11//16/14... What a good week here in บางนา!!! (...and I rode an ELEPHANT!!!)

I rode an ELEPHANT!
So we are going to the Ancient City today, so I am on here a little earlier than usual! 

What a good week here in บางนา... Sister Croft and I are continuing to see miracles EVERYDAY and we are so grateful! 

So last November was the mission did something called Bovember and there was a goal to have 1 baptism per companionship in the mission. Well this year, Bovember 2.0, the goal is 2 baptisms per companionship and the Lord's hand and watchful care are so apparent. 

Here are some highlights from the week: 

Suhmwhit's baptism
We had Suhmwhit's (yes, George Costanza) baptism yesterday, and it was so good. We were worried because on Thursday we still needed to teach him quite a bit and he said he couldn't meet with us on both Friday and Saturday. Well on Friday during companionship study we just felt like we needed to call him and that he would be willing, and he made time to meet with us both days! I am grateful for his example of a willing heart not only in this, but in keeping the commandments of the Lord as he is learning about them. We had told him on Saturday that he would bear his testimony after, that it could just be brief about what he knows is true and how he feels, and he totally prepared this paper for when he went up there. hahaha Sister Croft and I were holding our breath a little cause he can be a little long winded and round about, but it was very humble and perfectly Suhmwhit. He is great,  I am excited to keep working with him and see him keep progressing. 

We had 12 investigators at church yesterday! (9 in sacrament) But we got to teach Newt, this mom and her two daughters after and we are really excited to start teaching them. Another one of the people that showed up was a guy named Choke that I met seriously in like the last 5 minutes of our inviting at the market the other day. It was definitely a more bizarre interaction and when I tried to call him to remind him about church it went straight to voicemail so I had kind of written it off in my mind. Well sure enough there he is at church, and so happy and asking questions and kept alluding to how grateful he was that he met us on the street. I feel like the Lord was giving me a little reminder that this is HIS work, and HE is the one preparing people. I hope we are able to teach him this week. 

We went to this crocodile farm last Monday and it was so fun! We were just like looking at all of these crocodiles, then we keep walking and it turns out this place is actually like a zoo emporium with every cool animal known to man! haha it was awesome, we rode elephants, watched a crocodile show, and hung out with a ton of cool Chinese people (seriously everyone was chinese, even the show was in chinese?!) hahaha 

I don't know what it is but a few people came up to me and asked to have their picture taken with me. I don't know if it is the fact that I am a farang or if they really think I am a celebrity, because some kids at church told me I look like Avril Lavigne, which I probably would have found semi offensive before. HAHA I dont even know.....  

But seriously SUCH a good week. Things I love about Thailand/ other thoughts:

Sister Croft is the BEST.
Sister Croft is the BEST. What a blessing to be trained by her. We are having a blast, but she also teaches me so much with her silent example of Christlike love and service all the time. Like the other day it was SO hot (everyday is SO hot!) and there were all these boys out waving flags on the side of the street for different businesses, and she just goes "lets go back to 711 and get them waters, it is so hot out here!" They were a little sheepish in accepting after they had laughed and declined our invitations to church every time we had walked down the street that day, but for reals, she is such a good example! And she is hilarious.

We saw the world's FATTEST dog the other day. Seriously, Chloe had nothing to be ashamed of. hahaha

The food here is AMAZING. there are restaurants and food vendors everywhere (hahaha food is VERY important to their culture here, if they arent making it or eating it, they are talking about it... literally one of the super common greetings especially on the phone is "have you eaten yet?" EVERYONE says it), so we get freshly prepared thai food for lunch and dinner everyday! and the ward makes AWESOME thai food on Sundays. Sister Croft laughs at my love of vegetables.....

We had the ward counsel meeting to discuss CHRISTMAS..... little does the บางนา ward know.... I am a Christmas expert. I don't know if they can adequately prepare for the holiday cheer that is about to hit them!!

haha well that is all I have time for for now! I sure love you guys so so much and I am so grateful to feel your prayers and support all the time. 

I am happy to hear everything is so good!! keep eating Thai food in my honor and get the Christmas decorations up already! (Mom no slacking just cause I am not there to demand holiday perfection!! hahaha)

Brad, good luck in B Ball tryouts!

keep me updated on the Thanksgiving celebrations....I AM SURE THANKFUL FOR YOU!!!

xoxo, Sister Morgan

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