6/7/15... Sister Parin and I are having a good time together and working hard... Miracles on the daily..............

Madi and Taylor's cousins, the Berberts!  He served here about a year ago and came back to visit
with his fam... such a small world, they were so so nice!! 

Sounds like everyone is doing so well! A huge hug and congrats to Rachie for the big graduation and for killing it on the speech, I can just picture the whole thing!! It seems like yesterday that I was the one up there speaking (and then being totally annihilated by silly string HA)... where has the time gone?!

But really so proud of all of you guys........... especially Ty and PJ killing it with the ladies 

We had a great week here in Udorn! The first week of the transfer is a little nuts of just getting our ground on what our goals are, who we are going to be focusing on, and FINDING. Sister Parin and I are having a good time together and working hard. She just moved from หนองคาย (Nong Kai) where the work is on the slower side, so she keeps mentioning how she can't believe how many people we are able to contact, teach, etc here. Miracles on the daily..............

One of our investigators right now is a radio DJ named เล็ก (Lek) and he is so awesome! He came and found us at the church and said he just had this feeling that he needed to come to the church on Soi Jinthakam and learn how to pray. He was like "I have 30 minutes right now before I need to go back to work, and I want to learn!" So we finished the lesson we were teaching, taught him and he knows he needs to be baptized. When we teach him we just have 30 minute lessons when he can go off air and come to the church for a little bit, but his understanding and desires are so solid. The only problem right now is time! He was all set to come to church on Sunday, then had to go to Laos for work (life of a DJ I guess? haha) Pray that he will have time to come and will keep his commitments despite a demanding work schedule!

We are still working with เบล (Bell) the girl who is so addicted to smoking and she is doing way good. I can't even describe to you the feelings I have about the fact that I know Heavenly Father wants us to be teaching her right now.  Not that she is the golden investigator and is going to be baptized tomorrow or anything, but every time I hang up on the phone with her, I just have this little confirmation like He is saying "Thank you for taking care of one of my daughters.  I love her and I know you do too."  She is lonely and stuck and needs the gospel for sure, but more than anything she needs a friend.  I am so excited because on Tuesday this week we set it up with เเม่พร (Mah Pawn) to take her to an addiction recovery doctor.  Pray that all goes well and we can get her on the path that leads to baptism and a life free of addiction! 

Speaking of แม่พร (Mah Pawn) .. she is the one who I said drives like Grandpa Floyd, she is the relief society president, and she is just the happiest, kindest, slightly scatter brained because she is so selfless person in the whole world. She was teaching the lesson yesterday in the investigator class and it was on Repentance. She talked about how she has not always been the แม่พร (Mah Pawn) that everyone knows today, that before she joined the church she was a basketball coach and would yell and get angry and put people in their place etc, and even that she smoked!  I was like a little (a lot) surprised at this, seriously if you met her, she just walks around smiling and basically sing-songing the way she talks and just LOVES to serve everyone. It was such a powerful reminder to me of the true power of the Atonement and repentance. That we in our weaknesses and trials are not cast in stone and can continually become more like Him until we have truly CHANGED. 
Making green curry with one of our favorite แม่s, we love her!!
I sometimes sit there and look at myself and go... you sure have a LONG way to go Sister Morgan! Like for example, the other day when we had the appointment for the air conditioning to be fixed, we waited for 2 and a half hours and the guy never came! I was so bummed that we had wasted the time (which isn't even OUR time anyways) and I am also not loving sitting in a pool of sweat while I study my scriptures every morning. haha so I gave them a call to see what happened and to reschedule, and I will just say it was a just the slightest bit of Jeff Morgan staying at the Mauian while under construction Spring Break 2009 that came out of me.. HAHA. I really am grateful that we can repent DAILY even for things like a little bit of anger with the air-con repair man and CHANGE. But just so you know, the air conditioning is still not fixed! Hopefully by this week, and hopefully I am learning what Heavenly Father wants me to learn from this *patience, humility, love, long suffering :) hahaha

Also this week so fun...... I have had a few chances to just see the continuation and deepening of roots in the gospel of some of the Recent Converts we are working with here. On Sunday, right after Sacrament Meeting where ฟ้า (Faa?) and ชมพู (Shampoo!) got confirmed (the 2 best friends who had to get permission that got baptized last week) the Primary President came up to them and asked them to be Primary teachers! haha the looks on their faces were like, um what is that?? haha but we will see, they would be SO good at it! Then this week we helped เค้ก (Cake) fill out his mission papers! He is about to hit his 1 year mark of being a member and is just SO good. He is the only member in his family, and will go visit his family a few hours away and call us and say "Hey I am with my grandma can you teach her over the phone right now?". He will be such a good missionary because he really knows just how much light and happiness the gospel brings! I think I have written about it before, but there are totally these moments as a missionary where you feel like the proud parent at your 6 year old's soccer game, just sitting there screaming your lungs out when they are dribbling down the field like a big kid. Haha its awesome! (showing up in Sunday best for the first time....... yeah sometimes get a little teary eyed at that one.) 

Brother เค้ก's mission papers pic!
We are getting it printed this week and we are sending those babies off this week! 
 But yeah, you guys asked about Sister Parin, and she is great! She is so fun to be around, and just has the coolest perspective on spiritual things and life in general. She is so funny... like her parents are here visiting Thailand, and her dad called to be funny asking about English class and she just thought it was someone from around here who heard about English and is all explaining it to him then he said he was from Orem, UT and she finally realized it was him! It was fun hearing her interact with them, but totally cute, she goes after a few minutes "Mom and Dad this is breaking the rules and I am working right now!" Gotta love that dedication... is it bad that I thought to myself in that moment, if my mom and dad called I think I maybe would have seen it as a free pass to chat away YIKES! haha mom I blame you that it is in my blood to love to chat!
talking with the parents... hahaha it was seriously way funny
And yes, we are still here with Sister Olsen and Sister Coates having a BLAST. Seriously it is too much fun. I feel so so blessed to work around such super people. Sister Parin is getting used to the level of weirdness in our house too and she fits in just perfectly HAHA it is bliss...

I love you guys SO much, hope you have a great week, you are in my thoughts and my prayers everyday! 

Sister Morgan

Keep up the good work people...

someone go check the porch, I think the package is maybe there..... YEAH
not the cutest pic ev... but next to me is Elder Visser who is from Uncle Paul's ward! 
He is our district leader and is SUCH A GOOD MISSIONARY

Sister Olsen with the 2 girls that come and find us at the church EVERYDAY... 
they totally love the sisters and are the cutest in the world!
some traditional Thai dancing after church! I am pretty sure the secret is in the hand movements... you have to be way precise about the hands... hahaha I will perfect it before I come home and teach you all

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