3/15/15... We have seen serious MIRACLES ALL week (haha do I say that every week???)

Visiting a family from the ward on Sunday, they are so awesome and not to mention I want to take their kids back home with me...........

HEY HEY!! Holy cow you guys are BLOWING MY MIND this week with all of your updates...... You are now Edison warders, PJ is prepping for high school, Brad is killing it with pitching, mom is going on my DREAM vacation to market and one of my best friends since Little Treasures is GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!! I am so happy!

For real though, this week was SO good here too! I don't even know where to begin, so I am just going to begin.................. from the beginning haha

We have seen serious MIRACLES ALL week (haha do I say that every week???) here are a few snippets: 

So Monday night we went to have Family Home Evening at Bro สมสัก and Sis เต้ย's house... two Recent Converts who are like the CUTEST grandma and grandpa you have ever seen. Sister Stoker is awesome and has put together these FHE kits for us to go around and do FHE at the members homes to start them off and hopefully get them doing it on their own. Right before we go, the District Leader calls me and says,"You know they have a granddaughter who lives with them who is not a member, you guys could teach her... missionaries have tried before but haven't been super successful..." So of course I am just SO stoked. We get there and make friends with her, and just really try to make her feel comfortable, then we taught about the Plan of Salvation and temples in the light of ETERNAL FAMILIES.. She is the cutessst thing ever and has a date to be baptized! Her name is แน่ๆ (Nah!Nah!)

Another one of our new investigators is ฟิรลื (First), a 17 year old who has lived alone since he was young. Because he hasn't had much direction in his life he drinks, smokes, does drugs, and most of all, has just never really felt like anyone loves him. My heart ached as he talked about this in our lesson. He is so earnestly searching for truth and light and it has been so cool being on the forefront as he realizes that it is the love of the Savior and light of His gospel that will fill the hole in his life. He is so diligent in reading the BOM and avoiding the parties and friends that caused him the break the WOW in the past.. Every time I call in to follow up I am just so proud! Pray for him as he prepares for baptism at the end of this month!

We have had so many other awesome miracles in finding and teaching new investigators. We had a walk in on Thursday, กบ (Gop) who didn't have a phone that totally showed up for church and is preparing for baptism! Other progressing investigators to keep in your prayers ฟิลม (Film, cutest girl from English), ติม (the wife of an RC), บุญตา (the Mrs. Clause of Thailand... I can't get over her!!), บอย (Boy), and มัน (Man, friends with Boy, struggling with smoking). I wish I could write about each of them, they are all SO cool. But please keep them in your prayers and pray that they will be ready for baptism (Most of them have dates for the 29th!)

So yeah! Training is going so well. Sister Castell is awesome and we are having SO much fun together. I feel like I am learning so much from training, especially about the qualifying power of the Atonement and the way the Lord works. At the very beginning of the book of Mormon (as in the book that has 10ish chapters written by Mormon in the collective book the Book of Mormon haha) Mormon talks about how at age 10 he begins to be learned in different languages, prepared spiritually etc... AGE 10 the Lord is entrusting him to be the one to be the keeper of the most important record on the face of this earth?! (When I was 10, I just cared about sour patch kids and soccer I am pretty sure....) haha Really though, when I read that this week I was reminded of that fact that The Lord will accomplish His purposes and qualify us for his work because HE can. I feel a little bit like 10 year old Mormon (on a lesser scale obviously), but as I look back on my mission thus far, I know he has been preparing me for this, and I am so grateful for His trust. 

Haha Sister Castell and I have a little joke actually, because there are literally cats everywhere here, that when she gets feeling down about the language or anything, I just remind her, "if Heavenly Father wanted, cats could do this work, and we are much more qualified than cats! Lets get to work!!" haha we are having a great time.   

Other fun updates/happenings:

We had zone training here and all the missionaries came, then Sis Castell and I did a switch off with the Sister Training Leaders... such good times!

We are having zone conference here this coming weekend and it is going to be AWESOME! Word is we are going to watch Meet the Mormons, and of course my favorite President Wisan will be here and that is always a treat!

Having a senior couple in your area is literally GOLD... namely Elder and Sister Stoker! They are so awesome, Sister Stoker had the whole branch doing country line dances at the branch Birthday party on Friday... umm funniest thing EVER Thai people country dancing, they absolutely loved it! 

Some good ole Thai Country Line Dancin' for ya!
yep, so so good
The fearless dance instructor, Sister Stoker! 
Fun fact about my companion... she is a musical genius!! She has her flute here so we have been taking that to people's houses when we teach them, and the spirit that it brings when we open a lesson with a hymn inspired by the Savior is just indescribable! Haha and she is helping keep us on tune when we sing during companionship study too.......

K other funny for the week... going through all the training material with Sister Castell has been super cool cause it has helped me see some things that I want to improve etc... Well I decided one of the things I wanted to improve on was "inviting the head of the household to offer a kneeling prayer at the close of the lesson" So like I said we taught, Sister ติม (Thim) the wife of an RC in the branch this week, and they are definitely older, but I guess it didn't really cross my mind that it would be an issue so I ask Bro เขียน (Kien) to offer the prayer and invite everyone to kneel. Well it turned into this big 8-9 minute ordeal of discussing each of their individual health issues that cause kneeling to hurt so bad and getting pillow cushion things situated on the floor for everyone's knees... HAHAHA seriously I am just like sitting there like "ok staying in the chairs would have been fine people!"...  good intention turned wrong I guess, so so funny.

I was telling Sister Castell that this week... some of the best advice I have for a greenie or for anyone in general, "Love the Lord and Laugh!"

If we do that, it will all work out. He is in His work. He knows and loves His children. This is His church and I know it is true!

You guys are awesome... I love you so much!! Have a great week

Sister Morgan

PS Mom I shed a little tear that Serena played in BNP this year... OMG

I am sort of making an ogre face, but our first companionship selfie + Elder Morley! Good times at the โบลถ

Seriously get a load of that girl?!
Seriously get a load of that girl?!
พ่อ John, how adorable is he??? He loves to have his pic taken and is at the church all the time!!
Sista Stoker in the house......... I seriously can't believe we get to serve together! <3
(Sister Stoker is the mom of one of Sarah's friends from BYU!)

This is from back in December....but it is fun to hear her speaking Thai!

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