1/18/15... As a representative of Jesus Christ it is such a privilege to share the good news with anyone and everyone

 The Bishop who baptized เต้ย (Thuuh-eey) and ขวัญ (Kwaan) and some of the other missionaries!
Family of mine!!

Oh my goodness, can I just say I am so stoked on all of your adventures and successes and just all of it! What the heck BRAD totally swishing the 3 to win the game vs Walla Walla, and PJ with 3 goals and a new found talent in the nose flute. Who are these people!?... yeah so proud! 

So this week has been way good, I am officially finished with my training, and transfers are this Thursday! Sister Herrmann and I seriously have no idea where time has gone, these past 6 weeks have literally flown by and oh boy have we seen the hand of the Lord in บางนา.

Here are some thoughts, highlights and updates from this week as usual:

So yesterday เต้ย (Thuuh-eey) and ขวัญ (Kwaan) got baptized and it was seriously so perfect! I don't remember if I told you, but เต้ย was the one who I said has gone through several sets of missionaries, has been learning for over a year and a half and one set of Elders even wrote "he needs a personal tragedy to humble him". ขวัญ has been learning for 3 years and has such a strong testimony and not to mention is the cutest little ray of sunshine ever, she was seriously just SO ready. I am so grateful to have been a part in them (finally) making these first covenants with Heavenly Father. As I studied about them, pondered over them, shared with them, talked with them on the phone (MANY TIMES) I felt such a connection to both of them and know that they are part of the reason I am here in บางนา, despite not having taught them "the lessons". They were both SO happy yesterday, and seeing this new light in them really just makes you want to burst. So so good. 
With ขวัญ on her big day! How angelic is she??

So then also this week we had a switch off and I went to บางเชน, where I got to work with Sister Lor from my group at the MTC! It was perfect cause Sister Adams (our Sister Training Leader who is SO COOL) came to our area and worked with Sister Herrmann and she was actually a greenie here in บางนา so she got to teach some of her RCs and see the ward etc! It was so fun seeing a different area and how it works, but it also made me really appreciate all of the things I know and love about my area. Sis Lor had such a good time teaching together, especially since it is way more coherent than when we were together in the MTC HAHA.
Cute members last week, everyone LOVES pics here, especially my fun companion haha...she is the best!!
This week Sister Herrmann and I have just had a good laugh at the realization that the people we are teaching right now are so diverse. Like some examples: We have a young 14 year old girl who is learning english with us who is probably the cutest thing in the whole world. We are teaching 3 homosexual people. We are teaching an African who plays professional soccer here in Thailand. We are teaching a mom who works here in Bangkok who's kids live far away. 

So if there is one thing I have really pondered as I think about these different people, it comes from a scripture (3 Ne 9:14) I have shared with many of my investigators that I love because it is literally the words of the Savior and is an invitation to all:

 "Yea, verily, I say unto you, if ye will come unto me ye shall have eternal life. Behold, mine arm of mercy is extended towards you and whosoever will come, him will I receive; and blessed are those who come unto me."

I love that word, "whosoever" because it reminds me that this gospel and this message are for ALL. As a representative of Jesus Christ it is such a privilege to share the good news with anyone and everyone, no matter who they are, and let them know that He truly is calling after them and will receive them. 

I love you all and hope you have the best week... maybe build a snowman for me! 

Transfers are this Thursday, so be sure to pray for good things for all of the missionaries in Thailand!! 

xoxo Sister Morgan

Mom to answer your qs:

I think just keep ordering what you order, Thai food is all good! Maybe try SomTham!

Yes, I got all the info on the new president! Tell Uncle Dave thanks so much! I am excited, he seems great. How lucky is that.. Two killer mission presidents!? I think it might be true TBM, Thailand Bangkok Mission really is TBM, The Best Mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha don't you love that cheesy ending????? yeahhh
The best district ever!!! 
P Day fun in IKEA!
Cute visitors from Elder Davis' last area.. I LOVE THEM, they claim to be the parents of all the missionaries they meet, so Mom you don't have to worry, I am being taken care of! 

The only pic I took from the switch off... cutest popcorn stand where we ate lunch! The smell was bliss..... 
Quicksilver! Made me think of my three favorite boys...and you know I asked if they had stickers but they DIDN'T?! what the heck....
Sister June gets her mission call to AUSTRALIA!! So excited for her! 

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