1/25/16... We are literally FROZEN this morning. You walk outside and people are wearing parkas and scarves and beanie hats...I am pretty sure it is in the 70s..........


can't believe some of your updates, especially worried about my favorite Grandma Phyllis in the whole world.... and Grandpa too. I am so glad you guys could go down and be with them for the day and I will be praying for them<3 also so stoked about LOMALINDA..... I think Cal is the perfect fit for Mr. surfs up 

HAHAHA speaking of, remember when Tyler came home for Christmas after he was at BYU Hawaii and he just could not handle the cold and we were all like what the heck Ty?!

That is me you guys- we are literally FROZEN this morning. FROZEN. You walk outside and people are wearing parkas and scarves and beanie hats and I wish I had a parka and a scarf and a beanie hat for myself! I am pretty sure it is in the 70s.............. But literally this is not good!! hahaha YIKES!

Other than this sudden change in weather, things are all good in the hood! And even then, it is kind of nice to change things up a bit from the usual hot hot hot. Seriously a way killer week!

It started off on such a good note (LITERALLY) with FHE at Brother เอก (Eek) and Sister รษา's (Rasa's) house--- SO COOL! So Eek is actually a super famous singer here in Thailand, like his songs, especially one of them, play EVERYWHERE. They are in our ward and are the coolest couple that have the strongest testimonies and so much love for people and for life. I am not kidding Sister Rasa teaches the Investigator class (when they are not touring for his music!) and she is so so good. Plus she is a total diva. But anyways, FHE was really good with some RCs and at the end of the night Eek totally played some songs for us, our own little concert. Ha! Also-- I am kind of ashamed/weirded out to tell you guys, but Sister Rasa has gotten me hooked on eating snails! I AM SO GROSS, I KNOW!!!!!! 
I told them I needed this picture cause it was like celebrity cribs/ them in their relaxed normal clothes. hahaha I LOVE THEM
We had seriously the BEST lesson ever this week with จอม (Jom) our new investigator from last week. We taught the plan of salvation and it was so special. There is the coolest spirit in the room when the investigator just wants to learn so bad-- she totally wept at the end of the lesson and gave the most beautiful prayer. She loved the idea of family history work- we just have to help her find out how she can find her family members since she has no siblings or connections to family and her parents have both passed on and are not fully Thai etc. I am so excited to keep teaching her. Pray for her to be strong in her resolve to keep the commandments and quit drinking coffee!

Also this week we went and taught Sister ใจ (Jai) at her house, and we totally taught her in-laws! hahaha I wish you guys could have just seen it cause there is no way to describe it-- their house and her in-laws were the epitome of Thailand. We had to go down this really narrow alleyway that you can't get to by car, back through tons of "houses" and then we get there and they are just sitting criss cross apple sauce in the main room on a mat, he's wearing one of the plaid wrap skirt things that all of the old people wear, she's wearing like a tank top without a bra (hahahaha sorry its true) and they are just sitting there happy as can be. We taught them how to pray and I think they will slowly open up, especially with what a rockstar Sister Jai is. She and เมฆ (Make!) got confirmed yesterday and I just could feel what a special thing it is going to be for their WHOLE family. Also Jai said the prayer in Relief Society! haha so cute
At Jai's house! This is her other son who is like 1-- his name means fog and the older son who got baptized, Make!-- his name means cloud.......... so creative over here haha! 
We were so spoiled with tons of great training and spiritual power this week too-- we had Zone Conference and then this Worldwide Missionary Broadcast back to back and both were SO awesome/inspired! The main topic for both comes down to, "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts" and I am so grateful for reminders and tips on how to be effective in that, which is the perfect way to really look at our purpose as missionaries.. 
Zone Conference!
My understanding of what repentance really is/means has grown so much on my mission and from this training too. I think of the whole process involved in missionary work and when I think of the investigators in that baptismal interview, truly knowing what repentance means, how to repent, and DOING IT, everything that is hard or awkward about the changes that the gospel requires completely dispel--- it makes my heart SING!!!!! It also sings at the fact that we ALL can repent all the time. How spot on is what Elder Klebingat said in that conference talk that blew everyone's minds about spiritual confidence: 

"Become really, really good at repenting thoroughly and quickly...Spiritual confidence increases when you voluntarily and joyfully repent of sins, both great and small, in real time by applying the Atonement of Jesus Christ."

That is ultimately something I want EVERYONE I teach- and everyone in the whole world actually- to know. That baptism is not the washing of sins in water, it is a symbol of the repentance that preceded it- and also of the commitment to continue repenting and applying the all encompassing, merciful, atoning sacrifice of the Savior forever. 


As my DL in P-Log used to say, "Are we being one hundred percent obedient?" 
no one would answer usually............... 
and he would just say, "Keep repenting"

haha, I have never forgotten that....... but lets do it people, keep repenting. 

other good tid bits from the week:

I renewed my Visa this week! So fun to meet up with all of my MTC group there at the government office place........ we are a family forever!

Talking with the เชียงไหม่ (ChiangMai) Elders and get this......... Brayoon is totally going to church EVERY WEEK and in the words of the ever eloquent Elder Hartung, "Sister Morgan, He blows minds in gospel doctrine class" I could CRY!!!!!!!!!!

We started teaching Ning, the girl we visited in the hospital on Christmas eve- She is awesome!

I gave my "dying" testimony at Zone Conference........ so cliche but I can't believe it was me standing up there this time. WEIRD

Everyone look up the painting "La Clairvoyance" - SO GOOD!
(aka see people as they can become, as HF sees them)


I love you guys so so much!


...some of my favorite members! 
Gato and his dad Tha..... as we are all leaving the church last night
they totally come driving up by where we are all standing talking by the doors of the church, roll down the window and are just snapping singing their hearts out
so the church is literally right next door..... MINI will always have my heart! hahaha

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