5/10/15... Mother's Day Skype and More Miracles


Seriously so good to see you guys... you all look SO good!!!!

I gave you most of the details from the week etc, but here is a little written update:


Brother น้อย was baptized on Sunday and it was so special. Like I told you, he is definitely an example of the Lord sending the prepared to you. I am so excited to keep working with him. 

We have 6 daters for this next week and they are all SO good. 

We have Brother แบงค์, this 18 year old kid who has just had the most awesome questions. It has been so fun teaching him, because he really thinks about everything so much and loves to read in the scriptures. Not every investigator is like that!

Then ลูกปัทม์ม, the girl who came and found us at the church. She is absolutely adorable, says the most beautiful prayers, and just pray that she will have time to meet with us this week!

JJ and เฟ are 2 of our others who are the kids of the dad from LA who came and found us at the church. We are so excited to be working with them with the vision of an eternal family. I know that they are going to be the first steps to their parents accepting the gospel! 

Then I just have to write out the awesome experience with the last 2 of our daters for next Sunday ฟ้า (Faa?) and ชมภุ่ (Shompoo!). They are the two cutest 17 year old girls who called us and asked if we still taught English at the church. I asked if they have ever learned with missionaries before, they said yes, and so I set up an appointment with them. Our first appointment we reviewed the Restoration and they were so hesitant about baptism, saying they weren't sure if their parents would give them permission and also not really seeing the necessity of it. So we meet with them again, and we teach the Plan of Salvation and also about temples. It was seriously the most special lesson.. the spirit was just so so strong. As we were saying the closing prayer, I knew I needed to promise them that if they would go home and pray about being baptized on the 17th, they would receive an answer that it was right. They agreed, and leave, and we start our next lesson. A few minutes later, they come back in and are just like "Sister, we just discussed it, and we  know we want to be baptized on the 17th." TEARS. so so happy for them. They interviewed and everything, just please pray that everything will go smoothly with permission from their parents! 

On top of that, this last week in ร้อยเอ็ด two of the people I had invited/ been working with got baptized! บอย (Boy) and หวาน (Waan). Such awesome kids, it is SO fun to see the work carry on and see their testimonies build to the point that they are ready to make covenants with Heavenly Father. But really, Sister Alley and I can't decide what it means that the Lord is always sending her to my areas right after... is she cleaning up after me or am I setting up for her?? hahaha we decided that any way that He wants it done is fine with us! 

Other miracle for the week was that we survived some seriously CRAZY rain this week! And of course always a miracle that we survived the seriously crazy heat too.... Oh Thailand! :)

What a great week.... ever evident that the Lord is aware of Thailand, that He is preparing people all the while, we just have to go out and find them (or sometimes let them come and find us!) Like I told you this morning, it is such a special time to be in Thailand right now. I am so grateful. 

And even more grateful for our little time this morning... I LOVE YOU GUYS & HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM!

Ty, I am working on the blow dart shaka as we speak....


XOXO Sister Morgan
Brother น้อย's baptism!! This pic doesn't even really capture what a smiley nice guy he is... so awesome!

Day trip to หนองคาย last Monday... across the river is Laos! How cool is that??
funniest story behind this skirt... Sis Adams this one is for you! literally died when she walked in to church HAHA but how cute is she?? The members here are awesome!
Thailand is so inventive... not ice cream cones... ice cream tubes?

this City Creekish place where we invite here called UD Town. So fun!

Pics from friends I was working with in Roi Et, my last area...
Sister หวาน's baptism! she is so sassy.... we got along so well :)
Brother บอย's baptism! I <3 ร้อยเอ็ด

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