12/28/14... I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of these special life changing moments with people I never knew I could come to love so much.

ทอมสัน's baptism. We are so proud of him! Major fist bumping after this pic...
I taught him fist bumping and he loves it HA


Wow, can you believe it has only been a week since we talked FACE TO FACE?! How fun was that?? You all look so good, and from what I just heard from Mom it sounds like Christmas was merry merry, and I think you are all vacationing around the world now, yeah!!! Take lots of pics and send them my way! Mom, I want a pic of your present!! 
You go girl...

So so much has happened since we skyped- can you say miracles on miracles on miracles!- I don't know how I am going to fit it all into one email, but as always, I will do my best...

Our beloved ธงชัย!!
Do you see the Grandpa Floydness in him?!
So to start off, I will clarify the whole story with พรชัย, the blind patriarch here in Thailand. So Sis Herrmann and I were inviting at a market that we don't usually go to and invited this funny old man named ธงชัย. He is seriously the FUNNIEST MAN in the whole world. Think Thai version of Grandpa Floyd, seriously!! He was super impressed that we were American girls who could speak Thai and that we were out talking to people about our church. So he comes to church on Sunday (this is Sunday the 21st) and Elder Davis is sitting next to him and finds out that he is the younger brother of the blind patriarch and that they lost contact with each other and haven't spoken in 20 years (I know you asked how that is possible and I honestly don't know either, but yeah 20 years people)! So after sacrament meeting a member who had the number of the patriarch called him, and the two brothers were able to speak to each other for the first time in 20 years! So all that week we called and talked with ธงชัย and he was set on coming to church the next Sunday and that we would have a map for him to go see his brother and that we would go with him. So we get in contact with the Elders in the patriarch's ward and call the patriarch and he is just so excited and tells us that Sister กอ๊ง in our ward knows where he lives and he would love for us to come over Sunday afternoon with his brother after he is done giving blessings. So of course we are so excited to be able to witness these brothers reuniting and it was really just a special thing. To be honest Sister Herrmann and I thought it would be like this slow-mo running towards each other into a long embrace followed by expressing how much they have missed each other and catching up on life... but it was more like ธงชัย handing the patriarch a gift basket and shaking hands and some slight conversation. HAHA. 

The reuniting of the brothers!

But we went inside and talked for a while and they even called their other brother who they haven't talked to in years and had Sister Herrmann and I talk with him (we don't know why hahaha) but it was so cool. ธงชัย really knew nothing about his brother's calling so we were able to talk about it a little bit and just visit. UNCLE DAVID, the Patriarch wanted me to tell you that he says hello and that you are welcome to stay at his house anytime because he has an extra room! Such a kind, hospitable man.

So the story goes on that we taught ธงชัย this week, Sis Herrmann and I taught him the Restoration on Monday-- He is a little bit of a character, he loves to talk with us, so keeping him on track is a bit of a challenge. But he tells us he will pray everyday, especially for good health and that he will "take the baptism on the 11th if you two can convince my wife to take the baptism too, because she really needs it!" HA. Then Sister Senior and I taught him on Tuesday after English class-- yes the Sister Senior in the flesh! She and President Senior came to our English class this week, such a treat and so fun to teach together! (we had another person to teach at the same time so we did a switch off and Sis Herrmann taught with a member) So we have been calling his wife, she lives far away, but should be able to come to church on Sunday YAY! Pray for them, they are so awesome and I know us meeting ธงชัย is the answer of many prayers of the patriarch on behalf of his family. 
At the Patriarch's home

Also! The patriarch called us yesterday, and wants us to come to his house tomorrow to teach his son who I don't think is a member! When I called him the other day to tell him about how ธงชัย was progressing he just said he was way impressed with what dedicated missionaries we were and wanted to give us another investigator... little did we know it is possibly his son! 

So there you have it... all the details. But the week doesn't even stop there, I have a few more tid bits that are tooo good not to share!

So this last week Sister Herrmann and I were both way sick.. especially Sister Herrmann, I feel so bad because I totally gave it to her :/ So we totally had to cancel our appointments on Wednesday (Christmas Eve) or have the Elders teach them. We were so bummed because we had really big goals for the week and were just not sure how it would all work out, especially with Thursday being P-Day for Christmas and everything. Well, the Lord really just showed us that it is not us and our ability that does this work, it is HIM. We ended up having 13 investigators at church on Sunday, 16 including the Elders'! What a miracle.

With our girl โช, she is SO great!
Also... we had 2 baptisms! On Sunday โช, the girl who's daughter's name is Pancake got baptized! She is so amazing. She is from English class, and has just totally changed her life around. I had probably one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission teaching her about repentance and the covenant of Baptism right before she interviewed. It was like the Spirit literally filled my mouth with the words to say to her and the scriptures to share. Her testimony after her baptism was just so simple and pure. A guy named Jack was also baptized with her who I met at Imperial but we gave to the Elders to teach. It was crazy because he came to church after I invited him the first time, then he didn't come for a little while, but I saw him again at Imperial and invited him again and he came, and next thing I know the Elders said he was getting baptized! He totally gave me the cutest "shout out" in his testimony haha. Then last night, NEW YEARS EVE, we had the baptism of ทอมสัน, this guy we found in our Area Book who had learned with the Sisters before, but had never been baptized because he smoked and drank. So we call him and meet with him a few weeks ago, and just get on him about not drinking and smoking and tell him to pray every time he wants to smoke or drink. Well seriously he has CHANGED his life. He says every time he wants to smoke he prays and it works.. he tells us all the time that he literally prays all the time! We had some very spiritual experiences praying for strength with him. I have definitely come to know of the power of a fervent kneeling prayer as we have done so with our investigators no matter if it is a prayer for strength, an answer, guidance, courage, forgiveness, to feel of His love etc. I know He hears and answers EVERY prayer as I have seen Him do so with each of my dear investigators.I am so grateful for the opportunity to be apart of these special life changing moments with people I never knew I could come to love so much. 
โช and Jack's Baptism!

Wow if you are still reading this you are probably either my mom or my dad or my Uncle David (HAHA) but it has seriously been such an amazing week. I feel ever more aware after this week that I am nothing more than a tool in His hand, that I will go where He wants me to go, do what He needs me to do, invite who He needs me to invite, and love who He needs me to love. This is His work. I love the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ. I love love love to be their missionary.

Other highlights/ fun stuff you should know:

-So Christmas, after we Skyped, Sister Herrmann and I literally put on our matching Christmas PJs, got our snacks and went to the church to sleep and watch movies because we were feeling so yucky! It was actually perfect and so fun, we watched 17 Miracles which had Spanish subtitles that we couldn't get to go away HA, and the District! haha 
Sis Herrmann working it in the matching pjs.. the only pic I have of them.. but seriously they are so cute!

-Also, MOM, I opened the package a few days before Christmas.. So funny, Sis Herrmann basically forced me! The suspense was killing her, and she had already opened hers. HAHA. But like I said, it was literally PERFECT. You are the best best best and sure know how to pack in the good stuff... not an inch of wasted space!!
Opening the World's Best Christmas Package!
-President and Sister Senior made a surprise visit to our English class on Tuesday... Such a treat! They are so fun and so so kind. Every time I am with them, I just feel of what truly good hearted amazing people they are.. Thailand Bangkok Mission is SO lucky. 

-So the reason we had the baptism last night on the 31st was because for the year 2014, we were literally 24 baptisms away from the goal of 2,000 total for the year! So we will find out soon if we reached the goal or not... But how cool is that?! 

-And then today for New Years Sister Herrmann and I are going to do something with President Wisan and his daughter Wi!! We are so excited.. We have no idea what we are going to do, but President Wisan called us the other day and said he will pick us up at noon... SO FUN!?!?!!

Life is good, it is a new year, and the work is moving forward in บางนา!! We have big goals for the rest of the transfer, possibly 2 baptisms this Sunday, and 3 or 4 as of right now for the 11th. We are so excited. 

I love you guys so much. Thanks for you love and support and EVERYTHING. I hope you feel of my love and prayers everyday, because they are coming your way full speed!

Lets make 2015 the best!

xoxo, Sister Morgan

At Central World this huge mall in Bangkok!

How adorable is my family!?
Too cute not to include.. how fun are the Seniors?! Our Christmas gift from them..
It has been on repeat in our apartment all month! 

One more for fun... "It's spelled Jojoba, but it's pronounced ho-hoba!" Name that movie anyone.... :) :) :)

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