2/15/16... This week... was just the icing on the [heart shaped, frosted in bright red] cake of everything that Heavenly Father has been teaching me so specifically in this the final stretch of my mission

Sister แชมป์ (Champ) got baptized!

Thanks for so many fun updates and pics from EVERYONE! And I love that it is a full house right now with so many fun visitors. YAY!

Nothing like leaning over, "hey meet my dad Sister-- here he is dressed up as Cupid" to spread some Valentines Day cheer with the ole companion in this our usual internet cafe HAHAHA

she definitely loved it and also noted, "Wow Asians would never do that................" 


Ok seriously I can't even write this letter without just saying it- BEST WEEK EVER. We have been just running around like chickens with our legs cut off (HAAAAAAAAA please tell me someone got that reference...) 

Sons of Provo.... eww I am so gross for quoting that movie but bottom line- we have been soooo busy and seeing the COOLEST MIRACLES!

Amidst some Visa interviews and check ups, a trip to the old greenie stomping grounds to reunite with my fav guy ever, Bro พรชัย (Pawnchay) for Sister Wi's Patriarchal Blessing, we have been busy busy with our investigators- most of them fresh new ones ready and SO PREPARED to hear the good news of the Restoration. But you have to know before we get into their details, that Sister Wi totally passed her Visa interview (YAY!) and that it was so so good at her Patriarchal blessing. Not only was it an honor to be with her on her special day, but it was such a treat to reunite with พรชัย(Pawnchay)- He wanted me to tell you guys that our whole family can stay at his house when I bring you back to visit because he is redoing his downstairs room to be an extra bedroom. haha how cute is that?? WHAT A GUY!
At Brother พรชัย's (Pawnchay's) house for Sister Wi's patriarchal blessing- AMAZING! love him
So here we go on a few of our new investigators:

First of all, Sister แชมป์ (Champ) got baptized! Seriously she could not be any cuter, and this last week could not have been any better with her. SO much growth/ she just really opened up... While we taught her on Thursday I asked her why she wanted to be baptized, and she said "Because I know Jesus Christ is real and I want to follow Him." MONEY.... I can't even begin to say what that means, especially when it comes from a girl who has not had the ideal childhood (mom works in a different province and she lives with her alcoholic/abusive granddad) If there is one that can ease the burden and pain of heart I know she has dealt with, it is the Savior. You should have seen this girls face on Saturday at her baptism, then on Sunday after Sacrament where she got the HG. I love her so much
HOW CUTE IS SHE?! แชมป์ (Champ)
This is Sister จินตนา (Jinthna) and crew- แชมป์'s (Champ's) "family"
We have been working with them for the past month
Sister แตงกวา (ThaangGwaa aka Cucumber) is the CUTEST girl ever who we have been teaching and meeting with a lot. She is 30, and is from the South (She totally hit it off with Wisan's wife cause she is from the South too) and came to church last Sunday on her own. She said she had been thinking a lot about what was going on in her life, just feeling sad and needed relief in some way... when she woke up on Sunday she didn't have plans to go anywhere, but she just had this image of the church pop into her mind and she knew she needed to go there...... how cool is that?! She has been meeting with us lots and doing so so good. She will be baptized around the end of the month if all goes as planned!

We met with Sister หน่อย (Noi), this other way cool walk in who has been coming for about 2 weeks now. She is the cutest little career woman who drives a smart car and is so put together. She is way hard to meet with-like never free! But she LOVES everything she learns at church and had totally read way far into the BOM and highlighted stuff she liked. Way cool. But yeah, this week we walk outside to grab her for our lesson, and this other car drives up too! And this lady comes walking toward us and is just like " Hey, I am Christian and I just really felt like I should come to this church this morning to find out what you guys teach!" So we totally taught both of them together and they are both SO awesome. The Christian lady's name is ภวานา (Pahwahnah) and she knows the Bible super well. When I called her to follow up this week she had been reading the BOM and just totally gave the most perfect explanation of why the BOM was necessary in addition to the Bible. We are so excited about both of them and ภวานา(Pahwahnah) totally  has a daughter she is going to bring!

Then totally humbling/ so fun, we taught all of the Laotians this week and they are SO CUTE! We taught them at Sister เขียว's (Kiaw's) house which is so fun/ perfect when we can work through the members. Humbling in that they only kind of understand Thai so its like I am semi-useless and fun in that Sister Wi just totally SHINES. She is such a good missionary. Also some of them can't really read, but we are going to go over and read BOM for them to listen (by that I mean she will be doing all of the reading, I will just be sitting and smiling and encouraging the Spirit HA) and keep teaching them. They have a date to be baptized at the end of the month. BOOO YAAAAAAAAAA
SISTASISTAS @ Zone Training + the dress of all dresses (so many compliments on it hahahaha) 
We also had way killer Zone Training and it was just the icing on the [heart shaped, frosted in bright red] cake of everything that Heavenly Father has been teaching me so specifically in this the final stretch of my mission. Very very tender lessons about love-- because in the end that is what I came here to increase, to learn about, to feel, to give, and to someday master as He has. In our discussion of the WHY of our missionary work, one of the Elders in attendance at the training, kind of tongue and cheek/ to be a little funny pointed out, "Do you want to go home with a heart full of numbers or a heart full of love?"

We all know the answer, and the humility to have the WHY of our missionary work or literally anything and everything we do in our lives- be LOVE is wherein lies happiness and fulfillment. That cliche mission statement that every Elder or Sister hears one thousand plus times, "It's not about the numbers" could be rewritten and rebuffed to save lots of Elders and Sisters from searching and wondering, "If its not about the numbers, what on earth is it about??"

Maybe something more like, 

"Its not about the numbers or the area or the Vietnamese Food or the transfer meetings or the thrift shop dresses or the baptisms or the pictures or the ward size or the bike riding blues or the rain or the companions or the elephants or the key indicators or the Crocs (I could go on, but you are getting the picture...) its about LOVE."

I have never really been able to pick "favorite scriptures" or anything like that (what can I say, I love them all), but the favorite scripture/new theme for my entire life that I got from this my final Zone training in this the final month of my mission (FINALLY, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS THE LAST 18 MONTHS OR PERHAPS THE LAST 21 YEARS OF MY LIFE.....................................)

are the humble words of the Savior from the New Testament that so perfectly lay out the WHY:

"And he that sent me is with me:  the Father hath not left me alone; for I do ALWAYS those things that please Him."

I know for sure love pleases the Father, and to me this scripture makes it so apparent just how easy the choice to love is and in essence reminds us that it is the WHY. 
Love for Heavenly Father=Love for EVERYONE= HAPPINESS FOREVER

for realzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

so I feel like now it would just be fitting to say I LOVE YOU- cause I really do love you guys so much

have the best week ever and make sure dad doesn't start wearing that outfit for fun around town or anything


You know you are about to go home when you see the Area Seventy at a leadership training and he greets you then asks, "Sister this has got to be like the thirtieth month of your mission or something???.. I have been seeing you for a long time!" hahahaha Elder Funk is such a rockstar, I still remember my very first Stake Conference as a greenie where he spoke and talked about how we need to help the Saints show HF they want a temple........cheeeeeeeeeeeeeee just look how far we've come

and its not over yet homies...................... 

BAPTISM! such a special day with so many special people there <3 I LOVE THEM ALL!
Elder Curtis..............
This is GRIT-- Sister Forte&Smith's FUNNIEST investigator ever- we all love him so much
and it was SUCH a great day seeing him get baptized after a few months
(Especially the XXL baptism jumper he wore omgomgomg)
another angle- idk it was so funny/precious. he looked like an angel
pictures of people taking pictures of people............. THIS IS MY CUTE COMPANION- Sister WI
cutest chic-est Valentines Day market we invited at this week!
there is a huge strawberry celebration going on right now...... again, I have no idea why??
dinner at Sister Ging's house this week.................. this was on her wall??
Asian Cowboy art...? I DON'T EVEN KNOW?!
this is Asia............... hahahaha where did she get all of these...? I DONT KNOW?!

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