7/26/15... I think its safe to say that the miracles were not in short supply and neither were the laughs

best friends or Sisters??

Kkkk what a killer week with the reunion, the DAT, and the BYU baseball.. so happy about it all! might have even cried some way happy/excited/proud tears. geeeeesh I love you guys 

So anyways, such a good week here! We are working hard and having a GOOOOD time doing it..... I think its safe to say that the miracles were not in short supply and neither were the laughs

Probably my fave miracle of the week... to start you off with the big stuff, การ์ตู้น (Cartoon!) got baptized! Her date has been for this last Sunday from the beginning, but at the start of the week, she was just kind of like "Sisters I am not ready... I need to wait... next week or something..." Seriously though, we KNEW this girl was ready. Of any investigator I have ever taught, การ์ตู้น (Cartoon!) is one who understands the Atonement so beautifully and humbly and had/continues to apply it in her life. Like truly felt to "sing the song of redeeming love" and felt of the love of the Savior and Heavenly Father, just needed to have the courage to make the covenant. We taught her on Wednesday night, and she just knew too... she was ready. After her interview, Elder Visser told us he had never had someone answer the baptismal questions the way she did before... I'm telling you, she is awesome! Her baptism was so perfect, all of her family was there, her aunt spoke, and her uncle did the baptism! And the hymn that she requested be sung was Count Your Many Blessings, how cute is that?! I think it was like one of the only ones she knew... but nothing better than seeing a FAMILY grow in the gospel and seeing how Heavenly Father just totally prepared a way for it to happen. YESSSSSS
BAPTISM TIME... family love
Some snippets of other good stuff from this week:

Sent เค้ก's (Cake's) mission papers finally! We had so many little bumps in the road, but we finished them together, we road our bikes straight over to the post office and those babies are sent! He is going to be the BEST missionary. Kinda funny, I see a lot of Bradley in him, he is great.
mission papers... CHECK
We sent Sister โม (Moe) off to PROVO, MTC bound! 
one last goodbye outing with โม(Moe!) before she becomes Sister โม(Moe!)!!!
We had our first official day of rainy season where it rained ALL DAY LONG... and I bought my super cool poncho. Kind of regretting not trying it on before the purchase because it's a thicker plasticky one and definitely has a breathability of zero... so you can imagine how that feels in the humid hot rain. its like my own personal hot pink sauna on my body..... HAAA how could I not love it and there will for sure be pictures to come

We had literally the CUTEST family at church (young little mom dad and baby) on Sunday. They were a referral from some other missionaries, and they literally called like three or four times confirming that they were coming, just way excited. At first I am like talking to the dad on the phone and he was way unclear and says something to me like, "we have a baby...way interested...want to go" And I am kind of like oh no not again.... we have totally had people say that to us before in P-Log like, "my 3 and a half year old is super interested in religion and Jesus Christ, can I drop him off at the church?" and you are just like "Um really, your three year old who just learned how to speak and walk has been showing interest in Christianity, huh?" hahaha we are missionaries not daycare workers. But after a little clarification he was just making sure that they could bring their baby.... and of COURSE, bring your baby, the gospel is for FAMILIES!!! Pray for them to have more time to meet with us this week! Their names are Thaw! and Ewwie!

Definitely celebrated some Pioneer Day with a little Come Come Ye Saints companionship study singing. We love the pioneers.

Teaching our favorite พ่อสอ (Pah Sah) about family history and temples and getting him thinking about having his wife's work done! He told us he has been having dreams about her (Thai people are so into dreams and visions and stuff and will like way embellish them.. sometimes it is SO FUNNY) so we just capitalized on the opportunity to talk about how happy his wife is that he can bring her these ordinances that she can't do herself! He has requested a temple picture for his house... done and done. Kkkk other funniest thing ever... he didn't wear his dentures to church on Sunday for some reason and we died a little. I asked him why he didn't wear his teeth and he just laughed and laughed and laughed... LOVE HIM!! 

Then this week I have been thinking a lot about sacrifice. I have been pondering the scripture in D&C chapter 97 verse 8 that says:

Verily I say unto you, all among them who know their hearts are honest, and are broken, and their spirits contrite, and are willing to observe their covenants by sacrifice--yea, every sacrifice which I, the Lord, shall command-- they are accepted of me.

I feel like every time I read that I get a little more light on what the Lord is trying to say, but I love that it talks about our hearts and our covenants. We observe or hold to our part of the covenants we have made with Heavenly Father through sacrifice. But even more than that, the Lord wants us to have our hearts in the right place as we do so, and then we can know without any shadow of doubt that He is pleased and, I think I might add, know that He will send blessings. I love this concept and thinking about how I can more fully observe my covenants in this way, especially as a missionary. I see this in the Thais all the time and am so grateful for their example. Like แม่ ตี๋ว (Mah Thiw) the other day, coming to the church after we had taught our investigators, these two 16 year old girls named เบนฃ์ (Benz, yes best friends with the same name)... and they have no way to come to church on Sundays and live pretty far out. Without even thinking twice, she quickly makes a plan of how she will come to the church early Sunday morning for her meetings and to drop stuff off (she is the Relief Society Pres), then leave to get them and bring them to church. WOW. We are standing there kind of helpless in this situation, because we don't want to inconvenience her, but we really want our investigators to have a way to church... in the end the realization that แม่ ตี๋ว (Mah Thiw) doesn't see it as an inconvenience at all- she sees it as a way to observe her covenants, fills me such overwhelming peace and happiness and love and gratitude for someone who just gets it. I love her and all the Thai members, who just remind me everyday through their sacrifices, that they cherish their covenants and know that the gospel is the most important thing. 
some FHE action
Last story of sacrifice and miracle that I will take you home with. So แม่หวาน (Mah Waan) the sister of our fave guy ever พ่อศรีไทย (Pah Seetay) who just got baptized at the end of last transfer...remember? So cutest lady, but she seriously had the hardest time understanding tithing and gaining a testimony of it. We spent the entire lesson on it one day and challenged her to pay it and she accepted, but was still a little bit uneasy.  Sister Olsen and Sister McKnight are now taking care of her, and they came home the other day from teaching her with the best story... last Sunday แม่หวาน (Mah Waan) paid 200 baht in tithing leaving her with close to no money... she knew that was the amount she needed to pay and just did it. So the next day, she goes outside and it is sunny, and she decides she wants to put on a sweater (Thais are way afraid of the sun haha). She goes inside and gets an old sweater out of her cupboard that she hasn't worn in a while.. She puts it on, and reaches into the pocket, and there she finds 300 baht. She was willing to observe her covenants by sacrifice, to the point of not knowing how she would have anything left, and just as the Lord promises, "it was accepted of [Him]" and she was blessed. Nothing more special than seeing a new RC or investigator realizes that the promises of the Lord are sure. SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah, that is all I have for you cool cats......... life is SO good and I know the Lord is taking care of you guys too. 

All of my love.......

big hug little kiss

Sister Morgan
hahaha this is what the elders consider "conversation" in english class.. toooo funny
totally suckered into buying these bamboo fish things.... dang it HAHAHA
(think dad walking around Cabo or anywhere for that matter with one hundred trinkets... classic)
giant duck on the water... you always duck face selfie... always
looky looky my old wheels found me in Udorn
this is Udorn by the park........ bliss
some p-day foot massages... we work hard ok?!

that companionship selfie you have been requesting.................

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