2/1/16... The truth of the matter is that my time in Thailand is coming to an end...


So glad you are all doing so well, as always the updates were moneymoneymoney. I love the weekly reminders that amidst all the change and growth and everything SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE...... hahahaha Tyler is still going harder on the snowboard than his head can handle (YIKES!!!!), PJ is still working the system to somehow go on weekly trips/ miss school, and Brad is still slaying the bball court. I love my threeeeeeeeeeee favorite boys

and I always love my sweet momma and wise dad

This has been the best week. SERIOUSLY the best! Miracles and lessons learned in the most peculiar unexpected ways, which, I have come to learn, is often the way Heavenly Father works. 

Seriously, in the church we are so familiar with the phrase, "The Lord works in mysterious ways", and the beautiful part of that is the fact that as we ride out whatever His ways may be and seek the Spirit as our guide, His divine design, counsel and purposes become ever so clear......

Grateful for the windows of Heaven that opened this week on a few quiet occasions where I was able to receive some "snapshots" of what it's all about....

To share just one: We were inviting at this market after teaching Brother ประสิทธิ์ (Brasit) and his family (the LA fam with the dad we are teaching that have a gas business)... I was standing on the corner talking to people and from the middle of the busy street comes this lady (nearly 60, she was a well dressed teacher looking lady) and this school boy helping a crippled man get across the street (he was severely crippled and every step was very minimal progress with just continual shaking) I thought to myself, the school boy must be her son, the old man her dad, his grandpa and they are just bringing him to the market to get some fresh air etc. As they came closer it became clear that he was definitely a homeless man, very dirty, and that the boy and the lady had no relation to him, nor one another as the boy soon walked off. The shaking got worse, his steps became more labored and even smaller, his legs seemed to crumble at the weight of his body, and she now carried close to the entirety of his weight on her shoulders with his arm around the back of her neck. More people began to gather to help, now his weight was being born by two ladies, then three, then four. Then he was placed on the back of man who had  noticed the situation and quickly gotten off of his motorcycle to offer his help. The man then carried him off into the distance beyond what I could see, but I had seen enough. I stood these stunned as this all unfolded before my eyes this most charitable act of love and goodwill toward man, event "the least of these my brethren". The soft whisper of this Spirit said, among other things, "Sister Morgan, this is who I need you to be, this is who you want to be." 

The truth of the matter is that my time in Thailand is coming to an end, and I have been pondering somewhat on the questions "Who have I become and ultimately who do I want to be?" This scene so clearly answered the prayers in my heart in the most tender way. All fear or uncertainty of the future dispels when we remember the simple truths that Elder Christofferson puts so perfectly: "Men are that they might have joy- a joy that includes a fullness of life, a life dedicated to service, to love and harmony in the home, and the fruits of honest toil- an acceptance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ- of its required commandments. Only in these will you find true happiness, the happiness which doesn't fade with the lights and the music and the crowds." 

And disclaimers on this story: hahaha looking back I totally could have stepped in and tried to help carry him or something but aside from being so taken back from it all in the back of my mind I know from experience how awkward it gets sometimes when the tall white girl with the bun tries to insert herself in the situation that the khon Thais clearly have at least somewhat under control HAHAHA omg 

seriously though- way awesome. 
In other news:

We have been teaching แชมป์ (Champ), a referral from an LA fam we have been working with- It has been so fun to teach in their home- hahaha some of the kids honestly really don't like to be around us, but we just smother them with smiles and love and I think they will come around. But she loves church and has a date to be baptized next week!

We painted the Bishop's house/ "backyard" area. The bedroom was a nice minty green and now his backyard is completely white. yayaya

Sister พิม (Pim) one of the Thai missionaries I met while I was in the MTC totally came home from her mission in Australia this week! Seriously she is ADORABLE and we totally laugh because we can't remember if when we talked at the MTC we spoke Thai or English, cause at that time she couldn't speak English and I couldn't speak Thai HAHAHA. We are going to start teaching her friend this week who came to her homecoming, and she is the BEST fellowshipper for investigators. YAY 
MTC picture when I met Sister พิม (Pim)
Sister Rungthip got her Patriarchal Blessing yesterday- FINALLY! We have been waiting for her to get on the queue since we very first got together, but really I think it was such a special experience for her. Also, you guys, we show up at the Rangsit building, the ward of the Patriarch, and they are finishing their combined 3rd hr lesson. Out walks this man in temple worker/baptism white clothes and black shoes, I'm like "huh, that's odd I wonder who that is?" We go upstairs...... it was totally the Patriarch. (apparently he wears that every single week. way precious/kind of funny)

With the random cold weather spell we had last week I have totally had to use lotion for the first time in my entire mission! I will never forget what Sister Senior said on the MRT subway train to us Sisters right after our plane landed in Thailand and we were all in awe at how WET the air was.... "Yes Sisters, its like a free facial everyday!" haha so glad the weather is getting back to normal!

what am I gonna do in the COLD???????????????????

YEAH.......... BEST WEEK!

I love you guys so so so much, 

cutest Relief Society activity this week-- it was a food making competition
that Sister Rungthip totally won with her creation "Monster Salad" hahaha love it!

FHE with missionaries is the bomb!!

Can you spot Sister Morgan??!!

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