5/3//15... This has been a great week here in อุดร(Udon)!! --Lots of crazy times, but miracles nonetheless. :)

Sister's in all black at my first Thai funeral...
FAMILY!! Of course, as always you guys are doing so great.. Brad and PJ tears in my eyes... when did you two get so old and so talented?! ONE PROUD SISTER OVER HERE!

This has been a great week here in อุดร!(Udon)  haha lots of crazy times but miracles none the less. :)
Here are the details:

So we received this special training last Sunday, and one of the big changes that was made was that instead of inviting people to come to church when we go out and talk to everyone, President really wants us to be BOLD. Testify about things close to our heart, baptism, family, the temple, Jesus Christ etc. and trust that the elect will be ready to respond to a more bold, commitment seeking approach (as apposed to an "I don't want to offend them or scare them so I will safely invite them to come see for themselves on Sunday that what we have to offer is good!" approach)

For a lot of us who have been here in the mission for a little while.... we felt a little lost.. HOW DO I INVITE WITHOUT SAYING "พี่สนใจเข้าโบสถ์ไหมคะ?" (Hi! are you interested in going to church?) We have been doing it, and doing it fruitfully, for months.. some people years! But I kid you not, this week as we have been obedient to this new direction, there have been miracles! Not only have the people we have gotten numbers from been more interested, but the Lord has literally dropped the elect and the prepared in our laps. 
Like on Tuesday we had the cutest girl come find us at the church ลูกปัทม์ (Loog!bat) who has learned everything with Elders before, but somehow got lost and just never got baptized. She said she prays everyday (seriously she closes our lessons with such beautiful prayers) and just felt like she wanted to come learn english at the church again that day. We are reviewing everything with her, and she has a date to be baptized on Sunday! 

Then that night, she brought her older sister to English class. As I finished sharing the spiritual thought I really felt like I needed to testify of the Book of Mormon, how it is a guidebook for our day, and let everyone know that they could have their own copy (usually don't do that). She came up after and just wanted one so bad and has been reading it ever since! How awesome will that be..I am so excited to start teaching her and see these two sisters progress together!

Then on top of that, we had this other guy นอย (Noi) come find us at the church after we had apparently invited him at a stoplight somewhere? He has been to church in Bangkok too and literally is just so ready for baptism. He has a date for next Sunday!

But yeah! so many awesome investigators right now.. some crazy ones, haha literally crazy, like one who has randomly taken such an extreme liking to me that she kisses me on the neck like European style just about every time we are done with the lesson and are parting ways. It is always so unavoidable and actually hilarious because Sister Nithaya just feels sooo awkward around her. hahaha bless her heart, she apparently has 5 husbands and can't get rid of any of them so needless to say, I think we are not continuing with her...
kisses on kisses.... yikes!
One of the things that has been on my mind this week though, is happiness in the success of others. I think that is something that I am continually trying to develop and work on as being my natural instinct in any situation. I LOVE Alma chapter 29 verses 13-16 which specifically talks about happiness in the success of other missionaries:  

"Yea, and that same God did establish his church among them; yea, and that same God hath called me by a holy calling, to preach the word unto this people, and hath given me much success, in the which my joy is full. But I do not joy in my own success alone, but my joy is more full because of the success of my brethren, who have been up to the land of Nephi. Behold, they have  labored exceedingly, and have brought forth much fruit; and how great shall be their reward! Now, when I think of the success of these my brethren my soul is carried away, even to the separation of it from the body, as it were, so great is my joy."

Sister Coates and Sister Olsen had the most golden investigator named Four. He literally just absorbed everything like a sponge, always at the church with the members, just SO awesome! He interviewed for baptism on Wednesday, everything all good, just so ready for his baptism on Sunday (yesterday). Well Saturday night, he calls our phone and asks to speak to Sister Nithaya and says that his mom doesn't want him to get baptized and that his entire family is Buddhist and he just can't do it. We were so shocked, sad, and a little confused because this kid has just been glowing this past week and we were all SO excited for him to be baptized. It felt like such a "team loss" in a sense, because their success was our success like it says in the scripture. A big lesson in trusting the timing of the Lord for all of us, but even more a personal realization for myself at the fact that true joy really does come from the success of your friends (or the opposite in this case but you get the point!). 

It is really is way cool the bond that you feel with the fellow missionaries, especially the Sisters. You rejoice together, you sorrow together, everything. As for today, we are going to หนองคาย (Nong Kai) together to get fabric and see all of the cool things.. apparently it is amazing there! Look up pics or something! 

And! send me any requests for scripture cases, ties, skirts, stretchy pants! I almost have your package finished up, just getting the last few finishing touches... it is so good! 

I love you guys so so much! So grateful for your support and even more grateful for the fact that I get to see your FACES in seven days..... ARE YOU READY?!

I can hardly wait!

xoxo Sister Morgan
one with Sis Nithaya!
here is a pic our cutest living room! The house is SO great!

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