2/8/16... This has seriously been such a SOLID week... I am still in Don Mueng -YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!



So glad to hear everyone is doing so well and that SORELLA BRUNSON made it back to the motherland....... I can hardly believe it. In that I can hardly believe the time has come, not that I can hardly believe she made it to the end of her mission hahahaha 

Seriously though, sometimes out here when I am saying my prayers and thinking of my friends serving missions I have thought of something Ty said to me about when all of his buddies were going on their missions all around the world, and he just had this peaceful feeling that someday they would experience that joy that the sons of Mosiah and Alma the younger experienced when they met up after being missionaries. Katie, that joy will be ours [soon?! what the....] and I know it is going to be oh so so sweet.

ANYWAYS, back to real life people, back to the good stuff. 

This has seriously been such a SOLID week, so jam packed crazy but honestly so great! And first things first, I am still in Don Mueng -YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA  I LOVE THIS PLACE- and I am training a new greenie! She is an angel from Laos who is actually going to serve in Australia, but she is waiting for her visa so she is serving here before! Way fun tid bit on her-- So she and her little sister are the only members in her family, and they were introduced to the church through their Aunt who has a Thai Restaurant in SALT LAKE CITY. Apparently she had frequent customers that were members, and one thing let to another led to Wisan's wife giving their info to the Elders in Laos and now she is here today! 

So bottom line, everyone go eat at Thai Cafe near Temple Square and tell them you know Sister Wijithraworng!

It has been so clear that she is supposed to be here right now, we are going to learn lots together this transfer, and already we have seen super cool cool cool miracles. There is actually this whole group of khon Laos that have all gotten baptized within the past year and a half and have been somewhat/very less active and super hard to get in contact with. Well they are LOVING Sister Wii- We had 4 of them come to church yesterday, and they brought 4 additional investigators, all khon Laos that we are going to start teaching. YES!

And just like total bonus, it is the funniest thing ever for me listening to hear speak Lao...... cause it is super similar to Thai but one super distinct difference is that all of the "ch"s become "ss"s so imagine its like you are expecting to hear "Chrissy" and it comes out "Sissy" or "church" and you get "surse" ..... hahaha idk maybe I am immature but I die a little every time cause it still catches me off guard.

But aside from the khon Laos, that came to church,  yesterday was so killer! Between the 4 Lao investigators, referrals from other members, our own investigators and a few walk ins, Sister Wii and I had 13 investigators at church that we will be working with! Sister แชมป์ (Champ) was there and will be getting baptized this coming week if all goes according to plan. She is doing great. And she totally brought her boyfriend, who is a member but hasn't come in FOREVER that we have been trying to get to come thinking it would be to no avail. 

So many things this past week have reminded me and strengthened my testimony of a scripture that I love and have probably shared before from the Doctrine and Covenants:

"Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth forth that which is great."

I love that this scripture can be applied on such a personal level but it also rings so true to lots of the work we do as missionaries. We have maybe had occasion to ask questions like, "Ok is this really worth our time?" or "Are these people even getting anything from the effort we are making?" And the clear answer from this scripture is YES YES YES! Even more beautiful is the confirming reassurances that come in due time that it was so worth the time, or that yes, the people did really get something from the effort we made... We have been blessed with a few of those occasions this last week:

Sister นา (Na) bringing her family to church after we have been visiting them lots and being a little rejected (We walk in the house, all of the kids go hang out in the front yard hahaha) They totally came and little by little we will make them like us!

Sister มุก (Muug) this cutest member here that just like fell off the face of the earth about a month ago. I have been calling her everyday and she will barely answer on occasion and sounds so distant and wouldn't agree to a visit or that she would be coming to church. No idea what happened? But yesterday, she totally came! We sat together and it was way good. 

Brother ประสิทธิ์ (Brasit), our investigator who is the dad of the LA family that we LOVE. He is just progressing so slow, and sometimes it seems like they are just so busy at the gas shop that maybe he really isn't even getting anything from the visits. It was so sweet to hear each of the family members say in their own way how the dynamic of their family/ home has completely changed. Apparently ประสิทธิ์(Brasit) has started to pray while he delivers gas on the motorcycle and has just changed a lot. Who would have thought?

Sister เกด (Gate) a less active mom of 2 kids who were all baptized just over a year ago. At one point I think they were strong, but they can NEVER meet with us because the mom works every single day early early to late late. We resorted to teaching them over the phone whenever they would answer the phone (which is seldom) and have had some opportunities to pray with them and be in the scriptures. This last week when I called, Sister เกด (Gate) so excited when she answered the phone and said "Sister Morgan! HEY! I read the homework you gave me!" To my surprise, she had totally read the chapter in Alma I gave her and had a really cool experience with it. cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
teaching Make! and all of his friends this week... SO FUN!
how cute is this?!

Sister Jai's house where we teach them

The little miracles slowly but surely make the big ones. Other fun stuff from this week/ tid bits you need to know/ things on the mind of sistamorgsssssssssss:

-At the command of Sister Johnson we put together the best 72 hour kits as a district to stash at our houses.... hahaha it kind of reminded me of what mom said to me when I got my ultra expensive optional rabies shot before coming on the mission.... "You dang well better get bit by a dog for the price of that one..." hahaha we are all hoping there is a natural disaster or something so we can pull out our packs............... HEEEEEEEEEEEE 

but not.........

-Lunch at Elder Kanikam's house! He was so cute and made it all himself and was just so gracious/ fun with us. And I am not going to lie mom, way to go on the Funfetti Muddy buddies getting me in with the member of the Quorum of the Seventy hahaha everything was "Sister Morgan say the prayer Sister Morgan come taste test this..." omgomg 
Elder Kannikam's centerpiece at lunch...
We are to be "a light unto the world" haaaaaaaaa how cute is that????????

-We are just seriously so spoiled here because Sister Wii and I had the funnest lunch at President Wisans house this week too-- always a treat. What will I do without the Wisanbanawit family in my life???

-So for those of you wondering "What are the ins and outs of Chinese New Year, how could we make this celebration a part of our lives?" Basically what it comes down to, from two years of sideline observance, just get yourself one of those Mulan dragons and parade around town, especially your local mall, all day long for a few days in a row playing a super loud drum. THAT IS CHINESE NEW YEAR IN A NUTSHELL hahahaha seriously 
the kick off celebrations of Chinese New Year..........

-Eternal Families are the best thing that ever happened to this world. Yesterday at church was the first day back for this lady who just gave birth to the cutest baby boy (their oldest son is serving in the TBM right now!)  and they named and blessed the baby, but then both she and the husband bore their testimonies on just how they have no idea how they could receive such great blessings at the hand of the Lord to be an Eternal Family and have these joys. I died.

-And to finish, another one of my cultural faux paux.................. seriously you guys, I am so dumb. This goes in the book next to that one time I totally went to the ancestral offering of popcorn thinking it was a "sample cup" hahahaha 

So in Thailand the head is super sacred and the feet are super "unsacred" for lack of better word. As in don't even think about patting someone older than you on the head or ruffling their hair like you are old pals... or forget pointing your foot at someone or showing them the bottom of your foot or pointing to something foot level with your foot. You get it. So we are at this market and there is this lady selling socks, and on the top of the pile are these socks with the American flag on them........ Immediately I am overwhelmed with memories of the joy the British flag socks brought our entire family when Ty sent them home to us...... hahahah don't even act like we didn't take foot selfies with those things and just relish in the fact that they were from him. Well I am just like yes, I need to bring that happiness to my family once again, THEY NEED THAI FLAG SOCKS! 

So I ask her, "Hey do you have any of these with the Thai flag?" and all the people around just give me this look of disgust like.......... "YOU WOULDN'T DARE"... and she shakes her head and the man next to me quietly/shameful on behalf of me says, "Thailand forbids it........"

hahahahaha I am such an idiot. Of course they do not print the beloved symbol of freedom culture and all that is THAILAND on the lowly, disgraceful appendage that is the foot. never

So- sorry to get your hopes up guys, but you will NOT be getting any Thai flag socks from me when I come home...

and on that note, love you guys sooooooooooooo much, hope this week is the best!

Elder Curtis  Elder Davenport Sister Smith and Sister Forte totally did the TBM food challenge- 1 large pizza 8 scoops of ice cream and SLAMMED a pack of authentic Tim Tams--- SO SO CRAZY
they were all doing so well-- then they got to the TIM TAMS
the stairs at Bangkok Hospital where Sister Wii got her visa medical check ups....... YAY
"transfer meeting" hahaha 6 am at the mission office, grab your companion and GO!

how cool is this building..... can you tell what it is??
kind of crazy, the other day traffic was totally stopped for a royal person passing through---
 haha those red lights are the brigade of royalty (the king???!)

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