1/18/16... I am forever grateful for the moments I have witnessed in this past week

hey hey hey!!!

SO glad everyone is doing well, especially glad to hear the house has not burned down with the new hover board and with mom's little Palm Springs vaca leaving the boys to keep things running. hahaha love it-- but really I am still way confused/mind blown on the hover board concept??? its a little too 'phil-of-the-future' for me to wrap my mind around..... like you literally just float around the house on it? hahaha what the................................


This week was such a good one- so I am just going to dive right into the good stuff :):):)

Sister ใจ (Jai) and her son เมฆ (Make!) got baptized yesterday! When we taught them this week, it was so fun to see how ready they were. They are going to be awesome members, and this week we are going to go teach at their house. Pray that her husband opens his heart! Seriously nothing cuter than Make! saying prayers and just loving the gospel. So stinking adorable. I think one of the underscoring way cool parts about it, is that Sister Rungthip's first baptism was totally someone she invited. 

I totally remember those feelings as a greenie like, "Am I going to be the first missionary that ever puts on this nametag and just like can't really do anything?" or "Is the Lord really going to use me??" haha of course those are the craziest thoughts when we remember that this work isn't about US but, they are so real nonetheless, and I love that she had this little "win"/ confirmation- that of course, she, and we all can totally do this work. And to be honest, those feelings, of longing so deeply for Heavenly Father to use you as a tool in His hands/ confirm to you that you are doing what He needs you to do never go away. Those little confirmations are so golden and He gave me one of them this week too...

We taught the COOLEST new investigator this week. Her name is จอม (Jom) and I met her outside of Central before new years for just a brief second- From what I can remember, she walked straight up to me, and when I asked her if she wanted to learn about Jesus Christ she totally said yes right away (totally caught me off guard with how quickly she said it), grabbed the card, quickly gave me her number, and she was off! Well finally we met with her this week, and it was probably the most special lesson of my whole entire mission. She came just ready to learn and connect with Heavenly Father. Completely unexpectedly, when we asked her why she wanted to meet that day, she said that when she saw us there in front of Central, she had this feeling that "we had what she has been searching for for a long time." The Spirit was tangible in the room as we taught this girl truths that she has been searching for and as she took the challenges to act and to know for herself. SERIOUSLY SHE IS AWESOME. We left the room and I think we all wanted to cry. Sister Rungthip and I just high fived and gave each other the look. like "that was awesome" haha! She came to church yesterday and we are excited to keep teaching her. 

This week we also taught the dad of this LA family we visit at a house where they sell gas. He isn't a member, and his wife and daughters have to help with the gas, so they totally are not able to go to church. It was seriously way funny/ actually really good teaching him. I think I have come to realize how big of a deal Sabbath day observance is, because not being able to get off work on Sundays is really what keeps him from readily joining in with his family. The whole time, it just felt like he KNEW it was true. Pray that we can help him increase his faith because that is where it all starts! On Sunday, his two daughters came to church which was HUGE!

This week it was impressed upon my heart something that comes full circle with what I wrote about at the beginning- how as missionaries we have these total fears about the Lord using us to do his work- and that is how completely we are to just do our part, then "get out of the way" (as Elder Bednar puts it) for the Spirit to do the work because after all, THE LESSON IS INSIDE THE LEARNER. In preparation for Zone Conference we were asked to read the BEST talk, and this is my favorite part, he says: 

"We do not learn and teach the gospel for the sole purpose of gaining knowledge. We learn and teach the gospel to gain exaltation. Gospel learning and teaching are not about mastering facts; they are about mastering discipleship. Whether we are teaching our own children in the home or teaching ward or branch members in the classroom, we need to remember that the lesson we are teaching is already inside the learner. Our role as parents and teachers is to help learners discover the lesson inside their own hearts and minds. When we acknowledge the magnificent potential of each learner, we begin to see as God sees. Then we can say what He would have us say and do what He would have us do."

I have seen that constantly on my mission, that these people are familiar with these truths. Jai and her son, Jom, and the dad of the LA family all so clearly feel those familiar calls from their Father in Heaven when we do what we can to teach His truth, then leave the rest to the Spirit. I am forever grateful for the moments I have witnessed in this past week, and this almost year and a half of people and their first reintroductions to heaven. It is SO SPECIAL!

Other favs from the week:

I finally put my finger on it- PRESIDENT JOHNSON TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE ROB OLSEN! Is that not kind of true?????????

I finished the Book of Mormon (in English this time!) again- it is so true!

Our washing machine finally got delivered!!

I finished my Personal Progress in Thai! haha seriously it has been SO fun doing little projects and value experiences all in Thai and kind of geared toward missionary work. Yay!

I memorized the full name of Bangkok YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sister Rungthip was so proud/ was so helpful too hehehehe

Sister Forte and I totally took our companions to VT here- Our Vietnamese restaurant obsession from Udorn- they did not appreciate it like we do! We were so sad....... but as always SO YUMMY!

We have Zone Conference this week! 

And that is that! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!! 

have the best week ever, SISTER MORGAN

inviting by the river- seriously cutest atmosphere!
Sister Rungthip

practicing my spelling- hahaha you really have to think like a Thai person to spell English words in Thai--- sooooo funny writing these out then having Sister Rungthip read them back to me. OMG priceless

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