10/26/14... Sarah's LAST day in the USA!!! We get to talk on the phone tonight!!!

Fam!!! Can you believe we are talking on the phone tonight??? I can't wait.

It sounds like everyone is doing SO good! What a fun weekend with the BYU game!!!... and thank you for the play by play, I can picture the whole thing. Love it!

Mom, seriously though, I don't know how you do it all, it sounds like all of your activities- the B day party, the ward activities, friends from out of town, work, all went so well, I am so glad! You are super woman. 

So I AM SO READY TO GO! Our stuff is mostly packed, we went to the temple this morning, and we are all set! I don't know if it just hasn't set in, or if it is just the Lord helping me feel calm, but I feel very at ease. It could also be the fact the I have been in this place for 9 weeks and it is just time! :) Tyler, you are a champ for being here 12 weeks. 

Anyways, it has been a super good week! We taught our last lessons with our investigators (the next people I teach will be REAL!), learned our last grammar principles, finally had the culture class that our teachers promised us for the last day (so fun!),  and I have been trying to get all the words I want to learn down. It is humbling to think that even though I feel like I have given it my all to learn every last thing I could, there is still a good chance I am going to get there and think "what the heck are these people saying??" haha I am grateful for the fact the the Spirit is what converts, and that a smile goes a long way! In Thai you would say "Yiim talod!!!!" (smile 24/7)

This last week I have been feeling so grateful for the fact that the Lord has called me to be a part of His work. It is very humbling to feel the weight of the responsibility, but to know in whom I trust and who's work this really is. I have really been thinking about how true it is that I read of the miracles and know of the miracles that God is capable of, but do I believe and have the faith to say He will do that for ME and the people I teach? 

I find so much comfort from D&C 84:88 that says "And whoso receiveth you, there will I be also, I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you to bear you up." 

I know that this is true. That Heavenly Father has been preparing people in Thailand (He still has 24 hours to do a little more preparing before we get there :)) and that we are not alone in this work. 

Thank you so much for your endless prayers and support and love while I have been at the MTC. You have no idea what a difference it has made. 

This email is short, but we will talk so soon and I can give you more details!! 

All of my love, Sister Morgan

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