3/8/15... GOOD BYE P-LOK!!!

my cutest market friends who ARE going to get baptized!

Hey hey!! Ok seriously such good updates from all of you, I literally died a few times reading your letters... I think my favorite parts were totally picturing Tyler making himself socks out of paper towels at the bowling alley cause he didn't bring any and then Bradley not having any idea about Mom being severely injured.... HAHAHA I can't even handle it. Then of course Dad still considering butter to be his number one food group... I am glad to know that with all of the changing constantly going on in the mission some things just stay the same :)

Speaking of CHANGE, I am here in ร้อย เอ็ด (Roi-Et) and life is good! I am training Sister Castell who you saw the pics of and she is great! She is 23 and is a convert to the Church of just under 2 years... How awesome is that?? 
with my new companion SISTER CASTELL <3
I feel like it has been a whirlwind since last Monday getting everything all set to leave P-Log and then getting to transfers and then getting everything all settled here! Wow. Needless to say, I have officially completed "the triangle" as in served in Bangkok, the North, and now THE ISAN.... haha Sister Nethercott is obsessed with the concept of "the triangle" so I hope I made my old companion proud with accomplishing such a feat so early in my mission. 

Here are some of the fun ideas floating around in my mind to give you a little update on what has happened this last week:

So my last few days in P-Log could not have been any more perfect... The members were all so sweet and I got to say goodbye to my recent converts and investigators.. They gave me the cutest little gifts, I love them all SO MUCH! We got to eat at our favorite ส้มตำ people one last time (It's kinda funny, when you leave an area you realize you will miss your go to food people maybe just as much as the members! hahaha mom think walking into Costa Vida and them starting to make "the usual" before we order... totally happens here too!)

Probably the funniest/best ending though.... So there is this ice cream cart lady that Sister Nethercott would always get ice cream from, and we get talking with her and we find out her daughter is totally a member and studies at BYU Hawaii... We are like so stoked and so determined to help this lady get baptized so we decide that we will just causally teach her every time Sis N-Cott gets her ice cream. Well it was like probably the second week of the transfer and we talk to her about the Restoration and leave her with a pamphlet. We both thought it went way well and wasn't too overbearing or anything and made plans to teach her the Plan of Salvation.... but then we NEVER SAW HER AGAIN!! We were just like so confused because she came everyday and told us she has sold at this spot for years... We started to get worried that we scared her away but were trying to keep our faith and decided that there was definitely just an ice cream convention going on somewhere (maybe in Bangkok or something hahaha) So everyday that we would be sitting in the church teaching and we would hear the bell that the people that sell stuff ring as they push their cart by, Sister Nethercott would RUN outside to see if it was her...no it was always like some man selling brooms or processed meats on a stick. (they love that in Thailand for some reason.) So it is the very last day in P-Log and the other sisters forgot something and asked us to meet them at the bus station... We change our route and as we are riding up, low and behold there is the precious ice cream lady! After 4 long weeks of training on flavors and scooping techniques THE ICE CREAM CONVENTION IS FINALLY OVER!! 

haha apparently she was just really sick, but for sure the new Sisters are going to get her baptized! I dont know if that story will be as funny if you weren't there, but I hope at least mom is laughing......

Anyways, transfers were super good.. it is always so much fun to see everyone especially people from your old districts and stuff! Seriously I have to share the COOLEST miracle that I just found out about from the Bangnaa crew.... So I think I told you about the guy named Jack that I invited to come to church one day at Imperial, kinda thinking he didn't seem that interested,but then totally came. Well he got baptized and got the Priesthood while I was there, but then the Elders just told me that he is seriously like the strongest member! This last transfer, the Elders taught and he baptized his little brother, then he wanted to find a way for his wife and daughter who live in Udorn to learn about the gospel/get baptized. So Elder Suphan (the district leader in Bangnaa) who is Thai and has family living in Udorn, writes his family to help find Jack's family etc and I guess through the whole situation, Elder Suphan's uncle who hasn't come to church in years has totally come back into full activity! How awesome is that?! The Lord works in SUCH mysterious ways... 

So yeah, we got to ร้อย เอ็ด and it is great here! The Branch is AMAZING... the church is so big and there are so many members, I am a little in shock! It is for sure the biggest branch/ward I have served in yet. So many awesome members... The branch president and his wife have already had us over (they are going to be SO great to work with), then the members invited us over yesterday for this big celebration that is going on here where everyone eats together (still not exactly sure what the celebration is about cause everyone in Thailand eats together all the time anyways? I think it has to do with Buddhism and Isan culture....hahaha) 

Seriously though, I am so ready to get the work going! The Sisters have been having a little bit of trouble finding people to teach, we are kind of coming in with no progressors or anything, but I am SO excited to get things rolling.

This morning in my personal study I was reading about miracles in the Bible Dictionary and seriously LOVED this one part...

"Christianity is founded on the greatest of all miracles, the Resurrection of our Lord. If that be admitted, other miracles cease to be improbable."

I think we forget that sometimes, we so easily accept the Atonement of Jesus Christ as truth, that the Savior literally overcame sin and physical death for all mankind, but we have trouble believing that the Lord can do miracles in our own lives. 

I have learned how important it is to have faith that the Lord can and WILL work miracles through us as we are in His service. It is both humbling and empowering all at the same time, but I know it is true. Heavenly Father is a God of MIRACLES and there are miracles happening in each of our lives daily if we will but open our eyes!!

So here's to a week of miracles in ร้อย เอ็ด and in Kennewick and where ever you may be (knowing you guys possibly Hawaii, Utah, Mexico, California.... :)) haha  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

xo, Sister Morgan

Mom here are the answers to the q's I didn't answer:

ร้อย เอ็ด is a biking area! hahaha so basically if you want a visual of me riding a bike... you know how on the Pink Panther Inspector Cluseau is always like wreaking havoc around him (think like causing a globe to run into the tour de france, cars crash, etc you know the movie) and is like totally aloof to the whole situation going on behind him... that is me 

the move with everything was fine, I think I am going to get moving down to a science! We were seriously on the nicest bus on the way to ร้อย เอ็ด I couldn't believe it!

So about Sis N-Cott.. she was told she was staying, then at transfers they walk up to her and say she will actually be moving! She she and her new companion had to go all the way back to P-Lok, get all her stuff, then back to their area in Bangkok! Sister Alley is there now with Sister Tautioli and Sister Bagley in a trio, they will be PERFECT for the area! 

And what your Thai friend has said about the food... I have yet to find something as good as our P-Log go to's, (food in the North is SO good) but Isan food is the best, so I think we will get some regulars figured out here soon :)

And, no I didn't get your package :( I was way sad! But the ZLs (who are in my area!) are going to Bangkok for training this week so hopefully it will be there for them to bring back! I did get Sister Smith's package though, thank you so much!! 
My ส้มตำ lady! How cute is she??? 

Our dinner crew...

one of our lunch spots! the lady there loves me cause I rave over her สูกี้ (suki)

Goodbyes with the my favorites in P-Log!!
ประสงค์ (Brasong, our monk investigator!)

Sister มัธ

saying goodbye to เมธ์... she is going to be the general YW pres someday!

my FAVE girls Mint and May, we are soul sisters for real

The FUNNIEST guy we just started teaching at his store before I left... hope things progress with him!

my girl Sister Herrmann... always SO fun together

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