8/3/15... Legendary happenings from the week and Thailand gems...

FHE at จินตนา's

Look at you guys cruising down to Lake Powell as we speak...... so stoked about that and I kind of can't believe it has been a whole year since we were down there. ummm, WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?! 

Speaking of time passing, Happy 25th to the cutest parents in the world! I probably haven't told you guys this.. but I made this picture book that I teach with like everyday and I have this BEST pic of you two that I I use almost every time when I teach about the Plan of Salvation or temples or actually the Law of Chastity too. It puts it in the perfect real light that marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God, it is central to His plan and our exaltation, and it can bring us so much happiness as we have it in His way. so THANK YOU GUYS for your super example... my investigators probably thank you too cause it def takes some of the possible awkwardness that is the law of chastity and makes it so apparent and simple that they want what you have...... you can just see it on your faces! <3<3
the pic that gets those investigators thinking about eternity.................. how cute are you guys?
Anyways, enough with this mushy stuff and on to this week.. it was another good one! We are seeing crazy miracles and still having a crazy good time. Udorn really is the Promised Land in every aspect of the work, I'm not just saying that!!
 this is Udorn.  my people!!!!!  hahahaha
So yesterday at the baptism after the second branch the lady that got baptized bore her testimony after and said something to the affect of "before there was hell and darkness and now it is only heaven and light. I am going to keep the commandments with all of my heart and bring my family to church every Sunday because now we have found the light." (it sounds kind of awkward in English, but in Thai it was so tender and made sense and was so beautiful..) I sat there and was just pondering what she said. She is this CUTEST mom with two little girls and they are always so put together and just seem so with it. One of the little girls was learning English and piano with Sis แก้ว (Gaew) a returned missionary here, and so she introduced them to the Elders. From what I knew of them, their life just seemed like, even without the gospel, it was happyish. But hearing her say this with such overwhelming emotion, it really made me realize that in this life, we all need the same thing... The gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness. Anything less, no matter how "put together" and "with it" your life is or seems, you are still ever thirsting after something more. Still feeling that "darkness" and "hell" that surround when the hope of a Savior and a loving Heavenly Father with a plan are far from your knowledge. I have been overwhelmed as I continue to ponder this thought at how apparent it has been in our work this past week with investigators, less actives and members alike.  

I think of แม่พัด (Mah Pad) our miracle baptism this week!! She is the mom of a pretty recent convert here, been Christian her whole life, but not super open to the church after her daughter got baptized. The Browns (a senior couple that just left Udorn a few months before I got here) visited her a couple times, but nothing really came of it, and Sister ดรุฌี (Darooni) her daughter, just trusted that it wasn't the right time. Well she brings her to church the Sunday before last and says that she wants us to teach her mom because she is finally "ready". We made the hour and a half drive out there with one of our dearest member friends and as I invited her to baptism, I KNEW it was supposed to be this Sunday. She understood and accepted the Restoration and the laws and ordinances of the gospel so readily. She was baptized yesterday, that first step in the covenant path and bringing the overwhelming light and clarity to ideas she has always been familiar with, that only the Restored gospel brings. Dispelling the darkness...
she is the best missionary... almost her whole family is now baptized!
teaching แม่พัด with her daughter!
we love BAPTISM! and แม่พัด(Mah Pad) ...So cute how much they look alike huh?!

I think of Sister บิว (Biw) one of our new investigators, the niece of a member who is from Udorn but now lives in Bangkok. Well Sister ออ (Aah, the aunt) came home to visit this last week, and came to the church and said "Sisters! I want you to teach my niece and I will bring her here tomorrow!" We were so excited and of course accepted (there is nothing more golden than a member referral especially when it is a family member. OMG) and come to find out, her niece is 17 and an only child, and both of her parents have cancer. Sister ออ(Aah)  knows that only the perspective of the restored gospel will comfort a child with the possibility of losing her parents any day just staring her in the face. It was so so special teaching the Plan of Salvation and I can't wait to keep working with her. Pray that her parents will open their hearts as well!

I think of รุธ (Root), a less active that Heavenly Father just totally led us to this week. I don't know what happened to me, but this week I just got soo stoked on LA work..it is a big part of President Johnson's new vision and I am gaining such a testimony of it! So I just started going through our phone and calling ones that said "LA" next to their name to share a scripture, or to try to set something up with them or if nothing else to just give them a little love. So I call รุธ(Root) get to know her, share a scripture, and she just starts bawling. She agrees to meet with us that night, and it was just so evident that Heavenly Father knew one of His daughters was struggling and needed to know He was there. Long story short her fam are all members, her dad was even in the branch presidency before, and they have just all fallen away. Hearing her speak of those same things.. the "hell", the "darkness" that have come into their life since then, just left Sister Forte and I a little speechless. I cannot deny that the Spirit literally filled our mouths with what to say to help her see what she needs to do to bring the "heaven" and the "light" that her family once knew, back into her life. Pray for her and her family, who have tasted of the goodness but just forgotten. 
the cute FHE board I made to take to some LAs...
artwork courtesy of Sis Coates, idea courtesy of Sis Stoker (two of my favorite Sisters EVER!!)
Last but not least (sorry is this getting too long??) I think of การ์ตู้น (Cartoon!) our newest member of the Udorn Branch 1 as of yesterday! We went and visited her this week, and I can't even tell you the turn around that has taken place in this girl and the LIGHT that she just exudes. She comes running out of her bedroom as we rode up, greets us, pours us some water, grabs her stack of gospel books she had just been studying, and invites us to start the lesson with a song. HAHA we are like 'umm yes any song you'd like girlfriend!!!!' She told us of her plans to enroll in early morning seminary asap, finish school then go on a mission-- which she has already started saving for. speechless. A girl entangled in the bonds of darkness, and sin to be quite frank about it, who realized that the only thing that would fill her completely was the gospel. And how full she is now and will be forever more......its the best thing ever!!

So yeah, this week was a good one and we are SO so happy. We are trying to prepare for HOLLAND to come... August 15 and we are definitely counting down the days. And trying to figure out what to wear... hahaha you know me. But more than that, trying to prepare spiritually of course! I have been trying to read some talks by him and the one that I read today just felt like an anthem to my life as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and reminded me why I am so excited to have an apostle of the Lord in our midst so soon. He closes his talk: 

"Friends, especially my young friends, take heart. Pure Christlike love flowing from true righteousness can change the world. I testify that the true and living gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth and you are members of His true and living Church, trying to share it. I bear witness of that gospel and that Church, with a particular witness of restored priesthood keys which unlock the power and efficacy of saving ordinances. I am more certain that those keys have been restored and that those ordinances are once again available through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints than I am certain I stand before you at this pulpit and you sit before me in this conference."

 ahhhh my favorite part of conference every single time is the testimony of the apostles and prophet at the end of their talks. It is sometimes short and if you aren't paying attention you will maybe even miss it, but without fail it is there, and it will pierce you to the very soul when you realize that these are men that truly know, and dare I say, converse with the Lord himself. I am super excited and humbled to have my soul pierced in the flesh here coming up soon.... its going to be legendary.

FHE at จินตนา's, we love Suki!

Other legendary happenings from the week and Thailand gems:

I rekindled my love for pulling weeds doing some yard work at Sister จินตนา's (Jinthna's) house. Nothing more satisfying than pulling out a nice big weed.  Finding a huge dead rat in her weeds though was a first for me........ SO GROSS  

realizing that sometimes as a missionary you totally feel like the guy on the RM that is trying to be way good on his home teaching and is like shoving the cookies through her mail slot and is like "Um, Sister I know you are in there... I can see your arm... Is there anything we can do for you?.. Ok I'm just going to leave now... But don't hesitate to call if you need anything" hahahaha its seriously so funny when you just kill with kindness and it is recieved like not at all........... omg  

I can ride my bike with no handlebars

eggs in Thailand are brown, never white, and sometimes they are pink. still a mystery to me why they are pink sometimes. the implications seem very unnatural to me. Flamingo eggs? probably not......................

waking up to the sound of rain everyday..... "Make you banana pancakes, pretend like it's the weekend... Can't you see that it's just raaaaaaaaainin' there ain't no need to go outside...."

Actually its more like no time for banana pancakes around here, the weekends are the same as the weekdays, and we definitely still go outside in the pouring rain, but it is the BEST BEST BEST. Wouldn't trade it for a lazy Jack Johnson day ever.

hahaha yep thats where I'm at. And that's all I've got. I love you guys.

Have the best week in Powell, be safe, eat all the "Sarah Morgan" popcorn you can, cause next year I will be there and I'm not sharing with anyone........... (so honored to have my name associated with such a heavenly food. hahaha love the Olsens!) 


Sister Morgan 
แม่หนู (Mah Noo) in the middle there had us over to teach us how to make food and to have a little lesson... and I am not going to lie, for some reason she is obsessed with me. Love her!!
the lunch group!
a little action shot of two of my Udorn besties... Elder and Sister แสงเวียน <3
Mother's day in Thailand is coming up in August... does that mean we get to skype again?! haha I think not... but this totally sums up my feelings LOVE YOU MOMMMMMSY

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