5/31/15...I am just so grateful thinking about the opportunities the Lord has given me

My new companion, Sister Parin. SHE IS SO AWESOME

Loved the updates and the pics and the stories. I was literally almost crying I was laughing so hard HAHAHA. It sounds like this week has just been jam packed for you guys as always... so busy here too! 

This week was WAY GOOD... oh my goodness, so so good. 

So first news first.. I am still in Udorn! But I do have a new companion and her name is Sister Parin. SHE IS SO AWESOME. She is Thai, born in Thailand but moved to Utah when she was 13 and has grown up there. She is 22 and went to BYU and loves to draw. She is so funny and SO much fun to be around. An answer to prayers and I am SO excited to work together!! We actually kind of knew we were going to be together because she was told to drop her stuff off here on her way to Transfer meeting in Bangkok, but we still never know with President Senior sometimes! 

So yeah, everything before Transfer meeting on Thursday is a total blur and seems SO long ago, but Transfers were way good! It was President and Sister Senior's last one and it was way special. All of the districts and lots of missionaries that have served here since they have been here made this video for them and it was so so funny/touching. Our district totally did this Hunger games reference and it was like (one of) the best part(s) of the video.... hahaha Ty would have been so proud. One of the branch presidents here has this song he sings for all of the dying missionaries and he came and sang it for them.. so adorable. It is kind of weird to think it is probably our last transfer meeting like this... I have told you guys how they are just SO much fun and there is just such an awesome spirit there. We will see, change is good too though and we are all so excited to welcome President and Sister Johnson!
the branch president singing the goodbye song at transfers... so cute!!
 It is always so crazy traveling back from Bangkok... think sleeping (ish) on a bus all night, getting there at 6 AM--- just in time to start the day and get to work! haha But even with the weirdness of traveling and all that, we have still been able to get lots of good work done this week... such an answer to prayers! 

One of my favorite lessons from this week was with เบล (Bell), our investigator who is so addicted to smoking. We went over to her house and literally I feel like the spirit just gave us the things to say. We talked about the temple and how our bodies are temples... and the connection just really rung out with her. We drew a vision of her life in 5 years, made her a school fund jar (for the money she is going to save from not smoking), and made her a daily schedule to keep her busy. As we left she even let us take her cigarettes with us to throw out. Progress little by little! Best part was that her dad totally declined to sit in with us and listen, but just kept pacing around and listening and watching. We are going to get him! Pray for both of them please :)

On Saturday I coordinated with Sister Stoker to have her come teach the ladies in the branch how to make American treats... seriously these ladies were on cloud nine!! The Stokers were coming up anyways for the branch conference on Sunday so it worked out way good, but she is seriously so so nice to do it. She loaded up 2 ovens in her car and basically all of her kitchen to share one of her talents with these ladies and make them feel loved. I have learned so much from Sister Stoker about how you can truly render Christlike love and service through ACTIONS, without saying much. (She doesn't really speak Thai at all, and the little Thai she does speak is so compromised by a thick Idaho accent.. HAHA I love her.) 
Cooking 101 with Sister Stoker!
So then... Sunday. We had 4 baptisms!!!! Seriously all I can say is Heavenly Father knows who the prepared are, and if we will just be patient with His timing, all will come together. ฟ้า (Faa?) and ชมภุ่ (Shampoo!) got permission and it was just so special to see them in their white dresses after they had almost resigned to the fact that they wouldn't be able to get baptized for now. Through it all, I just had such a peaceful feeling that we shouldn't drop them yet... just keep calling, keep praying. YES. Then ครีม (Cream) the one who I met at the University, just gave the most sincere testimony on her gratitude for a fresh start. And last but not least ออง (Ong) our dear neighborhood guard. HE IS BAPTIZED PEOPLE. It was actually kind of crazy, he totally fell off of his motorcycle on the way and was late to sacrament, but in the end it all worked out! Miracles... especially the miracle that Elder Sangwein was able to baptize all 4 of them in like 1 foot of water. Yikes............ haha
BAPTISM!! Love these people so much! 
I am reading the Doctrine and Covenants now and I love what I read this morning in section 25. It is the Lord's counsel and encouragement to Emma Smith during the struggles of organizing the church at the very beginning. He says in verse 10: 

"And verily I say unto thee, that thou shalt lay aside the things of this world, and seek for the things of a better."

So short and sweet, and easily applied. I was a little overcome as I read this verse. Just so grateful thinking about the opportunities the Lord has given me to "seek for the things of a better". One year ago I never would have thought that I would be teaching older women from another country how to measure cocoa and mix brownie batter, or that I would be cleaning and bandaging the dirty foot of a tiny old man in the church overflow so he could go into sacrament meeting, or that I would be walking down the street with a bag of cigarettes to throw out for someone who I have truly come to love. The Lord has been too good to me, and I really know that as we consciously "seek for the things of a better" and do it with an eye of gratitude we are filled with true JOY. 

But yeah, that is all i have for you today, here is to another joyful week!!!!!! Love you all so so much!

xo Sister Morgan

PS thank you for the BEST package ever!!!!!!!!

TY TY, totally wore my new T to sports day... it was such a hit. I will wear it every week!! you are sooooo funny

Mom thank you for all of the goodies!!! Always so thoughtful and just so perfect. and thank you to Grandma and Grandpa too, such a fun surprise to have some love in there from them too!!

thank you thank you thank you!!!

but on the real, your package will be there hopefully next Tuesday... it was quite the ordeal getting it sent. but it is sent and you are going to love it!

ออง (Ong)......... get a load of this guy!!!
it all started with this pipe!! the air conditioning in our study room actually broke last week (we are DYING!) but they are coming to fix it on Wed... who knows maybe Heavenly Father is just going to slowly have our house fall apart until we baptize all of the service people in Udorn HAHA
ครีม my girl CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
the best two friends there ever were ฟ้า (Faa) and ชมภุ่(Shampoo) enter the waters of baptism at last!!! 
reunited with NEWS and Sister Herrmann at Transfers... back the the Bangnaa days <3
This is one of the things I eat almost everyday! sooooo yummy
just swimming home on our bikes the other day....... so crazy!!!

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