2/1/15... Sister Nethercott and I are starting to feel like we are getting a handle on P-Lok

Sunsets by the river....... so good

So glad to hear you guys are just living it up as always, Mom and Dad enjoy the Maui sunshine--I am still convinced it is the best sunshine, although I am starting to feel like Thailand sunshine comes pretty close!! :) haha 

So to be honest, this week has been a little uneventful, but still so good! "Opening" an area, kind of white washing in is definitely a challenge, but Sister Nethercott and I are starting to feel like we are getting a handle on P-Lok and the branch and everything. I am absolutely loving working with her.. she is such a good missionary, way positive and fun. 
How cute is this SISTA???
Probably the biggest news of the week was that  ฟลูค์ (Fluke), the investigator we met on our first night here got baptized on Sunday! He is way good, he already has the gospel library app downloaded on his phone and everything. We are especially excited because in a few weeks he will be able to get the priesthood and this branch NEEDS priesthood holders! It was actually so cute, the other Sister's RC, Brother Guitar just got the priesthood on Sunday (he was baptized just two weeks ago) and he was the one who did the baptism! He was SO nervous, but it was such a cool, cool experience and thing to witness. How blessed are we to have the priesthood in its fullness restored to the earth today? Do not take for granted having a ward full of priesthood holders, here in Thailand it is sometimes hard to come by! 
ฟลูค์'s Baptism!!

The week was filled with LOTS of inviting and I am so grateful for Heavenly Father's guiding hand in our trying to find those prepared. We found lots of cool places to invite, which was definitely a blessing because we just kind of rode around on our bikes since we don't know the area way well.. we went to Central and Tesco, two huge shopping centers, then found the COOLEST markets. Sunday night we found this flower market and it was so perfect because there were tons of FAMILIES out together. We were able to get 62 phone numbers this week and are really hoping and praying to get some progressors in this next week. It is going to be a GREAT week :)

Ever since our training with President Senior last Monday, I have really been trying to work on my testifying, sharing my bold, heartfelt witness as a representative of Jesus Christ. It was really perfect to be doing a lot of inviting this week, because it gave plenty of opportunities to do that. I have been trying to look people in the eyes, see them as the children of God that they are, and invite them out of LOVE... it gets so easy to just go through the motions, or to get distracted at the markets HAHA (Sis Nethercott and I both love shopping :)) But I have had SO much more joy in my inviting as I have focused it on testifying and loving. I just made this little picture booklet thing with all of these way helpful pics (plan of salvation, godhead, Christ, the Prophet, temples etc), and I have had a few chances to show the pic from my baptism (Thank you so much Mom, its PERFECT!!) and show the pics I have of the temple to testify of eternal families. So good, and seriously so fun!

Haha like the other day when we were at Central inviting, we actually got kicked out by the security guards and they wanted us to go talk to the guy in charge, so we were in his office and it set up yet another opportunity to testify out of love... Just telling him, "hey, we aren't here to interfere or disrupt business, we are just here because this is the most important thing in life, and we want to share it with EVERYONE."

So that's where we are at people, sharing the message of Jesus Christ and his Restored gospel with EVERYONE... I hope P-lok is ready for what is about to hit them this week!!!

I know Jesus Christ lives, this is His church and his gospel is restored to the earth in its fullness today.

Have a great week and please pray for our investigators "Tues" and "RoongRode" who we are hoping will be baptized on Sunday!

Life is SO good, love you ALL SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!

Sister Morgan 

Super cool wat here in P-Lok from P Day last week!

More wat action...

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