11/2/14... I AM IN บางนา!!‏

22 new missionaries in the Thailand Bangkok Mission!
Family!! What is up!? So it is official... I am in THAILAND!!
It was so so good to talk to everyone on the phone. I love hearing your voices! 

Anyways, life is good! I will answer Mom's q's first then give you a little rundown of anything that has happened since we talked that didn't get answered in the questions!:

1)  How is Sister Croft?  Where is she from?  Do you have lots in common?  Lots of differences?   
Sister Croft is SO AMAZING! So right after the transfers basically every Sister came up to me and said "Sister Croft was my favorite companion!" or "You are SO lucky!" or "They call her the mission machine!" haha, so basically 5 minutes into our companionship, I was already so excited to work with her! She has definitely lived up to it, I learn so much from her. She is the most happy, loving, genuine, obedient missionary. She is from Salt Lake and she is SO musical and artistic.  


Thailand is CRAZY, but AWESOME!! There are so many people everywhere!! The air is HOT (think I just got out of a warm shower). It is kind of a mix between super crazy state-of-the-art buildings and really run down shack buildings. I can't really describe it, but I tried to take some pics! There are motorcycles everywhere and stray dogs everywhere too. But you saw from the transfer vid that I am in บางนา ("Bangnaa") which is in Bangkok and it is great! 

3)  HOLY COW>>>How in the world did you handle the 16 hour flight???

So the flight from LA to Hong Kong was SO long, but it was so lucky-- I got the front isle seat so I could basically lay down! I slept a ton, studied, ate Asian food, and talked with the cute Indonesian lady next to me. I am so glad I had the Saranoni blanket too, because it was super air conditioned! (thank you so much Olsens!!) Then the flight to Thailand, we were all a little delirious, but so anxious/excited/nervous that it went pretty quickly!   

4)  What has been the craziest thing about Thailand?

it is Thailand... everything is crazy!!! Literally though! 

5)  What is your favorite thing about Thailand?

My favorite thing is the probably the people! Everyone is really nice and just loves life-- including all of the missionaries and President and Sister Senior. There is a super cool energy that they have going on in the mission, where its like, yes this is hard work, but let's love it and enjoy it! Its way cool. Then the Thai people are just really great. Don't get me wrong, I have had a fair share of dirty looks (In our mission we are required to Invite for 2 hours everyday, so this means like going out and inviting to be baptized, go to church, asking about interest in Jesus Christ, anything really, just bottom line TALKING TO EVERYONE) but for the most part, super gracious kind people. 

Then second to that is the food obviously! SO good. The only problem is that the menus are in Thai, so I am still at the mercy of my companion when it comes to ordering, but she has never steered me wrong... SO delicious and spicy!

6)  HOW IS YOUR LANGUAGE COMING???  I have been praying for you non-stop...

I can feel your prayers.. Thank you so much!! It is definitely coming, but it is so humbling to go from the MTC to being completely immersed. They speak SO fast!! The members and Sister Croft all tell me how "gang" (skilled) I am at Thai, but I think they are just being nice, especially when our investigator looks at me like what the heck are you saying? haha or when I am reading so slow that everyone is falling asleep (literally!) But I am grateful that everyday I learn something new, and I trust that this is a process and Heavenly Father doesn't want this to be "easy" necessarily. 

7)  Do you need anything?  In your arrival letter, they told us that a package will take 6 weeks to get there and then it will only be delivered on transfers...so basically I need to get your Christmas going!  

I will email you if I think of anything! But how crazy is that that Christmas is so soon!?

8)  How is the electrical situation?  Do your hair tools work?

So the electrical situation is good, it is more the weather situation that is the problem! Haha I don't think I will be straightening my hair for 16 months. but its all good! I just kind of wish I didn't bring them in the first place, but who knows, I might change my mind!

the church
9)  How was your first Sunday at church?!?!  Ward?  Branch? 

So on your first week in the MTC they say "Just make it to Sunday" as in ok this is crazy and new and hard, but Sunday will come and just revive you. Well that was definitely true in the MTC (week one of the MTC feels like an eternity ago!), but it was SO much more true in the field. Those first days after getting to your area are very humbling. Everything is new and you are thrown right into the work (we literally taught a lesson with one of our investigators 20 min after we got to บางนา!) I was feeling overwhelmed a little bit and when Sunday came, it was the perfect reminder of why I am here. I love these people. The ward is SO GREAT, I absolutely love the members... they made me feel so loved (apparently this ward is known for LOVING GREENIES or "noong keeyous") So sacrament was at 9 (I got to bear my testimony since it was fast sunday!) , then there was a baptism after (I am in like all these pictures with her, and I literally just met her hahaha, but she is the cutest lady) which everyone stays for, then in Thailand the ward always eats together after church every week (score right??) so we all ate together, then we had a ward coordination meeting with the ward mission leader (the members are SO awesome here about missionary work!), then Sis Croft played the piano for the ward choir. Seriously the ward choir practice was probably one of the best/funniest parts of being here so far. hahaha so Sister Croft warned me before hand that it was going to be the longest choir practice I had ever been to, and that most Thai people are tone deaf. But it was so great, they sat in a circle on the floor and had a super long opening discussion, then proceeded to sing for probably 2-3 hours, then ended with another long discussion sitting down in their circle. Haha it was so great how seriously they took it, and I say that it was so funny, but it really was so cool how much their testimonies beamed through their singing. I love the spirit that music brings no matter what language! Then of course after that, everyone had dinner together!

Seriously, I can't even explain how I just already love these people, and how grateful I am for their love towards me and their strong testimonies. 

10)  Where are you living?  Address?  What is it like?

So our apartment is super nice! It kind of doesn't fit in the neighborhood we are in, everything else is like shacks and run down. It is great though, like the perfect size. Just 2 beds, and a kitchen area, then a back room with a closet and two desks and a couch. It is a 1 minute walk from the church, which is perfect because we teach a lot of our investigators there. It is great! And address wise, I have no idea, but mail is just supposed to go to the mission office, then they send it out!

So that is the main gist, here are some other tidbits: 

I am basically falling asleep as we plan and make our phone calls at night (being a missionary is hard work! and it doesnt help that I am in an opposite time zone! but slowly I am adjusting to it all!) 

Everyone has warned me about "thong sia" which basically means "losing stomach" hahaha we have been advised to be careful about eating from street vendors and with the ward, but apparently its more of a when than if type of thing, so I am anxiously awaiting that! haha

I am trying to learn all of our investigators' names and just about them in general! It is crazy because you come in after the transfer, and there are people they have been working with, so getting to know them is super important! Slowly I am being able to remember their names. Right now we have a ton of invesigators which is such a blessing! 

I have really had a lot of time to think about what I am doing here, and really been trying to figure out how to "get the hang of it". This morning as I was studying Christlike attributes in Preach my Gospel, I had such an answer to my prayers. I had the strongest impression of love and gratitude for the Savior. I love Him. I know that he loves all of these people in Thailand, and that the Lord has called me to share His love. I know that it is true that "Charity never faileth" That even if I am struggling with this language, or if I am feeling worn out, or feeling insecure about my ability to teach, I need to look outward. To focus on loving as He would love, serving as He would serve. It is such a blessing to have His example and life to look to in all things. 

One of my teachers at the MTC reminded us "The Son of God has descended below them all, art thou greater than He?"

These words mean a lot to a brand new missionary in a foreign land, unable to communicate perfectly, and wondering why it has to be this way. I know that this is a small price to pay to share His love with people who need it. 

The mission is the best.  I love what Dad said about taking in all of the "firsts" here and just loving them. I am trying to do that!

I am excited for this week, miracles are going to happen!

Thanks for all of the love and prayers, I feel them everyday.  

send me pictures!! 

all of my love, 

Sister Morgan
last Cafe Rio (listening to Radiate by Jack Johnson yikes!) the Lord totally blessed me with two of my very favorite things right before leaving the mother land.... so good!

we helped a lady in the ward paint her whole house PINK!
...me and "Boui" she is the daughter of one of the ward missionaries Sister Gwaang and she is SO crazy, but so so cute

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