12/14/14... The best thing we can do this season is to look outward as He always did... This week was seriously SO good!

Baptism of JaneDaa, Phone and Fern

FAM!! I loved the updates! I am amazed with how much good stuff happens every week.. Brad killing it with basketball and making friends with the Australians, Mom and Dad killing it in the ward, PJ being Mr Social, and then Ty with the Provo adventures. soo good

This week was seriously SO good. I will paint you four little pics of this week....

Alright so number one... Tuesday we had our Christmas Zone Conference and it was SO good! Seriously, best day. So we started out at the Asoke chapel so Sis Croft could practice her musical number (I don't think there is anything she is not good at!) so we got to help Sister Senior set some stuff up. It was so fun to see her in action!.. Mom she reminded me of you, totally had everything all coordinated red and white and just SO cute for the little refreshment table. Then we met all the missionaries in the zone for caroling in this square, then we went and had one of the most amazing buffets I have maybe ever eaten. It was at the Hyatt... so beautiful, I think I have found the vacation spot I will return to for the rest of my life! We went back to the Asoke chapel and there were musical numbers- Including a SOLO by Sis Croft (soo amazing) and a performance by President Senior
President Senior's musical number..
Sorry this is like my only pic from Zone Conference!
himself which was equally hilarious and soo good-, games, the Seniors and a few missionaries spoke, and the dying missionaries bore their testimonies. Wow, the Seniors are just so amazing. They shared with us their family tradition where for Christmas they read from Matthew 25 about how serving those in need is in fact serving the Savior (naked and ye clothed me, hungry and ye fed me, stranger and ye took me in etc) So they read that at the beginning of the Christmas season, then each person draws out of a bag one of those things and finds their own special way to implement it during the Christmas season as a gift to the Savior. What a cool reminder that HE is the gift and that the best thing we can do this season is to look outward as He always did. They gave us each a special present including a Christmas CD (Sister Croft and I are LOVING it!!) and just really made us feel so special and loved. I am grateful to be in their stewardship and to be a part of this mission. Such a special day!!

So picture number two... We have this coolest guy in our ward who is in a wheelchair. He is probably in his 30s? but is so strong, like is there early every week to bless the sacrament etc. Well he has a super progressive disease and he can't really move his arms or legs very well and the infection has gotten so bad in one of his feet that he was going to get part of it amputated on Wednesday, so the Bishop wanted us to go visit him and have the Elders give him a priesthood blessing before the operation. This was the perfect opportunity for us to take the Senior's invitation to serve in the Savior's way as a gift to him. All day I had just been thinking about him, praying for him, and when we saw him there in his hospital bed I feel like Heavenly Father just gave me a little glimpse of how he sees and loves his children. I cannot describe the love I felt for him and the desire to just take this trial and pain from him. As we shut the curtain around his bed to have the anointing and the blessing I felt so grateful for the priesthood. So grateful for the fact that the heavens opened up a little and he was able to feel of the comfort and love from Heavenly Father. I will never forget this experience and what a special answer it was to my prayers to better understand the Savior's love than to truly feel it for someone else.

Lumpini Park
where President Hinckley dedicated Thailand!
Also, so cool, the hospital was right across the street from Lumpini Park where Pres Hinckley dedicated Thailand for missionary work, so Bro Boonjan (seriously BEST guy ever, he is in our bishopric, so so cool!!) insists that we go in and see it and take some pics. Of course he had the ward camera and tripod on his person so we were equipped for 900 photo ops (I guess it is like this in every ward, Thai members love taking ward pics at EVERYTHING!) I will probably never forget the image of him setting the timer on the camera and running to get in to pic himself... every baptism, conference, ward activity, anything.. so so good.

Alright number 3... So a few days before Thanksgiving we get this call from the Elders in Phakrett and they are like "Sister Morgan a family in our ward wants to invite you to a Thanksgiving dinner on December 6th" So with like no more explanation than that I was left like what?? Why did they choose me who are these people?? So this mystery dinner is just kind of in the back of my mind and we go to Stake Conference and I am talking to Elder Gage from Samoot Bragan and he is like, "Hey I heard you got invited to the dinner on the 6th! So did I!" Still neither of us had any idea why or who these people are... But obviously both of us at this time are starting to feel like so special and cool to be the chosen ones, yet slightly worrying that it is one of those murder mystery dinners from the movies where people get invited to the creepy house and it turns out to be their worst nightmare...
The Mystery Thanksgiving Dinner Crew
Well then at Zone Conference I am talking to Sis Lor from my district at the MTC and she starts telling me about how her friend Adele from BYU I lives in Thailand and she is going to her house for a Thanksgiving Dinner on the 6th! I was like hey I am going to that too! haha So I am sure the suspense I have been trying to build with this story is killing you at this point, but it turns out Adele knew Elder Gage's brother and she also knew David Gale so she thought it would be fun to invite us! MYSTERY SOLVED!! haha so random, but so much fun. They were so so nice and it was just a really great day! And mom,I totally got sweet potatoes again... spoiled huh??

Ok the grand finale... the best picture of them all, number four. It is Sunday morning, I am in the bathroom finishing getting ready. It is probably about 7:45. Radshay's wife JaneDaa and two daughters Phone and Fern are going to be baptized today so Sister Croft calls them. Fern answers and says she is the only one home and that they won't be coming to church or be getting baptized today. Sister Croft is like ok what?? She comes in and tells me and we are trying to decide what to do... This would be the third week they have been preparing for baptism and then it fell through, but even more, the ward was all prepared with speakers and everything . We try calling and calling back and there is no answer. We said a prayer, and right after Radshay calls us back.. He says JaneDaa is scared and it just isn't going to work out. Sis Croft asks to speak to her and She says she is "sabay jay and dii jay" which means calm and happy. I tell Sister Croft to tell them we are coming to get them (this is super far from the church!!) haha but next thing you know I gather some skirt options for JaneDaa to wear and Sister Croft and I are walking down the road to their house. We get there and one by one they come down ready.. Everyone except Radshay! He says he will just take a bus later... but Sister Croft and I were like, "its better if we go as a family, we will wait!" So at this
waiting to leave for church..... 
time it is about 9:05, Radshay finally comes down and we are in business! I am just like praying in my heart,
"Heavenly Father help us find a way to get them to church right away we want to take the sacrament!" Next thing you know all 8 of us are in a taxi, I am on Sister Croft's lap with my head literally smashed on the dashboard! We made it to church before the sacrament, and it was such a special day!! After the baptism Radshay came up to us and just told us how grateful he was that we came and got them this morning. I think of every good thing I have ever tried to start doing in my life or every good habit I
they are so precious!
have tried to begin, and that first time is always the hardest. That was it for them, and I am grateful for the subtle promptings and nudges of the spirit to "get walking right now because we've got a family to get to church!" 

The Baptism!  
So proud with Bro Suhmwhit

Other Sunday highlights, we had 9 investigators at church and best thing ever... Bro Suhmwhit in his white shirt and tie. Sister Croft and I feel like the over bearing over cheering parents at their kid's soccer game or preschool graduation. hahaha
 So ya, such a good week, the Lord is with us in His work, the Christmas spirit is in the air and we are loving life. 

What are the Christmas plans?? 

I sure love you guys so so much. I am so happy to be a Morgan and to have you guys for eternity... so good right?? 

here is to another good week!! we have transfers on Thursday, Sister Croft goes home and I will be getting a new companion and possibly be moving to a new area.. I know HF will have happen what needs to happen! Pray for good things for all the missionaries here!


Sister Morgan

ps We are skyping in like two weeks! can you believe it???!
after running for our lives through some sprinklers...
Sis Croft, Elder Bannagon, Elder Williams and I, best district ever!
Father's Day celebration at Imperial, how cute are they?!

another one from Lumpini Park

haha look what they have here!! I didn't buy it...
super expensive and not the same as the jumbo costco bag...
there was a guy having a tennis lesson at the fitness center by Lumpini Park...
hit some tennis balls for me!

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  1. Jealous of the beautiful weather our missionaries are having...wouldn't trade though, I want them happy and healthy. Sarah sounds great!