come on..................................

SUCH a great week here! We had so many fun things going on I really can't believe it is already Monday again. As always here is a little run down on the ins and the outs:

So Monday was ZONE CONFERENCE (I realize I am doing a lot of all capital writing these days, just know it is supposed to be read in a more excited higher pitched voice... or like yelling hahaha I can't help myself) So it was seriously the BEST 2 days! After we emailed you guys, a bunch of the missionaries in the zone went up to the mountains-- such amazing views! And-- we rode these rickety wooden go carts down the mountain. The boys would have loved it. While we were standing there watching them tie these go carts together behind the truck to haul us up the mountain it totally made me think of how beside herself mom was when Ty was at BYU Hawaii and called to say he sold 2 books to go skydiving and that the plane they went up in was like a broken down school bus with wings. HA. it was kind of one of those situations, but when in Rome do as the Romans do right? Sister Lor literally almost drove us off the side of the mountain but it was SO FUN. 

We got back from our adventures and had the most fun night-- We played some Minute to Win it games and it was super fun being with President and Sister Johnson and the whole crew. Probably the HIGHLIGHT of the night-- earlier that morning I called President and asked him if he would invite Brother Prayoon to the little social thing that night (I told him that Prayoon could reject us, but he has been a missionary before and he knows you can't reject an invitation or command from the Mission Pres!) Sure enough, he came that night and visited with President Johnson, and yes, he ate some of Sister Stoker's carrot cake and they were both SO happy. Old friends reunited at long last and it was definitely a testimony to me that the Lord is at work behind this all. What are the chances that President was coming this very week? He got a blessing a few days later and is doing so so good. Keep him in your prayers cause they are working people!  
PJ and Brother Prayoon! sooo good!
The Conference was so great on Tuesday... we all were just SO rejuvenated. We talked about faith and diligence and TRIANGLES--- cause you guys know like most people do, a triangle is really just made up of lots of smaller triangles.. Pres talked about how everything we want to do in life can be given a triangle.. then from there broken down and we can see what we need to do to make the big triangle happen. Lets just say my personal study has been filled with lots of triangle drawing and I have basically triangled away the rest of my mission and the rest of my life. HAHA... really though, the whole day we were just uplifted and now we are all ready to move forward with personal goals and the mission vision aka 8 stakes and preparing this place for a temple. SO GOOD!

On Wednesday we had the BEST outing to our very favorite member's house/wonderland... they are this older couple here น้อย and ผง (Noi and Pong) who have this cutest white hair and both speak English perfectly and just LOVE the missionaries. They are our parents here and have been planning this day to go to their house for weeks now.. he picked us up at the church, and we get to their house and she comes out of their coolest outdoor kitchen thing and grabs my face and is like "my daughters have arrived!" haha they taught us how to make ข้าวซอย (KawSaawy, one of my FAVORITE foods in Thailand-- it is a Northern food and super hard to find made right anywhere else) then we pulled weeds and worked in their fun jungle of a yard. Seriously you guys, I told them our family would trade houses with them if they ever wanted to check out Kennewick. IT IS SO COOL! I learn so much from the Thais about charity and genuine love, they just wanted to do something special for us and show us love-- we literally had to beg them to do some yard work! I want to be just like them when I am old... also they kind of look like boy and girl twins which if you know me you know I love that HAHA
cute Mags with our PARENTS
learning how to make ข้าวซอย(KawSaawy) GUYS WILL LOVE IT
this is what it usually looks like... I love it with just chicken and vegetables. it is MAGIC
workin in their jungle
Later that week coolest thing- I was really trying to figure out how we were going to be able to teach Keith and นก (Noke) this week, it is so far to drive out and I just had this thought to see if they could come to the church. Also we WAY have been wanting to teach her daughter but she is always learning.... I call her and sure enough, they were coming into town the next day for her daughter to test and they were in the middle of discussing how they would spend the time they had between her tests... We taught them at the church and it was SO good! It was so special to hear นก (Noke) share her testimony with her daughter. Other highlight, Sister ดาว (Daw) one of the LAs I told you about who's little daughter we are working with, totally came to mind to teach with us.. she rearranged her work schedule to make it work and she really was the PERFECT friend for them. YAY. Other info on Keith and นก(Noke): there are wedding bells!

Then Sunday... you guys, another best day! Brother ไบร์ท (Bright) got baptized! We love this kid so so much. I call him this week, before I could even ask him if he is ready for baptism, he just says "Sister cup, I want to be baptized on Sunday, I know it's what I am supposed to do." He was so happy all day yesterday... his baptism was SO special. Sister Imelda spoke and another member that used to be Catholic that has really fellow shipped him baptized him. When we were putting together the program I asked him if he had a song he wanted us to sing... he said he didn't really know any of the songs yet, but wanted something about belief. For some reason I just knew we should sing Joseph Smith's First Prayer for the special musical number. We did this way cool arrangement and after he just came up and thanked me profusely for choosing that song.. so moved. Those little moments of inspiration to do something that at the time seem small are priceless on the mission. So priceless. Bless his heart, he gave about a 25 minute testimony after which made the books for longest post baptism testimony I have ever witnessed on my mission HA. But really, he will be the BEST member--he is so used to "serving" in his other church, he's like ecstatic about getting a calling soon... something I have never seen before! We are like ok, hold your horses buddy you still have to get the Holy Ghost next week..... It was awesome though, นก and Keith were able to stay to watch it and it was just a really great experience for all!
Bro ไบร์ท BAPTIZED!! 
All of our other investigators are doing well, cannot believe it is the LAST Sunday of the transfer next week-- pray that they can continue progressing and will feel ready for baptism!

gems and highlights JUST FOR FUN:

-ok so we switched off with the other Sisters this week- I was with Sister Lor, Sister Mags was with Sister Peck-- so fun. We almost made it through the ordeal unharmed until like 8:40 pm due to Thailand's bizarre drain/sewer system.... things almost took a turn for the WORST. hahaha so yeah, it rains a lot in Thailand so there have to be some flood prevention measures put into place, and the way that this is done is that on the side of the streets there are like these little concrete slabs with slits the size of like half of a tissue box lengthwise in between them and holes like the size of a golfball in the middles. Sometimes I try to successfully ride my bike over all of the holes and I have personally never had a problem with the whole system until that fateful day.....  Sis Lor and I are riding our bikes home, its late and we are coming upon 7-11 and she is like "Oh, lets stop at Seven really quick" I am in front of her and I'm just like ok cool... so I am pulling up and swinging my leg over getting off my bike--which for the record I have done successfully my whole mission-- and as I am putting my foot down it meets no ground but goes straight into the slit that is the size of half of a tissue box which also happens to be the exact size of a women's size 8 Croc... so there I am just like collapsed, foot in the sewer, bike on top of me... SISTER LOR AND I DIED. We were laughing so hard we almost peed our pants.. The best part was that this black guy that kind of looked like James Blake (I hope it wasn't James Blake) was totally walking right behind us saw the whole thing and was trying to help me get up.. IT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD. I'm seriously so awesome guys... and don't worry, no Crocs were lost in the whole experience THANK GOODNESS

-We have started playing some serious PING PONG around here. hahaha the best part was that the best opponent of the night was Osan, the Elders new recent convert... I will send you some pics of Osan and you will know why that is the best part. HAHA seriously I wish you guys were just here sometimes to meet these people. 
a little ping pong action
this is Osan you guys... he asked me if I knew how to levitate yesterday.  best friends HAHAHA
i don't even know
- I am the "house leader" which means I deal with all of the house money... It is making me remember just how much I LOVE accounting. I hope all of my friends at BYU are taking accounting right now with Earl K. Stice it will change your life HA!

-WE ARE MOVING HOUSES THIS WEEK! It was crazy, we had one new house all set to move, it was a little bit farther away than we would have liked, but we knew it would be hard to find something ideal... well we get a call this week saying that the guy we were going to rent it from, is suddenly going to rent it to someone else! We were so bummed, but not one day later, we found this perfect house inside of the mote, right way close to the church. Such a blessing!!

-The ward had the best youth activity this week... NERF DART WAR. It was so cute, I really love the members so much. There is the coolest family from the States here and they were the ones who put the activity together. We have had the opportunity to work with them, and I have just so admired their example of BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED. They have taken the opportunity to LOVE and SERVE the Thais and really just give all they can to nourish and strengthen the branch/the church here. That is a goal I have for the rest of my life, no matter the situation, to be looking for a way to do the Lord's work in whatever capacity, place, or position He needs. I have learned through experience and by the example of COUNTLESS different people on my mish, it's a really happy way of life!
Here is to happiness in His service for the rest of our lives! And also here is to being ultra cautious when getting off the ole bicycle. HAHAHA


xoxo Sister Morgan

Sis น้อย(Noi) and Bro ผง(Pong's) house is to DIE for!

Sis น้อย(Noi)
here is Bro ผง(Pong)
the magic flower juice Sis น้อย(Noi) made for us!

the views!
cocacola ad?
the girls............... Sisters Lampang!


Mags, Lor, Peck and Me!
district meeting bubbles? SIS LOR
ridin in a garbage bag... the only way sometimes
at the post office... still wearin the garbage bag

Zone Conf leftovers............. yikes caught in the act

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