12/21/14... Jesus Christ is the greatest gift the world has ever received!


Where do I even begin?! This week has been action packed and I am sure you have seen lots already on Facebook, but the rumors are true, Sister Morgan and Sister Herrmann are officially companions!!
My new companion Sister Herrmann from Orem, UT
So crazy because literally Sister Croft trained her... moved to Bangnaa, trained me, then Sister Herrmann followed her here to finish my last 6 weeks of training! We were talking on Tuesday before transfers at MLC thinking about how fun it would be to be companions, but thinking it would be kind of a long shot, same trainer plus the fact that she is only 2 transfers ahead of me, but here we are, so so good! Sister Herrmann is amazing, so much excitement and love for missionary work, people, and life in general. It is going to be a great transfer. We are going to baptize all of บางนา!!

So there you have it.. I have officially finished one transfer in country, can you believe it?

My last days with my beloved Sister Croft were awesome. I am so grateful for the pace she set for my mission, her example of giving every bit of herself to this work and to everyone- our investigators, the ward members, me, in love service and hard work is something I will never forget. She is a legend and I will always smile when I think of her for SO many different reasons.Like our BTS adventures (the skyway that runs through bangkok) and picking people to race who are standing on the escalators a ways up while we run up the stairs... then realizing how stupid we probably looked two white farangs in skirts and badges (and crocs obviously) running up the stairs super fast then casually walking off hahaha maybe Sister Croft will be the only one who reads this and realizes how funny it really was... Or teaching Brother Suhmwhit together and our master lesson plans that we would create because he loves to go off on tangents. It was such a great transfer, and I am ready to take all that I learned and move the work forward. :)

Sister Herrmann and I have already seen so many miracles in บางนา! here are a few of them:

We visited Sister JaneDaa, Sister Fern and Sister Fone on Saturday to see how they were doing and to visit about them receiving the Holy Ghost the next day. As always they were so happy and good, but we left feeling a little unsure if they would actually come to church because I told them that it was so important that they come on their own every week without us picking them up. I prayed and prayed that they would be there. Sure enough as we walked up Sunday morning, they all greet us, at church early!! I almost cried...

Also Brother Suhmwhit got the Aaronic Priesthood this week, another overbearing proud parent moment over here... hahaha

Sister Amanda, the girl from China who we have been teaching in English called us last night and said that her work schedule is changing to Saturdays from Sunday! She has been progressing and her faith is increasing but she NEEDS to go to church! This is a huge answer to prayers.

So our first day in Bangnaa together we start our inviting with a prayer right outside of the gate by the church, and the first person we see is a man washing his car across the street. We walk up to him and invite him and he came to church with his son! He has a wife and a daughter who he is going to bring to our appointment on Tuesday. There is nothing better than meeting and teaching families!!! 

The cutest girl ever Pien, who comes to our english class every Tuesday, finally didnt have work on Sunday and she called us and said she wanted to come to church! We were so happy and we will be teaching her this week. 

Also getting 2 new Elders in Bangnaa!! That means we have 6 missionaries in this area, and we are all ready to work hard, it is going to be so great. Their names are Elder Davis (he is from Kaysville!) Elder Suphan (he is a khon Thai and is our district leader!) Elder Sun (he just got here from the MTC) and Elder Williams (he was in Bangnaa before) 

So many miracles, we are excited to get working together!! 

Also noteworthy.... 
The Stake Christmas Party... OH MY GOSH. It was seriously the most amazing thing. It was like Dad's halloween spook alley meets the Plan of Salvation/ the Christmas Story and takes up the entire church building! There were all of these little scenes and actors and I am totally butchering the explanation of it all, but it was SO incredibly put together and so so cool. There were so many great people there (we even met a girl who we are going to start teaching who's name happens to be SARAH!), lots of yummy food, and good good times. l truly love the Christmas season SO much!
...the Stake Christmas Party was seriously amazing...
This Christmas more than ever I realize and appreciate just how true it is that HE is the gift. That Jesus Christ is the greatest gift the world has ever received. I am grateful for the opportunity to get to know him better through being a missionary, to understand better his love and his mission on the earth. 

This morning Sister Herrmann and I finished reading the Mansion, the story that President Monson reads every Christmas. GO READ IT!!!!!

I am out of time, we are going to try to find one of those fish foot spas today so we have to get going, but I LOVE YOU ALL!!

I am glad you are all happy and healthy and enjoying the Christmas spirit with all of your parties and activities! I love all the details mom, thanks for that!

We will be talking oh so soon and I am so so excited!

all of my love, Sister Morgan

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