2/22/16...This week I have felt a little overwhelmed at the realization of just how merciful, generous, patient, and kind Heavenly Father has been with this sister missionary.

I seriously cannot believe she remembered me so well.........
she just comes running up to me as soon as the meeting was over <3

So stoked that everyone is playing hard and working hard too--- the boys for a little weekend in Hawaii and mom and dad killing it with the singles ward. YOU GUYS ARE SO GOOD!

I will have you know that Sister Wi was especially glad to see dad's Sunday attire pic (She said tell your family your dad is หล่อมาก which is in some circles translated to "so hot" hahahaha but also can just mean "so handsome"so lets go with the second one...HA!)  

and I think she appreciated the fat booth pics of BigB almost just as much as I do................. Thank you so much for bringing those to my memory cause I then proceeded to show her the eagle court of honor ones too. OMGOMGOMG (I am making a snapfish book of those for myself when I get home)

we were crying

Crying you guys- that is all I want to do these days when I kneel down to say my prayers at night. My heart is so full in more ways than I can really explain in words for the blessings from Heavenly Father- both in the experiences we have been having, and in the understanding and clarity He has given me of His ways and designs for me, Sister Morgan. As I think of the past year and a half and especially think of this past week, I can truly say that my heart has 'felt to sing the song of redeeming love' and is full of that same joy that Ammon has that leads to boasting in Heavenly Father and His goodness. This week I have felt a little overwhelmed at the realization of just how merciful, generous, patient, and kind Heavenly Father has been with this sister missionary. I don't have tons of time to write today, so I'm just going to keep it to the real good details---------------------
my HOME-- how beautiful is the church here?!
-We have been teaching Sister พิม's (Pim's) CUTEST younger cousin-- oh my goodness it has seriously been the coolest thing. She asked Pim if she could come to church with her (you can just tell she looks up to Pim so much/ thinks she is soo cool) and as we have taught her it has just been the most beautiful reminder of the humility, simplicity, and purity of a child and also the joy that comes when the gospel is in the family. Not a dry eye as we knelt and ณฺิชา(Nicha) said her first prayer- Especially Pim's, cause ณฺิชา is kind of her "hope" I guess you could say right now to bring the gospel to her family. Little by little, we will build eternal families!

-We have been teaching the COOLEST new investigator เอ๋ (Aye), this lady Sister Rungthip and I met on the bus as we were going to church a few weeks ago. Turns out she lives/ has a restaurant not a 5 MINUTE walk from our condo! We have been teaching her, and she is just so so prepared. As we taught her the commandments she just knew she could make the changes because it was what Heavenly Father requires. She is awesome and will be baptized next week!

-แตงกวา (TheengGwa) is doing SO great! Our lessons with her this week have been awesome, then last night when I called her and asked her how she is doing etc, she just said that she knows the church is true. MUSIC to the ears. But I can't help but attribute it partially to her attendance at the 50th Year of the Church in Thailand Celebration conference yesterday.......... it was AMAZING
Sister ก้อง and Brother บุยจัญ (Gong and Boonjan) cutest coolest people-- so fun to see them again
แม่โสภีดา (Mah Sopida) she is sooooooooo beautiful and wants the whole fam
to eat food at her house when you guys come. And she makes the best brownies (I am serious)
-In the words of another one of our investigators, ล้อม (Lom?) -She is seriously so great, the friend of another new investigators who was a referral from the Elders :)- when I asked her what her favorite part of the conference was-- and mind you, she has been an investigator for all of 3 days, so I was expecting something along the lines of "it was really fun to see lots of white people" or something like that-- she said "I loved when the Apostle entered the room and then when we got to hear him speak. I felt something I have never felt before in my entire life."

-and she is SO so spot on---Elder Gary E. Stevenson spoke at the conference and it was so special you guys. As he entered the room, not a single person could deny the tangible change. Such a powerful witness to me and to everyone of the magnitude of the calling as an Apostle of the Savior and the divinity manifest in the presence of one. The conference was so beautiful. I think my very favorite thing was the overall simplicity and humility he conveyed in both his demeanor and message. His incredibly humble witness as a newly ordained apostle of only 4 months was seriously so touching yet powerful and real at the same time. (HE IS ALSO WAY FUNNY which was cute to see his personality shine through) 

- also important to note- according to a few of the investigators and RC Sisters that we rode home with they were just going on and on about how cool it was that they got to touch his hand.... and they were all like, "THE APOSTLE'S HAND WAS SO SO SOFT!!" hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa I died................................

-Also SUCH a highlight to reunite with my BANGNA crew!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM ALL
Reunited with my BANGNA CREW!!!!!!!! The Bishop's daughters! 
Sister นิวs (News) and Sister ฃวัญ (Kwaan)  
Some other fun FAVES from the week:

-FHE at เอก at รษา's (Eek and Rasa's) or favorite Rockstar and diva duo. Seriously so fun! They are excited to come stay with us in Kennewick someday YAY

-When I told one of our new investigators that we lived in เมืองทอง (MuengThong) her eyes got all wide and she asked "WAIT are you serious?! You aren't afraid of GHOSTS??!" Thai people are way scared of ghosts (and I am learning Laotians are too.. Sister Wi talks about them a lot HA) and there must be some legend about MuengThong ghosts!
Visiting members this week!... totally have to walk back on this rickety dock
and for sure if you fall in you are getting leprosy HAHAHA yikes
Sister Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii is so cute

-Sunday night dinner at Wisan and Noi's...... we were totally going to teach an investigator there but last minute it didn't work out-- Wisan goes, "Well, you at least have to come over and eat then!!!" They are the best (and they totally make my favorites every time we go over there hehehe loveit)

-President Johnson called this week with the craziest little tidbit! Apparently his aunt emailed him and said that she saw her mission president this past week, DON VANSLOOTEN, and he has a granddaughter serving in Thailand! way crazy! Cause while he was her mission president he totally had a son born who would later be her nephew's mission companion as well! (trying to explain those connections in Thai last night at dinner was a little crazy hahahaha) but bottom line, she TOTALLY paid it forward having a good mission president herself then raising a nephew (raising? for lack of better word not to discredit his parents hahahah) who would also be the best of the best

-Also in that little call we got the news-- Sister Wi's VISA totally went through for Australia this week so she is heading out NEXT WEEK :)/:'( 

They grow up so fast..................... 

I love you guys so much, the church is true, the gospel is simple, and we are happy when we keep the commandments, so in the words of an apostle that I heard yesterday, "Lets keep them!!!"

as always thanks for the love, lots being sent your way in this letter BIGHUGLITTLEKISS

xoxo Sister MORGAN
then some of my ChiangMai besties.....SISTER MAGS <3
Brother ย้ง (YONG?!) 
babies swimming at our condo ...omgcutecutecute 
I don't know why this was so cute to me............... just like little boys around the world are all the same. hahahah we are leaving the house so I am going to bring a bowl full of Hot Wheels yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Sister Stokers influence has reached the entire country!! We happened upon this country line dancing and you bet I took video and reminisced on the good ole days
SERIOUSLY SO FUNNY, total Billy Ray Cyrus action

can we get one of these industrial sized popcorn poppers installed at the house???


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