2/29/16... President Johnson sent a "Pledge to Sprint to the Finish"....... we are asked to make goals and sign the pledge then SPRINT. ..LETSGO

elevator selfies

ok so glad everyone is doing so well! MOM killed it with the roadshow just like I knew she would- SO PROUD!!!

Sooooooooooooooooo at the start of my last few transfers President Johnson sent a "Pledge to Sprint to the Finish"....... we are asked to make goals and sign the pledge then SPRINT.

So naturally I began to apply some of the principles taught by the ever talented track coaching duo, Jeff and Jourdan in their hit video, "Good luck at State Ellie: How to win the Race". Principles I know we all think on often and try to apply to every situation we find ourselves in- because their insights are just that good- 

I am past the stretching... "the O" has been mastered ("Not the O!")

I have made it through the jungle (also known as no mans land) and here I am...

In the final stretch of the final stretch

What do I do Jeff? Jourdan?

...........Arm Circles, really fast arm circles ("like birds")


So that is what we're doing people, arm circles, big fast ones just running around making every second count. This week has been one for the record books again- miracles, laughs, really dirty feet, tired arms (from the arm circles) and a nearly exploding grateful heart. 

Hereeeeeeeeeees the lo-down:

I think one of my favorite favorites of the week was teaching our new investigator ป้าง (Baang!). She is Laotian and has come to church the last few weeks with that big group that we have been working with- but she has never come to any of our lessons with the other 4. We taught her this week and she is the COOLEST/ so prepared. Her prayers (In Laotion!) are so beautiful, and when we read from the scriptures she absorbs it like a sponge. Come to find out, he dad is some sort of minister or something for a Christian church in the south of Laos (super far from our church there). Immediately I can't help but imagine the possibilities of Heavenly Father's designs: WHO KNOWS-ป้าง is the catalyst that shares the fullness of the gospel with her fam in that part of Laos- Slowly it builds and you bet ministers (who have been kept from the truth only "because they know not where to find it") make really good someday Priesthood holding Branch Presidents :):):) cheeeeeeeeeeee

Seriously, I just love working with these Laotian people- they are so fun. Sister Wii says she wishes I knew what they were saying in Laotian about me.. HAHA I think the funniest thing is how much they love my nose (Thais/Laotians think the nose bridge is the best thing ever) hahahaha!

แตงกวา (TheengGwa) is still doing so great. I can't tell you how cool it is teaching the laws of tithing and fasting and the investigator not only accepting it, but lighting up with a total excitement about it all. She is the definition of one who has yielded her heart unto God and it has been really special to be on the front lines and see how abundantly the Spirit has filled her life and testified of truth in personal ways for her. She will be baptized this coming week!

Sister เอ๋ (Aye?) our investigator with the restaurant right by our house (OMG we ate there this week- so good!) is such a rockstar. It has been way cool reading and teaching from the Book of Mormon with her, and seeing the changes she is making/ her desires to follow the Savior. We show up at church yesterday and there she was, just all ready to go in the second row listening to the prelude music. tears. Pray that she can get things in line to get a marriage certificate with her husband so she can move forward with her baptism that she is so excited about!

We had such a great lesson with แพร (Preah) one of our other investigators too. She is the referral from the Elders who just wasn't really progressing-0 all I can say is that the impressions of the Spirit have been so strong and clear as we have taught her and helped her identify her own testimony that was there all along. She is going to be baptized this week.

Then ok.... ณิชา (Nicha), Pim's little cousin is one of my top ten favorite 11 year olds ever. (I only put it that way because I don't want and of my other 11 year old friends that are just not coming to mind right now to feel slighted if I call her the favorite HA but seriously, She is so cool!) We taught about repentance in one of our lessons this week, and she just like gave the perfect definition of what it is. She just gets it. She will be baptized this week as well if all goes according to plan!

We have had some way cool experiences with just following little promptings to call or visit LAs this week too- unbeknownst to us they were incredibly timely and needed in the very moment. How grateful and indebted I am to Heavenly Father for using us to answer the pleas of his children. 

so yeah........... sprinting.

and now some funny funnys just for you and extra news/tidbits:

-The other day Sister Wii told me I was totally laughing hysterically in my sleep for like a while.... hahahah you guys I am literally going insane.............................. no recollection at all

-Sister Wii is leaving for the Provo MTC on Saturday- so sad to see her go, it has been a literal dream working together and learning from her. I love her so much!
I was terrible at taking pics this week so this is all we've got: some elevator selfies. We love our fun condo
-เมฆ (Make!) takes his kids picture Book of Mormon to school with him everyday. YAY!

-right now we have three investigators named "Aye"-- note they are not all pronounced the same!

- I almost poisoned myself to death this week falling asleep with toothwhitening in. hahaha I am so dumb.

but never fear--- I will make it out alive, sprint whats left ahead, and win the race- remembering as Elder Holland puts it "the race we are really in is the race against sin." and even further as the Apostle Paul teaches, 

"...let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God." 

I testify that this is true. As I review the goals I set in my "Pledge" I know that the Savior has strengthened me, taught me, been patient with me, and loved me as I have run the race and seen each of them come to fruition. 

So grateful for these truths taught by these two apostles- along with those taught by my trackstar Dad and his side kick with more gold medals but a little less hair (ha!)-- to lead me along, keep me laughing, and help me sprint to the very end.


love you guys soooooooooooooooooooo much, lets have the best week


Ploy Nisakorn

So I don't know what it is but we ran into celebrities and movie making more than once this week!
hahaha right in front of our condo they were using a restaurant to shoot a scene

then at lunch the other day! Sister Wii totally knew the "dolla" (celebrity)
that was at the restaurant with us!

Kristy should start making some ads like these for lilac....... isn't that a miracle what has happened to the stomach of the person wearing the jeans- it has literally changed shape and completely disappeared! hahahaha ohnophotoshop
SO people, this is a terrible pic. cause it was taken out of bus door windows while the bus was moving, but what you are witnessing in this pic is the largest/most full service SEVENELEVEN in Thailand and perhaps the world. It is right outside of PIM Business school and I was just informed that this is the case after passing it everyday for the past 2 months. OMG hahaha take that Kennewick 7/11 by Incas that always says "worlds #1 7/11"

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