1/1/16... The celebrations don't stop at Christmas day around here...


Happy 2016 people!! Can't believe you are taking the streets of LONDON today- how fun is that?!?! How dare you go to one of the fashion capitals without me---- hahaha LIVE IT UP

Seriously LOVED this pics of Ty with the people from his mission, so PRICELESS! I know he was the best of the best and I still think to myself all the time, "be like Elder Morgan" or "what would Elder Morgan have done?" I feel so lucky to have such awesome missionary examples in my very own family and was actually talking about that the other day in our Book of Mormon class.. we were reading in Helaman 5, and I love verses 6 and 7:

"...Behold I have given you the names of our first parents who came out of the land of Jerusalem; and this I have done that when you remember your names ye may remember them; and when ye remember them ye may remember their works; and when ye remember their works ye may know how that it is said, and written , that they were good. Therefore, my sons, I would that ye should do that which is good, that it may be said of you, and written, even as it has been said and written of them."

So glad to wear the Morgan name and try to carry on the legacy of love and service that has been laid before me. I think it is so cool to pump up the members here that are the first/only ones in their families, like, "do you realize how grateful your children, and your grandchildren, then generations on will be for your decision to be baptized, keep the commandments and be faithful to the Lord?" SO AWESOME

Anyways we are doing great here- honestly kind of a blur since we last talked! I will give you some highlights cause I don't have tons of time today- We are going to the King's Palace!

-Christmas Eve morning visit/ caroling at the hospital to the daughter of an LA sister. I will never forget the feelings I had while we were there. 
caroling at the hospital, she was SO sweet!
-Christmas Eve at the Bishop's from the International Ward, so so fun, they are the CUTEST family. We went and did a little Secret Santa thing for some members in the ward and caroled and then had a WAY yummy dinner!
cutest table setting at the Nelson's for Christmas eve dinner

-ANOTHER Christmas Eve celebration at the Lewis's house where I totally realized the Lewis' are the family of LIZZY LEWIS FROM MY FRESHMAN WARD AT BYU! How crazy is that?! She comes walking out like "Hey Sarah?!" So fun making gingerbread houses and having a little blast from the past
Gingerbread houses at the Lewis'! Lizzy is the blonde one!
-Christmas Day brunch at Sister Reyolina's house with her 3 cute kids.. Honestly between the 3 wards here we were SO spoiled! She was so fun to chat with and she is officially the 100th person that has told me that I look like young Barbra Streisand.... This week I also got "a prettier version of Amy Winehouse..." I don't know if I should be offended at either of those HAHAHA whatever

-Christmas Day open house at President and Sister Johnson's house- so fun to be with the other missionaries and to be in their home (it is so beautiful!) We totally got to meet two of their kids too- such an awesome family. And they all have different shades of red hair which I think is just really cute HA!
at President's house! Sorry I didn't take very good pics!
-Christmas Day dinner at Wisan and Noi's house- It was so much fun! We sang and played games and ate Wisan's special Christmas cooking. They are the BEST and so so fun to be with. You guys will die when you meet them
Christmas Eve at Wisan's. Wi and her husband- how cute are they?!
-The celebrations don't stop at Christmas day around here haha!- DonMueng had their ward Christmas party on the 26th- we played the FUNNIEST monkey game and I am so excited to teach you guys- hahahaha it took me forever to get it (apparently they play it at FHE a lot etc and for some people it has taken like 10 years to finally catch on..... way funny)

-The COOLEST new investigator ใจ (Jai) came to church and brought her cutest sons and just LOVED it. She has a date to be baptized and her son is 8 and I think will be baptized too! We will keep teaching them this week. The members were SO awesome and just took her right in (totally held her baby in the hall so she could go to the investigator class- it was so tender)

-Way awesome miracle on Sunday- I invited this guy named Ryan who is from the Ivory Coast the other day, he is Christian and we just talked way super brief. I call him for church, hoping he will come to the International branch in the morning, he didn't, but called and said he would be coming at 1.. which is one of the Thai wards. Totally perfect still. So I explain to the taxi driver how to get to the church and by the time he gets here  it is like pretty well into sacrament meeting- we walk inside from grabbing him and there sitting on the couch waiting for his wife to finish a meeting is Brother Joe from the international ward who is totally from the Ivory Coast! He was totally able to speak French with him and bear his testimony and talk. It was perfect and no doubt a total miracle! We were like, "ok Brother Joe will you have time to teach him at the church with us?" and he was like, "Well of course, but we must teach him in my home!" They exchanged numbers and I am so excited. There is actually the cutest like "Brotherhood" of guys from Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana and they are SUCH a strength to the ward. I will take pics for you guys!

-I met Christine Grantham's Thai look alike this week- Her name is Noni and she is from the International branch in Asoke. She lived in Washington before, but we just became best friends at one of the Christmas Parties and she has told me to request from President Johnson to move to Asoke. HAHA! I was sitting there going why do I feel like I know this woman- then I put my finger on it, SHE IS JUST LIKE MADDIE'S GRANDMA! hahaha

-FHE at Wisan and Noi's house. They taught us how to make food and it was so much fun. Wisan brings us this soup every Sunday and we love it, TomYamGoong! so he taught us that and Noi taught us some of her specialties.They are our family here! 
-our phone got stolen this week :/ I am totally mourning the loss of the Thai dictionary app- I seriously had the best list of words I was working on. haha! And had marked all of these awesome talks and scriptures in the gospel library app but its all good. We are back to the old phone, which still does all we need it to. I cannot imagine how people did missionary work without the phone to call investigators and members etc...................

-Last night we had the funnest New Years party at the church. The members totally did this best gift exchange, we ate yummy food and had fun music. They are so cute! Of course we left at 8:30... I am seriously having a hard time thinking that someday I won't go to bed at 10 or sometimes before then. HAHA! to be a missionary......
the Bishop's wife in one of the wards here- LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!
We totally had tons of mutual friends from ChiangMai and decided that someday we will go together.
They are the greatest examples of love and charity... 
New Year's Eve gift exchange fun!
Such a special time to be a missionary. Lots of celebrations, 'tis the season I guess! But we are blessed and working hard here. It is always so exciting to start a new year. What are we going to do different and better this year than we did the last? 

I happened upon the GREATEST devotional from Elder Randall L. Ridd called "Living with Purpose: The Importance of 'Real Intent'" and it is seriously SO good. One of my favorite parts:

The whole meaning and joy of life, lay in the search for perfection and understanding God's will. and I would add, doing God's will. It has been said that the "two most important days in  your life are the day you are born  and the day you find out why you were born" Because we have the gospel, we don't have to spend our entire life trying to discover it's purpose. Instead, we can focus on fulfilling that purpose."

How spot on is that quote??? With the blessing of the gospel in our lives, we can set goals with vision and purpose aimed at Exaltation and Eternal life with Heavenly Father. Lets make 2016 our best year yet!!


I love you guys so much, travel safe (first class personal space pods???????????????! love it) and we will talk on Monday in just 4 days!

xoxo Sister Morgan
how cute is she???
this is Gato, speaks perfect english and is the smartest 7 year old I have ever met.
He told me the other day that he thinks he is racist and that he wishes humans had tails.
I don't even know but we are pretty good friends. hahahahaha
the best way to shop at the grocery store...
Elder Curtis and his แฟน (fan) the Thai word for girlfriend/boyfriend......hahaha

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