10/13/14... ...It is all about turning our heart to Him. (Letter #7 from Sarah!)

It sounds like everyone is doing so good! Thank you so much for the pics, I LOVE SEEING YOUR FACES!! 

Another good week here at the MTC... Everyone has said that the downhill side of the halfway point of the MTC goes so fast and it is so true! We are SO busy but it is so much fun. Here are some highlights of the week:

On Monday night we got to skype with people from Thailand! We taught a lesson to a guy named Ronny who is a translator for the Church in Thailand... it was so much fun! The connection was a little bit in and out on the computer, but he was the happiest, nicest guy! It makes me so excited to LIVE THERE so soon! We will skype again tonight.

Then on Wednesday the new Thai districts arrived! It totally took me back to getting here and just being like ok, what just happened? haha, so many AWESOME Elders and Sisters though, and they are all learning so fast. There are 4 new Sisters and 8 new Elders. It has definitely been a good thing having them come, cause everyone is stepping it up and speaking more Thai and wanting to be good examples. We have 3 more international arrivals tomorrow, then 7 more from the states on Wednesday (all Cantonese speaking) But we are so excited to have our zone grow!! As the Sister Training Leaders we pick them up and go to meetings with them and really just try to make them feel comfortable. And we do cute stuff like decorate their doors in the residents which is kinda fun. 

On Thursday our teacher Sister Stolworthy got back from her honeymoon and we were all SO HAPPY to have her back! She is such a good teacher. But really, all of our teachers are so great. We are constantly saying how grateful we are for their insight on the gospel and help with the language. They are going straight to the celestial kingdom for sure! haha. Dad and Grandpa, thanks so much for the cupcakes and doughnuts!! We have zone prayer in our room now every night, and the Sisters definitely love the treats!! 
On Friday probably the funniest thing of the week-- So I have casually expressed to my district that I think Pink Eye is like the nastiest sickness ever, like there are one thousand sicknesses I would rather have than that HAHA. 

So Friday morning I come upstairs and Elder Stone, from the other district, is standing just outside of the doorway to their classroom and Elder Hall is sitting at his desk inside. They call me over and are like "Sister Morgan come here we need your help!" or something, so I go into their classroom, and Elder Stone shuts me in there and Elder Percer turns toward me and TOTALLY HAS PINK EYE!! Hahaha I was just like screaming and trying to get out and they were all laughing so hard. So mean right?????? Hahaha the Elders in my district had told them I hate pink eye so they thought it would be so funny. They are the worst.............. and they are probably going to get pink eye this week, just watch!

On Saturday we went over SO much grammar and vocab, you could say we were probably all going to explode, but it was AWESOME. Our teacher Brother Hunsaker challenged us to stop writing in romanized and to only do script. I know if I want to progress, that is the next thing I need to do.. it just kind of makes my lips numb to think about it.... (Please tell me you got that reference, NO ONE HERE APPRECIATES "WHAT ABOUT BOB?" - haha so many prime moments... I quote it, and everyone is like what?) But for real, I love this language!! I still have a lot to learn, but it is fun to see how much we actually do know and can communicate now. I say it every week, but the Gift of Tongues is real, and I am so grateful! Saturday night we also interviewed all of the new Sisters and senior companions. It is fun to get to know them better and hear how they are doing since we are so busy during the day! ALSO!! Today I got the BEST HALLOWEEN CARD EVER... It absolutely MADE MY DAY!! thank you Jourdan, Lisa, and Rachie, love and miss you! 

On Sunday we had leadership meetings all morning. Then our devotional at night was with the guy who is over all of the technology for the church (like mormon.org or the #becauseofhim type campaigns) seriously SO SO COOL. I have always had such a testimony of Heavenly Father's timing with technologies that enable communication coming forth (think General Conference reaching millions of people in their own homes vs King Benjamin's address where they had to wait for scrolls to be passed out with the message on it. or think "the dark ages" where there seemed to be little advancement by way of technology etc. ending right around the time the gospel was restored. These things are NOT coincidence!) The church is definitely utilizing the web in such a cool way to find those prepared for the message, and it is SO awesome! Now go share your favorite talk from General Conference on Facebook! :) haha

If there is one thing that has been on my mind this week, it is how much the gospel is truly about the heart. In my study of the Book of Mormon, I have been making note of every time the "heart" is mentioned. How many times does it refer to "pride of the heart", "a mighty change of heart", having the message "written on your heart", having a "humble heart", having "hearts knit together in unity", "turning the heart", being "puffed up in the heart" etc? SO often... the entire Book is essentially an account of different groups people and their dealings with the heart. I really think Heavenly Father is trying to teach us and get the point across that it is all about turning our heart to Him, to Jesus Christ. I am trying my best to "purify my heart" and I know that that is how this work becomes easier and it is also how I will be better able to represent Jesus Christ.

I love my Savior, I love you guys! Thank you so much for your support and prayers

Mom, I can just picture Homecoming--- it sounds AMAZING!! You are super woman
Dad, Have you killed the dog yet? hahaha I was dying picturing you cleaning up after it, thinking about all the times I have watched you clean up throw up or anything gross. HAHA. thank you so much for your letter. keep killing it as the prez
Brad, YOU STUD!! The hair is looking dirty, but I can see the chicks liking it. I like how mom put it... not just a duck slayer but a LADY SLAYER! 
Parker, I am sure you are the life of the party just like always, I was telling my district about how you say yeeee instead of "yea" when we read the BOM as a family and I was laughing so hard thinking about it... you are a legend around here
Tyler, OMG you are a world traveler! I am so glad you and da boys are getting to the beach though! Newport is so fun.. you guys need to have an honorary annual ping pong tourney on MY BIRTHDAY!!!! tell Chris he maybe stands a chance without me there...

Thats that! I love you so much!! Eat at a Costa Vida or a Cafe Rio near you in my honor on October 19th!! Actually thats a Sunday, go on Saturday! 

xoxo, Sister Morgan

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