10/6/14... We have been doing "Thai Day Tuesday" and "Thai Day Friday" but now we are going to "Thai Day Everyday!!!!!"

Sawadii khaa to the best family ever!!! 

How is everyone?! I am so happy to hear about Maverick... Parker our prayers have not been in vain! The pics are way cute... maybe you can summon Pavol the dog whisperer back to house train him??? HAHA. It sounds like everyone is happy, and BUSY... that is just what I like to hear because it is the exact same way here at the MTC. :)

Another AMAZING week, here are some of the highlights! 

We have been learning SO much Thai, especially focusing more on the tones. It is crazy how hard it is sometimes to make your voice do the different sounds, but my companions and I have started doing these drills where you say the same word over and over that highlights a vowel sound with the 5 different tones. Then you change the word and do different combinations. It is ridiculous but helps a lot. I try to read from my Thai Book of Mormon every day too. It is funny cause there are some phrases that are used over and over like "I" as in "I, Nephi..." and in Thai they use the holy form of "I" and it's pronounced "kaaapaaajow!" or "And it came to pass..." is pronounced "Let head ghaaan day baaang goood khuuun!" haha funny right?? It is definitely a work in progress, but reading is the best way for me to memorize the tone markers and patterns etc. We are also trying to SYL (speak your language!) as much as possible. We have been doing "Thai Day Tuesday" and "Thai Day Friday" but now we are going to "Thai Day Everyday!!!!!" I really believe the Lord will account and bless us for every bit of diligent effort we put in to learning this Language. It is only with HIM that we can do this, I am so sure of that as I have felt Him time and time again in my studying. 

On Wednesday we hosted new missionaries again, and I hosted two girls who had gone to BYU Hawaii! One of them was Wi's roommate and the other one was good friends with Emma Erickson! Such a small world, and they both said they definitely love the banana bread sundae at Kahuku Grill. HAHA. Anyways, there were a lot of international arrivals, there is an Elder who just arrived from Thailand who we all LOVE talking to, and a bunch of Korean Elders and Sisters arrived too. Well we were having dinner on Wednesday, and we are just eating, and I look over and these Korean Elders and Sisters are making noodles they had brought from home in the microwave that is on the side of the room (like cup of noodles but with Asian writing all over it) Well they start like laughing and talking with these people a little further away, and suddenly their noodles are on FIRE!!! And I run over there and turn off the microwave and put out the little fire, and when they notice they are just laughing so hard!! Hahaha they had left like a whole piece of the tin foil lid thing on the cup... then they just like grabbed the noodles from me and smiled and put them back in the microwave. It was seriously so funny, but they got their noodles and the MTC did not burn down. Asian comfort food gone wrong!!!!!

Then probably the second funniest thing of the week-- So Elder Choi in our district is SUCH a character. Well like anytime one of the Sisters in our district wears anything black, he will say something like "Why so dark??" Like we are talking I wore a tan skirt with a white and black striped shirt, or Sis Coates wore a black shirt with huge yellow sunflowers on it... HAHA you seriously never know with this guy. So on Friday the Sisters in our district wore ALL black to see what Elder Choi would say and it was seriously SO funny. But we definitely got some weird looks from Senior couple missionaries especially... The things you do to stay a little entertained here at the MTC... so priceless :)

General Conference was the definite highlight of the week! If you know me you know I LOVE Conference. I love the renewed sense of commitment that comes, where we can walk away and say, "I have been spiritually fed, I have learned in His way, and now I will get to work." I am excited to implement the things I have drawn from Conference into this coming week, so I can be a better missionary, companion, daughter, leader, friend, and follower of Jesus Christ.

 I feel like every Conference I am like "Wow, that was the BEST CONFERENCE WE HAVE EVER HAD!!" There were so many talks that seemed to be exactly what I needed, but I would like to share a few of my general thoughts about this conference.

So in the General Womens Meeting there was a video clip highlighting the temple with members from all over the world (We were so excited when one of the Sisters interviewed said "Phrawiihan"--the Thai word for Temple!!) There were Sisters from England, Africa, Chile, Mexico, USA, all bearing testimony of how attending the House of the Lord is a blessing in their lives. There was even a choir of little Korean Primary aged girls singing "I love to see the Temple" in their language and native dress. 

Then as many of you witnessed, this was the first General Conference where several of the talks were given in different languages with English Subtitles. 

Think about this. These people are able to speak and hear the gospel in their native languages. They are able to attend the temple closer to their homes then ever before possible. They are able to feel comfortable, included, and truly feel the truth of the message that the gospel is "One Fold, and One Shepherd."

This may have had deeper significance to me as I am learning a new language, but I type these words with tears in my eyes as I recount the significance that these two things I have pointed out imply. The creed found in the Book of Mormon is indeed coming true "that the time shall come forth when the knowledge of a Savior shall spread throughout EVERY nation, kindred, tongue, and people." (Mosiah 3:20) The time is NOW. With a reported 88,000 missionaries, the gospel truly is rolling forth to the ends of the earth as the stone cut out of the mountain without hands--- and it WILL and IS filling the whole earth. The people in Thailand are ready, I can feel it. I give you my witness that this is the truth. That we have a very loving Heavenly Father who is mindful of ALL of His Children. That Jesus Christ is the Savior of ALL mankind, that this is His Church and that I am His very representative. I am so honored, and so excited to get to work.

3 weeks people, can you believe it?!

RAG THUG KHON MAAG CING CING!!!! (I love you all really a lot a lot!!!!)

THANK you THANK you THANK you so much for your love and support!

Have a great week, and don't forget to say your morning prayers Brad and PJ!! 


Sister Morgan

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