10/19/15... This is the story of the new cell phone, interwoven with lots of details and tidbits that I think you will enjoy

my sweet sweet fam,


you know what that means!!

seriously, thank you so much for all of the fun b day wishes from SO many people, I died! And even died a little more with the fun birthday package.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! As always, you guys thought of everything and just made me feel so so special. 

I have been pondering on what dad wrote in his letter, that "there is not a better gift than the knowledge of a job well done on His behalf and fulfilling the measure of your creation."

I really could not agree more.. I wouldn't dare to say that I feel like my mission has been a job well done or anything and give myself a big 'happy birthday pat on the back'-- But, what I can say, is that I truly have felt the Lord with me as I try to give Him my all and as I try to understand more of the measure of my (our) creation, the potential within me and within all of us to serve Him and become like Him, and in the process find true happiness. I am so grateful to be here in Thailand today wearing my nametag, birthday number 2 on the ole' mish, happier than I have ever been in my life. It is the sweeeeeetest thing and the greatest gift from my dear Father in Heaven to be one of His missionaries. 

And to top it off-- this has just been one of the best, most spiritually uplifting, jam packed weekends EVER with the Mission Tour with Elder Funk from the Quorum of the Seventy and a KILLER District Conference. The best! And now today, President and Sister Johnson are spending P-Day with us here- we are going up to some way cool stairway to heaven type thing,  and then we have a HUGE FHE planned tonight with all the YSAs at Jenese and Troy's house. How fun is that?! 
Elder and Sister Funk, such LEGENDS
Sister Johnson... oh how I ADORE HER!!!!
That being said though, I don't have tons of time to write today, I have an interview with President a little after 12! -- so I think instead of giving you a weak grocery list type of report for the week, I will just tell you one of my favorite stories in usual Sister Morgan story telling fashion plus LOTS of pics.........

this is the story of the new cell phone, interwoven with lots of details and tidbits that I think you will enjoy, HA!

So earlier this week we went and visited our fav Brayoon at his house in between appts, just a friendly little stop in share a message, then on our way. Like I said, he is doing so great! He confirmed that he would be coming to District Conference on Sunday and was pretty excited about it. YES! 

Time goes on, we teach some way awesome new investigators at their house (STORY TO COME NEXT WEEK!)- a GOLDEN referral from President James, I get really sick one day and have a miraculous overnight healing, yada yada, until it is FRIDAY, Mission Tour with Elder and Sister Funk. Oh my goodness you guys, it was so good. We are spoiled in this mission with just the best learning opportunities, I feel like everything he said, as well as the Johnsons, was so inspired. One of my favorite things they talked about in regards to our baptismal covenants is that ALWAYS=ALWAYS... When we ALWAYS remember Him, we are promised that we will ALWAYS have His Spirit to be with us. And if you read my letter last week, you know that has been on my mind! I plan on having a constant flow of Greg Olsen paintings running through my mind for the rest of my life after that one liner........ always remembering Him and thus ALWAYS having His Spirit. 

Another part of the conference was that to our surprise, we got new cell phones! You guys these phones are SO nice.. I don't even know why we got new ones, cause our other ones were way good. But yeah, they are like way ultra flat and have gospel library on them. So we are eating our Mexican lunch (you asked what you can do for my b-day.. Go to Costa Vida of course! I forgot how yummy mexican is) and Elder Grange hands me our new phone and is like "hey don't get any of your food on it HAHA" just like a little friendly joke, well little did he know that I did not get any food on it thank you very much but that little joke would totally backfire on him!

So the conference ends, Elder and Sister Grange are long gone, and I go to call one of our investigators and it says that the phone can't call out......... dang. So we take the SIM card out like 10 times, everyone is trying to help us, we bike all the way out to Central to see if we can get it fixed at the cell place and they are like "Umm yeah, this is not your SIM card, it can't work until you get the right one and you need your contract and everything to do that..." Sis Mags and I look at each other....the Granges were supposedly on a plane back to Bangkok already. Haha, I don't know if you understand people, on the mission YOU MAKE 10,000 CALLS A DAY... It was literally like they had come, broken our legs, and left us stranded. hahaha for reals! Visions of us having to send up smoke signals and send out messenger pigeons to our investigators for the next who knows how long filled my mind....YIKES. We start praying..........

That night we use someone else's phone, get a hold of Elder Grange, and he says that they haven't left yet and that we need to meet him at his hotel in the morning. OK yes, we can do that! So we get all ready, bike WAY far out to his hotel, which gave us a really cool tour of the more touristy side of ChiangMai (I can totally see why people come here HOLY COW) and finally find him, only to find out that he thought our phone didn't work, not that our SIM didn't work, that he couldn't do anything probably until Monday when the representative that the Church goes through can get things sorted out. Still no phone. We keep praying and bike back to the church. Mind you I am wearing a flannel dress during all of this in like 1,000 degrees. HA! pics will be included, don't worry. So we get to the church, Elder Grange calls someone else and says that we need to get to the other Central across town by 11 AM with my passport to show them and they will be able to get us a new SIM that works. So like the pioneers of old, we embark out into the wild once again, no way to get a hold of or notify friends or relatives or anyone if we get lost (HAAAAAAAA poor us) and by the grace of God alone, we found the cell store, got a new SIM and were back in business. 100 missed calls and texts start buzzing in... and there are a few missed calls from Brayoon......... yes Brayoon!

I am thinking to myself, ok this is odd, usually he doesn't call us, its more of a we call him type of thing and so I call him back... he is all "SISTER MORGAN! WHY DID YOU NOT ANSWER THE PHONE AT ALL YESTERDAY??? WHAT THE HECK???"

In my mind I am thinking, dude, do you know how many times you have blown off our calls, where is this coming from?!?! hahaha I am just like laughing so hard like, "sorry what can we do for you??"

And then he says it. The thing that shows someone is really changing their heart. As is the natural thing to do when one starts to feel and remember the love of the Savior and the light of the gospel (Elder Bednar teaches about this SO crazy spot on in his talk The Character of Christ) he TURNED out. He says to us, "I have two people that I want you to bring back to church! They are ready and I need you to give them a call."

For some reason, I think the heat of the whole cell phone fiasco (literal heat as well, still wearing the flannel dress, sitting in an open aired taxi type of thing as I am talking to him, hotter than heckkkkk) made this experience all the more tender and special to take it all in. hahaha tear sweat mixture filled my eyes. YES YES YES. when we are all working together, members missionaries, less actives, everyone it is B-L-I-S-S.
post phone retrieval in Central Festival... VICTORY
So yeah, you bet we called them and are meeting with them this week. And you bet we are going to use Brayoon as our secret weapon from now on with finding all the old members that are ready to come back. And you bet he showed up at District Conference on Sunday wearing his best forest green suit. you bet he did! 
Brayoon in his GREEN suit, sorry I didn't get a front view!
There it is, my fav experience of the week, the long version of course. I wish I had time to tell you the rest of the ins and outs of the week cause there was some goooooooooooood stuff, but this is all I've got today!

 I sure love you guys so so much and can't image twenty one years of life with anyone else! Thanks for having me and thanks for stickin with me........ here is my ponderization for the week (I really hope you guys have been ponderizing one scripture a week since conf!!) I thought it would be fitting: 

"When I was a child, I spake as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a [woman] I put away childish things" 1 Corinthians 13:11

yep, adulthood people. its my life now................... oh no

xoxo Sister Morgs
woke up to this! LOVE MY SISTERS!
my work out mat too <3
translating for Sister Funk
ok so this is the flannel dress.......... Sister Olsen and I have a test we came up with for when we go to the dress shops here. It is the "is this Free People or is this just ugly?" test. If it errs on the Free People side then it is a go........ if you know Free People you know sometimes it can be both Free People and ugly but you decide on this one.. HAHA I love it!
soo many people at District Conference... there was a HUGE feast after 

Penguin! She is leaving for her mish to Arizona in a few weeks

my P-Log CREW!!!! miss them and love them SO much.. such a treat to reunite with them
with the two FUNNIEST sisters in P-Log. so glad Mags could meet them
still besties
teaching with my picture book.......... the kids love me
ok this is from FHE this week.... SO funny. remember how I said it is colder here right now? well if you look at the members you would think it was like a balmy -25 the way they have responded. HAHA! 


Dear families of Sister Morgan and Sister Magabua,

Today Elder Funk and I attended a zone conference in connection with our mission tour in the Thailand Bangkok Mission. We enjoy being with the missionaries and love the feeling the Spirit.

During the zone conference we did a demonstration about teaching for conversion by using the Book of Mormon. We taught from 3 Nephi 11 and Alma 7 about Jesus Christ. Sister Magbanua and Sister Morgan were our investigators during this role play demonstration. 

They are happy and doing wonderful work. We appreciate their help during our demonstration. We are blessed to have many wonderful experiences. 
Such fun!
Love, Sister Funk

Enjoying Mexican food for lunch

Discussion after the demonstration
President and Sister Johnson listening to the discussion

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