4/26/15... I feel like this week I was totally reminded how fun being a missionary is

Sister หวาน(Waan) on her baptism day with her ginormous missionary.... HAHA


Thanks everyone for the updates, I am so happy about everything going on-- weddings, branch activities, physical therapy, more strike outs, guatemala, and what is this I hear about KISSING GIRLS?? None of that!!

Haha but yeah, this week has been so killer here in Udorn!! We are loving life and working hard!

Seriously way jam packed week, so I will give you the highlights:

So on Wednesday we had the baptism for Sister หวาน (Waan)! It was crazy because the baptism was scheduled for 6 pm and right before it just starts raining SO hard, literally buckets. When it rains Thai people do NOT leave the house, so we were so worried, especially since she walks everywhere and doesn't have a car. Sure enough though, Sister Nitaya and I get up from our knees after saying a prayer, and the sun comes out and not 20 minutes later there she comes, walking up the alley to the church... MIRACLES! 

another one! the little girl is actually the little sis of a missionary in the mission, Elder Gandun, she is slightly autistic I think and she has had 3 other baptism days scheduled but then gotten freaked out and refused until last Wednesday! all went perfectly! maybe she was just waiting for a friend to get baptized with her that was her same size... Sis หวาน(Waan) just about fits that description!

This week my testimony of member missionary work was so strengthened. We went out to visit Jack's parents in the boonies with แม่ พร (Mah Pawn) who for the record drives like Grandpa Floyd (hahaha SO SCARY) and they ended up not being home. We were way bummed, because we way wanted to teach them and we also drove for a good hour to get out there... but then แม่ พร, bless her heart, is just like the best missionary in the world! She knew where all of the houses of a bunch of RCs were and even a little family that had been taught in the past. We made 3 more visits, shared scriptures with the RCs, taught the family and gave the daughter a baptismal date! What a cool example of the Lord having different plans- maybe even better plans than we originally had.. but even more than that, I will never forget แม่ พร's example and enthusiasm to share the gospel. I think she would have taught the entire lesson if we had let her, and if we hadn't told her we needed to go inviting for the day, I think we would have stayed out there finding people to teach and share with till the sun went down! So awesome. 

This morning in my studies I was reading in PMG and I came across this quote from Pres Hinckley that just sums it up so perfectly: 

"We are here to assist our Father in His work and His glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Your obligation is as serious in your sphere of responsibility as is my obligation in my sphere."

I love that thought, that no matter our calling, the purpose of our life is to help Heavenly Father help His other children-- I am excited to be a missionary FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. haha :)

Then this weekend, we had our District Conference here in Udorn... I told President Wisan that I am strategically trying to get transferred so I can make it to each of the district conferences and be in the pic with Pres and Sister Senior.. HAHA But for real, the conference was AMAZING!! It was all about spiritual self reliance and I cannot get over how spot on that theme was for the Thai members at this time as they prepare to become a stake, prepare for the temple etc. The workshops were awesome, I translated for Sister Stoker's FHE class all day on Saturday-- SO fun to reunite with her and be together even though translating is actually so exhausting! The whole weekend just went so well, the speakers, the music, plus Sister Senior is so detail oriented-- we are talking mirror quotes and hand scrub and lotion in the women's bathroom to make the Sisters feel special. HOW CUTE IS THAT? But ya, just way cool to see the faithful members from everywhere, especially LAOS. And as always, such a good time to be with all of the missionaries, the Seniors, WISAN, the Stokers... Thailand Bangkok Mission seriously gets the best of the best. And, so fun! Sister Senior's sister was here visiting, and she and her husband are great friends with Dave and Becky! The church makes the world so small, and it was so fun to hear a little update on the cousins etc... and she and I both agree that when we grow up we want to be Becky Bates. hahaha :)
The Plummers... Dave and Becky's friends!
Then one a little more ASIAN style... they were SO nice!
But ya, I feel like this week I was totally reminded how fun being a missionary is. Being in a four sister house is the best and it is specially fun with my CRAZY companion... I am trying to think of all of the things she has done in this past week.... like the other day leaving FHE she whispers to me to ride home really fast before the other sisters and when we get home she starts preparing buckets of water to dump on them HAHA. Or the fact that she will be like "Hold on Sis I am having tong sia" which basically means "wait for a minute Sister while I have diarrhea" (Thai people are way open about stuff like that!) or the fact that she washed my clothes for me last week in one load and turned all of my garments pink.. Haha yep. we speak only Thai, she eats noodles for breakfast, and we listen to Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas CD every morning at her request.. I really do love her, & Sister Coates and Sister Olsen too! 
Sister Nitaya hard at work!
And to close I will give you a little recap of our conversation while emailing:

Sis Coates: Hey what is a good movie to suggest to watch, like after your boyfriend breaks up with you, not about love but just like good movie...

Me: What About Bob 

Sis Coates: I am not going to suggest to my friend who just broke off her engagement to watch What about Bob...

I tell you, some people just don't understand!  Still quote it and no one EVER gets the references hahaha. you wouldn't believe how often it is applicable to missionary work... 

"Is this a fake hang up? ...This is a fake hang up" (calling everyone who gave you their number to go to church)

"We are like ropes hanging on the Good-Year blimp, he is just so far above us" (whenever the ZLs are around HAHA jk)

"I tell myself this telephone booth is just temporarily out of order" (when your investigator won't answer the phone)
"DON'T HASSLE ME I'M LOCAL" (every single day in Thailand) 


xo Sister Morgan

We go inviting here a lot! It is like a huge shopping center and at night there is a fun market!
 Udorn is cool......
This one is for Brad and PJ... this is Elder Roberts who just got to the mission and he is on Nitro Circus! 
I guess his uncle is the producer and he is tight with Travis Pastrana... 
(+ also pictured is my sweet sweet Sister Olsen!)
Sis Nitaya's little sis Ribbon came for the weekend! Oh to be a คนไทย and get permission for such things! But really... she is a DOLL
out to lunch for Sister Gaw's b-day... cutest RM who lives here in Udorn and served in temple square... she is the daughter of แม่ พร and is going to BYU in the fall! Love her :) 

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