11/23/15... I decided to write down all of the different nationalities I met inviting one day: People from Portugal, France, Urugway, Spain, England, China, Norway, Sweeden, Korea, Japan, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, and California. WHAT!? That is ChiangMai for you.


How is it already the week of Thanksgiving?!.. such a fun time. I have so many special memories of driving to Utah, sometimes in the fresh SNOW... arriving to Grandma Phyllis's perfectly festive house- cornucopia, pumpkins, pilgrim candlesticks, turkey napkin rings and all. BLISS. 

take lots of pics and eat lots of Ruth's Chris sweet potatoes in honor of this Sister! so so yummy. 

MEANWHILE, here on my side of the globe, we will be releasing our floating lanterns and maybe even eating some sweet potatoes ourselves (perks of serving with the Stokers, we are so lucky!) 

But one thing is for sure... there will be miracles, cause there always are! This last week had it's fair share, I only have a little bit of time to fill you in cause we are going to an Elephant Farm, but I have some good stuff for you!

So this week we realized... sometimes the Lord sends the elect our way, and sometimes the very elect are between the ages of 14 and 17. haha Right now we are teaching like 8 young kids and they are all SO cool! Not only are they all super interested and excited to be learning, but they are good missionaries too... They keep bringing more friends or calling to ask if we can teach their siblings or friends. UMM YES, YES WE CAN! music to our ears. Mainly we are teaching 2 little groups that just keep branching out... กัน (Gan), เม็ด (Med), and จ้า (Jah!) who came to english and have since brought other friends. They go to a Christian school, so they have been familiar with prayer and Jesus Christ etc, but there is nothing better than when someone says the closing prayer in a lesson and says "thank you for leading us to your true church and helping up know the way" YEAH! Then the other "group" are these cute friends we met in front of 7-11. One of them even brought her MOM, who asked if we could teach the little brother as well. Little by little we will build ETERNAL FAMILIES! haha it really has been cool this week as we have been able to teach some of them individually, not just with their friends where they maybe don't want to ask a question they have or share something personal. This week there were a few of those times where I am just sitting there a little in awe at the lives of these young kids (dad died when she was a baby and mom left, lives with older sister or suddenly mom has cut her off and stopped providing for her completely etc) It just confirms to me that HF is aware of these precious souls and will not leave them comfortless. How inadequate, yet honored you feel at times to be the messengers of hope and light to His children. 
this is Simon... so cute huh? Part of my mind says "so cute", the other part says "If that was Bradley and Parker's school uniform they would kill themselves..." hahaha
Brame made it to box A for the first time this week... and took on the Elders. So proud hahaha

Even more so when they are His children who literally know nothing of Him... which was the case with David, our new investigator from China! I wish you guys could meet David. I am attaching a picture of his "contact info" card that I was gifted from him... I think it is the only way to give you an adequate description of David Wu. Read it, shut your eyes and picture exactly what he described, he is AWESOME. He actually just showed up at the church, I gave him a Chinese Book of Mormon, then we met with him a few days later and he is really really good! Luckily on Sunday there were some people visiting who speak Chinese, so they translated with him and helped him clarify some things. The Lord always sends little tender mercies like that. He has a date to be baptized next week, pray for him! 

It has been so fun serving with Sister สิริขวัญ (Sirikwan), she is so cool! Honestly just so easy going and hardworking. Plus she is sooooo funny and a lot of the time it is just way unexpected what she will do or say. Like we are talking at lunch the other day and I just asked her if there was ever a time after she was baptized that she was less active or anything... and she just goes "Nope, but I think when I am done with my mission I am going to try it out for a little while..." hahahaha. Other fun perks of the native companion, anything disgusting that you do not want to eat... they will eat it! Like the skin on my ไก่ย่าง (gaiyang! like rotisserie/grilled chicken that you can get here on the streets, SO good!) plus the bones and other inedible parts. Have at it girlfriend, all yours. HAA. She says she is going to get me to eat snake before I leave ChiangMai... "Sis, it's a Northern delicacy" so she says YIKES!

Yes, Thai companions always call you "Sis" it is the cutest thing ever........ ha I love her!

Other fun tid bit from the week, I decided to write down all of the different nationalities I met inviting one day: People from Portugal, France, Urugway, Spain, England, China, Norway, Sweeden, Korea, Japan, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, and California. WHAT!? That is ChiangMai for you. But I love talking to them, smiling at them, testifying of the Restoration to them (even when they DO NOT want to hear it HA!), joking with them.. a lot of times the foreigners are not interested really- I can't tell you how many different responses I have gotten to the simple question, "Are you interested in learning about Jesus Christ? or "Do you believe in God?"... Anything from "We don't have religion, we live in Nature" or "I am God. We are all our own god." or the ones that cut the deepest along the lines of... "I promise you, whatever you've got to say, it's not for me."

walk away, just thinking to yourself,
That's just the thing, buddy, what I've got is exactly for you. It is the only thing known to mankind that is tailor made, individually and all inclusive- for every single person on the earth.
the park, we meet TONS of foreigners here, but tons of Thais too. it is one of my favorite places! 

Sister Sirikwan in action!

This week I finished memorizing the Living Christ in Thai and as I have been reciting it over and over (I think everyone around me wants to kill me... on the train, riding my bike, taking a shower, making breakfast, planking in the morning etc... HA) it has been so impressed and re-impressed on my mind and heart the importance and reality of the Savior Jesus Christ. I testify that He lives. I know Him, I love Him, and I think the reason those responses "cut" to the heart, are because as we come to know Him, love Him, feel of His love, we desire that same thing for ALL people.   

 Tears come to my eyes as I write this and reflect on the words of that inspired document that completely lays out the mission of the only Begotten, the only sinless, the reason for it all, even Jesus the Christ. I think of all things we can be thankful for in this the season of thanks, let's remember the greatest gift ever given to all of us collectively! 

And..... I think you should all give this little number a good read:


You guys, I love you more than you know! Have the best week ever and give lots of loves to the cousins and grandparents from yo Sista in Thailand. 


ps second reminder in this letter: TAKE LOTS OF PICS!!!!!

you know my heart sings when I see the first signs of CHRISTMAS DECOR!!!!!!!!! you guys better put that tree up soon!

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