12/1/14... Get the CHRISTMAS TREE up already it is December 1st people!!

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Hey Hey Hey!! 

Thanks for all of the emails and updates and love, you guys are the best! I am glad everyone made the best of the holiday week with such fun trips and stuff! Your adventures sound so so fun, and it sounds like everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, what more could I ask for?! I am glad Heavenly Father is taking care of you so well while He is taking such good care of me. This week was another good one, I can't believe its already over, but here goes for the updates: 
The house where we had Thanksgiving
So Thanksgiving we got invited to go to this members house in a different city in Bangnaa with the Elders in our district and some other Elders in our Zone, seriously so nice! So we went to their house, it was a bunch of American families who live in Thailand now, all so nice and so cool. Well I am like talking to the people then in comes this girl and I am like "HEY I TOTALLY KNOW YOU!!!" It was Lauren Mickelsen's roommate from BYU who had just finished her mission like 2 days earlier in the Philippines and her parents came to pick her up and they were visiting her cousin in Thailand for a few days who's house we were at! Such a small world, we both recognized each other from Facebook, her name is Darryl Smart nicest cutest girl ever, but such a tender mercy from HF to make a fun connection and feel a little piece of home! 
Darryl Smart and me at Thanksgiving
It was such a fun day, the food was
so so yummy and American (YES MOM, THEY HAD RUTH'S CHRIS SWEET POTATOES :)) It was such an example and reminder to me to be on the receiving end of someones kindness and generosity of opening their home to us when it maybe would have been more convenient not to. I know as long as I live I will always make sure the missionaries are taken care of and Mom and Dad, I'm sure you are, but take care of those missionaries in Kennewick please!! :) 

This week I have learned a lot about trusting the Lord and His timing. We have been teaching Radshay's family and were preparing Fern, the 11 year old, and JaneDaa, his wife, for baptism on Sunday (yesterday) Well we met with them all week and really felt so good about their faith and everything. We interviewed them for baptism on Thursday night and they were all ready to go for Sunday, feeling good and everything. Well on Saturday they suddenly said they were not free Sunday and that they weren't sure they should get baptized. We were left feeling a little unsure because the impressions were strong that they were ready and that them getting baptized was really the right thing. 
2 of Radshay's kids and JaneDaa --
This doesnt even capture their cutness!!
We have been really trying to help them understand how the Lord will help them and provide for them as they sacrifice to keep his commandments, especially the commandment to go to church. Radshay has been struggling to find work and we are worried that he feels like he needs to find work to be able to pay tithing and help the Lord before the Lord will help him and before they can be baptized and go to church. We are hoping and praying we can help them understand the Lord and the blessings He so willingly desires to pour on His Children if we will but obey. Mom you asked who you could pray for, pray for this family, that their faith will continue to increase, that Radshay will find work, and that they will desire to make these covenants with the Lord to help them progress as a family.When I look at this family I just envision them being sealed together one day, I want them to see it too. They are so so awesome. 

Speaking of the temple and sealing, I am SO excited about the emphasis on the temple here. We had stake conference on Saturday and Sunday and one of the things that the area authority spoke on was the significance of the sealing power on the earth in these last days, and how essential it is to Heavenly Fathers plan and overcoming the effects of the Fall. Without it, the plan could not be, we would be alone, which is not Heavenly Fathers desire for us. Families are forever through God's power on the earth, a concept that should not be taken lightly! So that being said the quote that keeps ringing out in my mind is from Elder Bednar I think, where he says, "We stand in the waters of Baptism and look towards the Temple" We have been teaching our RCs and LAs about the temple and I want them to understand how important these blessings are, and that they can truly be theirs! I have a vision of every member in Thailand having a temple recommend in their pockets as soon as they can to show the Lord that they are worthy and desire these blessings. I can't even imagine the day when the Prophet announces a Temple for Thailand. AHH!! it is oh so close...

We are working hard and having fun here in Bangnaa. Sister Croft is so fun and I am still learning a lot from her everyday. My Thai is coming little by little and I am really grateful for the Lord's help. Everyone tells me I speak so clearly but I think they say that to eveyone! hahaha then there are also the times like on the phone yesterday, calling this girl who's number I got while we were inviting and she can speak english kind of and she was just like "umm you can just speak english, its a lot easier for me to understand what you are saying" HAHAHA I am glad for the moments that keep me humble like that, because they are many. All I can do is laugh and shrug it off! In all honesty I can feel my reading getting better. The Lord is good to us, His gift of Tongues is real real real.

Other funny things/ updates:

-people say whatever they want here! haha like things that are rude or socially not acceptable are just totally free game... haha like "I have diarrhea" or "my wife used to be skinny like you, but now she is fat" or like an older Brother in the ward telling a young woman in the ward that her voice sounds "sexy" hahaha I have no idea.... its so funny

-for stake conference our choir that Sis Croft was a part of like glammed out to the max. haha it was so great, they all wore red lipstick and taffeta and tulle and drastic makeup. They are so cute and worked so so hard, I was proud watching them! Sister Croft refused to participate with the red lipstick.... 

-my shoes (yes my super cool crocs) shrink every time we take them off outside of someones house or a building (you always take your shoes off here before entering someones house and some buildings!) because it is so hot! haha usually they stretch out again, but they are feeling a little snugger these days

-we went to Central the other day which is like the Nordstroms of Thailand and it was really fun (I had to restrain my browsing hahaha) haha we also found Coldstones and they even have CAKEBATTER.... we are thinking we will maybe go back and get some since Cake batter+rainbow sprinkles is the best combo known to man. 

-I can actually tolerate blasting air conditioning in the car now! Who would have thought right? to even imagine my old ways of driving with it blaring 90 degrees even in the summer... who was I and what was I thinking?? hahaha

- we have our CHRISTMAS ZONE CONFERENCE TOMORROW! it is at the Hyatt and from what all of the missionaries have told me, the Seniors go all out for Christmas. I am so excited

Well that is all I have, I am excited to finish the transfer strong, life is so so good here. I hope you are all finding time to say your prayers a midst the travels... (hehe just kidding you guys are the best at that!!) I also hope you aren't too freezing cold... build a snowman for me, and sit in the hot tub! and I really mean it this time, get the CHRISTMAS TREE up already it is December 1st people!!

love love love you!!! 

Sister Morgan

Thanksgiving...complete with Ruth's Chris Sweet Potatoes!

They were so welcoming and kind at Thanksgiving--
I hope to return the favor to missionaries someday

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