11/9/14... We are seeing MIRACLES in บางนา for sure.

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Hello!  Thank you SO much for the updates on everyone... wow, it sounds like life is just SO good. I love to hear that everyone is happy, and I love to hear that you guys have suddenly all become world travelers! Haha what a fun, blessed life, make sure you aren't having too much fun without me!

For real though, missionary work is the good stuff... This has been such a good week! Sister Croft and I are working hard and having lots of fun doing it. She is seriously so great, I could not have asked for a better trainer.  

We are seeing MIRACLES in บางนา for sure. If there is anything I could say about this week, it would be how increasingly aware I am becoming everyday that Heavenly Father's hand is so in our lives, and especially in His missionary work. We have had so many experiences this week, especially with our inviting where we just felt like He truly directed us to where we needed to be to find the people He has prepared. Like yesterday, we were planning on teaching one of our investigators at the church then had some other lessons set up, and one of the members Sister San said she had her entire family waiting at her house for us to teach that has been wanting to hear the gospel. So we took a train with her over to their house, and it ended up that they couldn't be taught right then. We were kind of bummed, like wondering why this change of plans happened, but she really wanted to take us to Central (the HUGEST shopping center here) to do our Inviting, so we went and ended up meeting so many people that were without a doubt prepared. One of them being the sweetest lady from the Philippines who's husband had just died, and daughter just committed suicide in the last two months. She told Sister Croft she had prayed and told God she just couldn't do it anymore and needed something from Him, then went out on a walk. And there she runs into missionaries, with the very best thing He could possibly give her. We are so excited to meet with her this week. 
Baptism last week

So many times this week we have been Inviting in the hot sun, and person after person is turning away, but when you finally have someone interested, it carries you on. Sister Croft and I have been talking about how missionary work is so full circle, that we need them almost just as much as they need us. 

It is actually crazy right now, we are teaching so many investigators. We have been so blessed in our finding, and it is just evidence that the people in Thailand are so ready for the gospel. We have 2 people with a baptismal date for this Sunday, one of them Brother Suhmwhit is literally the George Costanza from Seinfeld of Thailand HAHA I love him, and the other is Fern, and 11 year old we are teaching along with her Mom (her Dad is a recent convert) They are the coolest family, 5 kids from Cambodia so it is definitely difficult because they speak Camain better than Thai, but we are so happy to be working with them. We taught them about tithing last week, and it really puts into perspective the principle of faith when you are asking a family who has little to nothing (we teach them in their "apartment" that is about the size of a walk in closet) to trust that Heavenly Father will open the windows of Heaven as we keep all of His Commandments. I love these people, and I am amazed by their faith.

I am seriously so excited about all of the people we have just met and have appointments with this week! We have faith and big goals that we will have quite a few with baptismal dates. It is awesome. 

"Roygaahtone" the lantern celebration
 with the floating flower boats
Other tid bits, this week we celebrated "Roygaahtone" the lantern celebration with the floating flower boats. So cool! My district leader is actually a khonThai and he thinks that every missionary should experience Thai culture and love it (He is seriously so awesome, most inspiring yet hilarious guy ever) so he made sure that we got to participate. The water body that we set our boat things off into was apparently like incredibly filthy sewage water but it was still beautiful and so fun. The people here are so cool. I also taught my first english class on Tuesday night, and it was SO fun! Finally something I understand! (jk, I am very grateful for how much I am actually able to understand everyday, but there are definitely times when I am sitting there like what?? haha) And I also made my first phone calls! (we contact everyone at least once a day so there are LOTS of calls made) haha Sis Croft said no one likes calling at first cause it is seriously the hardest thing ever--- they speak so much faster and its not super clear on the phone, but we have had some pretty funny times with it. 

So probably the funniest thing of this week, I say this in the most humble way, is how obsessed the people here are with me and Sister Croft, who are 'white farangs'!!  hahaha  Everywhere we go, people smile and laugh and love us so much. Seriously when we went to Sister San's family's house yesterday, they talked about how beautiful we were probably for 30 minutes (imagine that, like 2-5 minutes, normal maybe, 30 gets you feeling a little awkward in the most intriguing way hahaha) Then they each took variations of pics with us (some with just one family member, some with 2, some with the kids, some with the dad, some with everyone, some with just me, some with each of their phones...) hahaha so funny. But if anything, I guess it makes you feel good, that even though your face is shiny with sweat and you are wearing crocs, people still think youre cool. Yes mom, I wear the crocs everyday! It is literally the only way here because it will be blazing hot, then suddenly it will downpour and we will be DRENCHED.

It is the best ever though. I will wear crocs and walk all around Bangkok, because what we are teaching is the truth, and these people need to hear it. 

Sister Crofts, my crazy, amazing companion
I love being a missionary, I love my crazy companion, I LOVE our ward here in Bangnaa (they are the best ever) and I love the Savior. 

Thank you for all of the love and support and prayers as always.
Here is to another good week!

xoxo, Sister Morgan

I am pretty sure Dumb and Dumber To comes out this week, please make sure that happens, I want a full report next week! :)

ps what are the plans for Thanksgiving?!

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