3/1/15... To Him, we are all one BIG FAMILY....

hey hey hey!!!! Loved all the updates, can't believe my favorite older brother turns 23 this week... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TY TY MOO MOO COW COW, I wish I could be there to eat a Sinful Sundae with you guys :) 

Anyways, this week has been too good here in P-Log, we literally can't believe it is the last week of the transfer already! Where has time gone??

So I think I am just going to start with painting you a little picture of the most beautifully hilarious, perfect culmination to this transfer that there ever could have been... and that would be our first baptism of the transfer, Bro ฟลูค์ (Fluke), baptizing his dad, Bro บุญธรรม (Boontaam), as our last baptism of the transfer!! Seriously the coolest experience, but the way it went down was just too funny not to share... 

So the baptismal font is connected right to the Sacrament meeting room, and on Sundays where we have a baptism we can't start filling it until after Sacrament meeting finishes at 10 cause it is SO loud, which makes it kind of difficult to fill sufficiently for a baptism at 12. So it is 12, and we peek in and sure enough it is like a little above knee level maybe, but Elder Calderon is like for sure that it is good to go. haha Sister N-Cott and I are like a little worried about this because  A) Bro บุญธรรม (Boontaam) is not necessarily a small person, and B) Bro ฟลูค์ (Fluke) has never baptized anyone before but we are just gonna go with it! So right before Bro บุญธรรม (Boontaam) gets a little nervous about the fact that his head has to go under too... I don't know where we missed that part because he for some reason thought just going to the chin would do :) but anyways they get in the font and the water is just so low, and bless his heart Bro ฟลูค์ (Fluke) was so nervous too, and it just all kind of collapsed and it looked more like a grown man trying to bathe a larger man in a weird backbend sort of fashion (despite the larger man not being very nimble) than a baptism. But  he was completely IMMERSED and it was done by PROPER AUTHORITY, and that is all that matters!  

Brother ฟลูค์ (Fluke) and Brother บุญธรรม (Boontaam) :) YES!!!!!!!!

In all seriousness, what a cool thing to see come to fruition. The Lord changed our vision and asked us specifically to seek to teach families this transfer, and I am so eternally grateful for that. Sister Nethercott and I agree that we probably wouldn't have asked to teach his dad had it not been for this, because here in Thailand most people are very private and turned off when it comes to sharing the gospel with family. Families are so central to the Heavenly Father's plan and it just makes SENSE to take this approach as we seek to hasten the work, and even more as we seek the blessings of a temple here in Thailand. 

Another highlight of the week would be making food with Bro ประสงค์ (Brasang), our investigator who used to be a monk! So he is an AWESOME cook, and taught us how to make green curry and thom yum gai... Seriously SO delicious. I am thinking we are going to have to start teaching our lessons like that all the time. :) He is doing awesome, totally didn't wear any of his เพระ (Buddhist necklaces) when he came to our appointment this time cause we had just taught the 10 Commandments the time before. I am pretty positive he put them right back on after he left, but it was a nice gesture and definitely a good step! He has a date to be baptized on the 15th and will be going to church this Sunday. (Thank you for your prayers!) 

Also! Our investigators เกีต (Gate) and เดียร์ (Dear) could use prayers this week! They are the coolest Former Investigators that we found in our Area Book that I decided to give a call while we were planning one day. They met with us and have a date to be baptized this Sunday! I actually ended up calling a referral to Lopburi this last week, and the Elder that answered was the one who had taught them here and he was SO EXCITED. He said that he had no idea why they didn't end up getting baptized while he was here,  they just kind of lost contact with them. EVERYTHING in the timing of the Lord! But for real... they are like the Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf of Thailand, as in just like beautiful people. HAHA! Every time we walk out of lessons with them the members like whisper to each other or when they ask about how they are doing they refer to them as "คนสวยคนลอ" (khon suay khon laah) Which basically means person beautiful person handsome" Irrelevant detail, but really funny nonetheless! The gospel is for everyone! 

I think my email today can be summed up in one scripture, found in 2 Nephi chapter 26 verse 33 talking about Heavenly Father,

 "For he doeth that which is good among the children of men; and he doeth nothing save it be plain unto the children of men; and he inviteth them all to come unto him and partake of his goodness; and he denieth none that come unto him, black and white, bond and free, male and female; and he remembereth the heathen, and all are alike unto God, both Jew and Gentile." 

To Him, we are all one BIG FAMILY, this gospel is for all to partake of freely, and I am so grateful to be His representative spreading that message here in Thailand. I love this work!


This just in from my Zone Leader literally this very minute as I write this..... I will be leaving P-Lok this Thursday....

A little in shock, I can't believe my time here has been so short, but I will go where the Lord needs me to go!

Keep all of the missionaries in Thailand in your prayers this week while there are changes being made! 

Love you guys, 

Sister Morgan

Our adventures in the mountains with the members last Monday! 

Seriously so beautiful!
I feel like we were at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory or something... but BETTER
the pics don't really do it justice!
The view...
So this pic serves two purposes... number 1. Mom you asked if I was using my ZIGS, you know I am! Everyone in this mission has friendship books, so I use them for sure at the end of every transfer. Love them. And number 2. a little lesson on inviting in the Thailand Bangkok Mission for the rest of you! 

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  1. Glad to see you are touching lives and bringing families to Christ in such a fascinating and gorgeous part of the world. Keep up the good work!