7/13/15... I have a new companion... and I love speaking Thai!!!

my cute Sister Forte

This week has been sooooooo crazy but so good... so many fun updates coming your way!

 haha sounds like maybe it was a little more run of the mill for you guys considering that you titled it "Groundhog Day in the 509" I'm not going to lie, my heart skipped a beat when I read that in my inbox and announced mournfully to everyone that we missed Groundhog Day....... haha  We celebrate holidays hard here in Udon Thani so you can imagine the relief that was felt when we realized it was a false alarm!! But lets be honest, I know you guys and I'm sure the week was still so so good........ nothing beats a good Tri-Cities summertime

So first things first, I am still in Udorn, and I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Forte, she went to BYU Hawaii and is from Draper and is seriously THE COOLEST. She was trained by Sister Herrmann and I hope we stay here together for 100 more transfers, because she is happy, hardworking, and just so so great! We are going to see MIRACLES together.
Sis Forte hard at work...
our cute matching bikes
Which we totally already have! We got back from transfer meeting as usual, bright and early Friday morning and we had so much work before us to get balanced for the week. We didn't really have any set plans for the day yet, and before our eyes unfolded seriously so many opportunities to find and teach! We were able to go visit พ่อสอ (Pah Sah) who got baptized last week, and TEACH HIS DAUGHTER who lives with him. It was such a special lesson, and I guess since his eyes are so bad she has already been reading the Book of Mormon to him out loud for the past few weeks. YES! Nothing better than some family scripture study right?! Pray that she will have the time and the desire to keep learning and be baptized as well! Then the rest of the day, and Saturday too, we had so many miracle encounters happen where we were riding our bikes and saw an LA or RC on the side of the road and were able to teach them right there! We ended up with 17 RCLA lessons for the week and we had like 2 up until Friday. Total delightful exhaustion on Sunday night, but could not have happened without the help of the Lord!
พ่อสอ and his cutest daughter! 
Sorry, I just got a little ahead of myself there though, we will rewind a few days to Wednesday our last day of the transfer and our last day with Sister Coates! It was the coolest thing.. We totally had a baptism! แม่หวาน (Mah Waan), the one who I talked about last week who we  went to get the marriage certificate for but it totally didn't work, entered the waters of baptism! Seriously it was the most wonderful thing! She has been SO scared of just every little thing (worried about keeping the commandments perfectly, worried about fitting into the baptismal outfit, worried worried worried) and as soon as she found out that Sister Coates was going to be leaving, we mentioned to her that she could get baptized on Wednesday, but it was up to her and to not feel pressure, she just put on her (white) big girl pants -I say that in the most respectful way, like her courage just increased like 100 fold is what I am trying to say- and made it all happen! She went that morning and signed her marriage certificate with her husband, and unbeknownst to us, had had her daughter make her this beautiful white lace jacket thing for her to wear and BOOM! She knew she wanted it, and it was so tender how much she wanted Sister Coates to be a part of her special day. It was another one of those moments where I just wanted to burst I was so happy, right after her brother, พ่อศรีไทย (Pah Seethai, who sidenote, likes us to call him Joseph Seethai.. he is a HOOT and we LOVE him) baptized her, I was out in the hall right after he changed and was coming back into the room, and I give him a high five and he just kinda holds my hand up there in the air with the most tender overwhelmed look in his eye and just goes "ผมมีความสุขมากวันนี้" translation: 'I am just so happy on this day.' For sure we all were!! What a perfect ending to such a great transfer. Especially since right after, we had แม่ตี๋ว (Mah Thiw) make พะแนง (Paneang Curry) Sister Coates favorite and we celebrated with the members!
GNO at แม่หวาน's babtism! It is so fun to see her cause she totally already had friends in the branch!
Joseph Seethai... this is his usual attire. How could we not just LOVE this guy?!
Then transfer meeting, it was a DREAM!! I know you guys already got to see the video, so you already know it was so good. But the more I spend time with the Johnsons, the more I love them! It was seriously such a good time, and they put their own spin on it... kind of the perfect balance of spiritual and so much fun. I think we all left rejuvenated like "We love what we do! Lets get to work!" Especially since we came back to Udorn with a DREAM TEAM. I am so excited to work with this district, everyone is just so positive and fun. Sister Olsen is companions with Sister McKnight now one of the Sisters from my group in the MTC and she is the best best best.
Udorn Sistas...the DREAM TEAM
 The first transfer meeting with the Johnsons...the perfect balance of spiritual and so much fun
Jeffrey R Holland is coming to THAILAND next month!!!!!!!!!!! Tears. I am sooo stoked. 

other fun highlights that I can't let you go without:

-เล็ก (Lek), the radio DJ CAME TO CHURCH!! Do you remember him? He has learned everything and has a way solid testimony/ prays and reads everyday, he just has the most crazy work schedule. So I call him all the time to remind him about church/ follow up with him. (haha sidenote about my missionary self: I have had companions question the excessive amount of follow up calls I make... but I seriously think it is so important! hahaha like 'Sister Morgan, settle down there') But anyways, I call him on Saturday night to confirm that he will be at church, after weeks of him saying he will and then not coming, he just kind of says something to the effect of "You have called me for weeks, and every time that I don't come, you still call and you don't even get mad. If this is that important that you keep it up like this, then I have to go tomorrow for sure." I was SO happy. haha he then goes on to say how lucky he is to have met me to learn the gospel and totally way pridefully alludes to how lucky I am to know him because lots of people want to know him (I guess he really is a WAY popular DJ here.) It was one of those funny moments where someone just like knows they're awesome and makes a point to say "Hey, you know I am awesome right?" bless his heart. haha But he totally stayed true to his word and came to church! He was wearing these sunglasses and walked in like a cool guy and just listened so intently (and sang the hymns too!) At the end... it was the most beautiful thing, HE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. And the word he used to describe sacrament meeting was "เรียบง่าย" which means "simple". I love that that is what he got, someone who's life has been so centered on status and eccentricity was touched by the simplicity of the gospel. He is going to be baptized either this week or next! Pray that he remembers these feelings and makes church a priority every Sunday. 

-ออง (Ong) our house guard got the Priesthood yesterday!

-there is totally a USTA Junior Tourney going on at these courts here and every time I bike by I catch a little action. My own little Wimbledon...... hehe (really though, I am mourning Fed's loss too mom :/)

-แม่ตี๋ว's (Mah Thiw's) husband passed away suddenly this past week. Definitely not a "fun highlight" but please pray for her and her daughter right now. They are the most amazing members and I know even though they aren't showing it (it is way bizarre, Thai people are not very outwardly emotional about tragedies.. they almost make light of it by making jokes etc. :/) I know they are having a hard time right now and could use some prayers from all!

- Shopping in a market with total ease to get stuff to make for Sunday dinner realizing that I totally speak this language. what?!  I love speaking Thai you guys, and the gift of tongues is so real!  I love joking with the people, or it is especially fun when they totally think you don't know what they are saying and they are talking about you... and then you tell them you got all of that... HAHA! But I am perfecting my Thai cooking too... last night our curry was way good... prepare yourselves)! Plus... the girl who sold us some of the vegetables totally came to church on Sunday!
these are the faces of Udorn/ why I can never leave this place!
- I finished the Pearl of Great Price this week and it is SO cool!!. I don't think I have ever read it all the way through like that, and it is just cool to read it thinking 'all of this is info that the Lord wanted revealed or recorded in the last days... why?' I think one of my favorite things that has just been on my mind ever since I read it was in Abraham ch 3 verse 25, where they are talking about the creation of man, and the Lord says:

"And we will prove them herewith, to see if they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them"

It is so simple, but I have just been thinking about the peace and overwhelming happiness that comes from obedience. As I have tried to be obedient to whatever the Lord asks me to do, I have been way happy, especially when I do it out of my love for the Lord. The tried and true Jeff Morgan favorite, 'If ye keep my commandments, ye shall prosper in the land', has never failed our fam, and it for sure has never failed out here on my mish. 

Here is to even better, more exact obedience and in turn even better, more full joy. 

The church is true people, and life is good in the Promised Land (aka UDORN THANI!)

all of my love, Sister Morgan

ps You better all represent at the VS-15 Talent Show without me there to hold it all together... HAHAHA jk

A little outing to the CUTEST cafe here called 'Under the Tree' 
think The Chocolate in Provo but on Anthropologie eclectic steroids like 100x cuter

see what I mean?!

the washroom sign...... so perfect
Before our new companions were announced...
walking from Que Pasa to get a taxi (where everyone goes to eat after Transfers) 
and these people totally stop us and pick us up... 
They were the couple that Elder Anderson talked about in his General Conference talk! 
He is one of the Stake Presidents in Bangkok and they are SO nice!
my new district...

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