5/24/15...This week there were some serious flashbacks of my younger days going on...

District pics on the last Sunday... such a fun group!

FAMILY!! Holy cow, what a CRAZY week... all of your updates were so so fun! 

JC is home, baseball, NIKE employee store, last minute Lake Powell trip, there is a Krispy Kreme by our house now.... what is this?!

And since when does Dad get heated at sporting events? hahahaha JK (flashbacks of my entire sports career reading that one) I LOVE YOU DAD

...And all the rest of you too, so so much! 

This week has been a really good one-- seriously can't believe that transfer is coming to an end this Thursday... Where has the time gone? Here are some little updates:

So to follow up with the hair washing story... ออง, the neighborhood guard will be baptized this coming Sunday! He is so great, we ride our bikes home at night and there he is just reading his Book of Mormon. It also makes for the easiest daily follow up ever... just park our bikes, walk back, make sure he is keeping his commitments, give him something to read for the night... its awesome! haha now we are going to start working with the daytime guard too :)
the daytime guard at our house... HOW CUTE IS IT THAT HE HAS THIS SHIRT??? I think a missionary must have given it to him at some point or something, but he wears it all the time!
This week there were some serious flashbacks of my younger days going on... 

So first of all with ชมภุ่ (Shampoo!) and ฟ้า (Faa?), our cutest 17 year old investigators who are BEST FRIENDS that are just waiting on permission from their parents (they have interviewed for baptism and everything). Well we had seriously the best lesson with them on like Wednesday this week, Elder แสงเวียน (Sangweyen) the older couple missionary here taught with us (HE AND HIS WIFE ARE SO CUTE... like I die at their cuteness/everything about them every single day) But anyways, we read in the scriptures about the importance of baptism and then he just shared about how they can still be in a Buddhist family and keep their baptismal covenants etc. So we left the lesson and both knew they wanted/needed to be baptized and had a better understanding of how to talk with their parents about it. So I call ชมภุ่(Shampoo!) that night and such an answer to prayers... her parents gave her permission! But she coupled it with the condition that she wanted to see if ฟ้า(Faa) was going to be able to be baptized too. I tried to explain how baptism was something that she needed to do according to faith, not according to friends... but that is where the flashback came in. I sat there and thought of the curse and blessing of bestfriendship. At that age, if Breanna Lyons ate dirt I would have eaten dirt... hahaha. So of course prayers that night were like so much gratitude for 1, yes, but still so fervently asking for another one. As it stands right now, ฟ้า(Faa) is still unsure about her parents, please please pray that we can help them understand so that these 2 can BOTH be baptized. (cause from the mouths of the best two friends there ever were, it has been very clear, we aren't getting one without the other!) ** SIDENOTE: if you are reading this Bre, I LOVE YOU and it was a fun little treat this week to think back on daily morning phone calls to coordinate our outfits and meeting halfway at the Jackson's corner everyday... haha the best :)
Elder and Sister แสงเวียน the CUTEST!!
The other flashback was to the frustration of my senior year fiber arts class as we helped Sister จีนตนา with the school uniforms she was making.. HAHA. She is seriously so so good at what she does and makes it look so easy, but let me tell you, cutting the excess strings off of these outfits and slicing the button holes is not a job just anyone can do. But really, super fun doing some service for one of the members who is always so mindful of serving us missionaries. We love her!
one of my other แม้s... she is the Becky Loveridge of Thailand!
I wish you could hear her cute voice... she loves taking funny pictures
Other favorite from the week-- ครีม (Cream) is doing SO well and is all ready to go for her baptism on Sunday. I just feel such a connection with this girl. At the beginning of the transfer President Senior told me there was someone specific I was supposed to teach in Udorn, and I really feel like it is her.. way special. 

Ok other news... I finished JESUS THE CHRIST this week!! All I can say is, read this book. PLEASE!! I can't even say how much I love it... It so beautifully connects the life of the Savior and the fundamental principles of the gospel and will literally answer any of the questions you have had about anything (anything!).  Beginning with his predetermined mission as the Savior of the World in the council in Heaven, to the Restoration of His gospel in preparation for the millennium, literally it just paints so perfectly the picture of Christ's centrality.  I would totally recommend reading it with the gospels in the bible (Matt, Mark, Luke, John) it just solidifies everything and you will just feel such a  love for the Savior.. so fun!

If there is one thing that has been on my mind from my readings, it is how much the Savior loves and obeys Heavenly Father.  In everything in His life, it was to glorify and accomplish the will of the Father.  He was so intent on making sure disciples, Pharisees, his very Apostles, everyone know that what he did, taught, thought, and said was not coming from Him, but from His Father.  I have been asking myself as a missionary, or even as a member of the church what would it look like if my will was only His will and nothing else?  I love my Savior for so many things, but this week I am especially grateful for the reminder that complete comprehension of my wants and desires with Heavenly Father's is the most happy fulfilling way to live. 

But ya, seriously a great week, life is good here in Udorn!

I love you guys so much, hope this week is the best.... who knows, maybe I will be somewhere new next Monday! (seriously thinking I am not moving, but you NEVER know with our transfers!) 

Until then, go get some Krispy Kremes my goodness...

xoxo Sister Morgan 

also I am sending your package this week... if I do say so myself it is PERFECT and I wish you had it in your hands this very instant! prepare yourselves....

seriously the FUNNIEST thing in the whole world having Thai people read this...
Translastion: "Apple bottom jeans boots with the fur" HAHAHAHA we were dying
(I am still a little bit of a thug...)
District bowling last Monday!
This is พ่อ สีไทย (Pah Sitay) and he thinks my hair in its bun is the funniest thing in the world
(I guess one time it was blocking his view in sacrament meeting or something)
so I always tell him I did it extra high for him HAHA
แม้ ตี๋ว (Thiw!) the one who will make me any food I request. She is the BEST
our fridge art courtesy of the legendary Sister Zaugg... Udorn really is the Promised Land!
หน้า ตลก!!! (FUNNY FACE!!!)
The Sisters... plus Elder Graham?
Our cute townhouse!
Our across the street neighbors, so beautiful, this pic doesn't even do it justice!
this is the คนบ่า (crazy person) who comes to the church EVERY day...
It is seriously so funny/ a little scary/ Elder Graham loves taking care of it so we had to document it

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  1. I love the photos you post. My poor nephew in the Philippines just spent 39 days without electricity! I will have to ask him if he has read JESUS THE CHRIST. I'm sure he has. He finishes his mission in September. He has gone so long without a lot of things we take for granted - like electricity, running water, a fridge and toilet paper (since day 1. The only time they get any is when they are at the temple!). Your townhouse would be a palace where he is. I'm glad you have a safe place to return every night. I'm glad your mom shares your messages and that you are having a wonderful experience.