3/22/15... This week has been so good here in the 101, we are working HARD

Family! So today I am just going to go ahead and start my email with it........ 


haha I finished my Family Book this week (seriously it turned out SO cute, thank you so much Mom for all of your help!) But I just kept pulling it out all week and looking through it at your cute faces or showing it to people.. haha I realized I am pretty much obsessed with you guys and I am so so thankful that you are mine. **get your own family book here: https://familysearch.org/campaign/myfamily JUST DO IT!!

Anyways, this week has been so good here in the 101, we are working HARD and actually this weekend we got to play kinda hard too! It was the District Conference plus Zone Conference so these last 3 days there have been missionaries and members from all over the Isan here in Roi-Et and it was way good. Between the meetings at the hotel with all of the members and the Zone Conference activities going on at the church we are all so exhausted from these last 3 days, but seriously it was TOO FUN! 

Also the reason I didn't email yesterday... Sorry Mom. haha

So probably the coolest part of the District Conference that President Senior pointed out was the fact that we get to witness the forming of a Stake and how there aren't many places left in the world where this is happening. This meeting was a preparatory meeting to the one that will happen in June when Ubon will become a Stake and I think this weekend was a huge realization for me of the implications that come along with this. I have such a greater appreciation for the service of the senior couple missionaries who are spending their time training the members here on what they will need to do as a Stake (there will now be a high counsel etc) I love how specific everything is in the Lord's way... there is order to everything and the Stakes in Zion no matter if they are in Kennewick WA or Thailand will be administered the same... SO COOL. And such a huge shout out the senior couple missionaries..........

Speaking of senior couple missionaries, Sister Stoker seriously reminds me so much of you mom! She with the help of some of us missionaries and a few of the other senior Sisters put on the most amazing dinner for all of the missionaries for this Sunday night (she even made steamed BROCCOLI at my request!) not to mention made carrot cake for the entire meeting of people on Saturday night too. She is amazing and it totally reminded me of all of the times mom just threw together an awesome dinner or party or activity like it was nothing.... You guys are so talented! 
Sunday night we also got to watch MEET THE MORMONS... hahaha I have made every district leader of mine email President to ask for permission to watch this on a p-day or something, and nothing, then finally, at long last, I got to see it! It was good.... I think I am with you Dad, "I have already met lots of Mormons!" I think it will be a one time watch for me, but still good nonetheless!

Probably my favorite part of Zone Conference though was the introduction of the new campaign that the church is launching, BECAUSE HE LIVES:

Get ready people, this is going to blow your mind. As a missionary it is a refocus on our  efforts in our testifying of the very basics... the reality of a Savior. The fact that Jesus Christ did in fact atone for our sins, then miraculously rose from the dead. The Resurrection is real and as his representatives we can testify of the simple truth that changes lives when it is truly understood:


I feel like this is something that has actually been on my mind all week, so it was so fitting that that was something we talked about in Zone Conference. It has been way cool being companions with a recent convert because we have had conversations about the very basics of the gospel.. Earlier this week while we were waiting for an investigator, I asked Sister Castel to practice teaching me the Restoration and when she got to the Savior's earthly ministry... she paused and asked me, "Sister, what really is the Atonement?" As I recounted to her everything I knew about the Savior, His mission, His life and ministry, His death, His resurrection, His love... I realized something... 

I really do feel like I know Jesus Christ. I know Him like I know you guys, and I love Him. I have felt of His love and His reality and it is something that I want for EVERYONE. The Thai people, my companion, my friends at home, you guys. 

Anyways, this week was so awesome..... our investigators are all doing well, we should have 2 getting baptized for sure this Sunday... Please pray for Brother First and Sister Boonthaa! We had some way breakthrough lessons this week with those two, Sister Thim and 3 new investigators that I will keep you posted on! Also please pray that Brother SomSag and Sister Thoo-ey will help Sister Nah!Nah! feel good about her date to be baptized. :) I know with your faithful prayers........ we will see MIRACLES!

Seriously this last week, I feel like everyday I was riding my bike home just before 9 pm from inviting at the market or teaching or whatever and I just felt literally exhausted. Feeling exhausted in the Lord's work at the end of the day is literally the best feeling ever.  My last district leader would always follow up on our obedience and one day he just said "The only thing that matters is that we are happy." It literally just hit me, giving the Lord 100% all the time is how we are happy! I am grateful for the opportunity to give him all I've got. 

This week is already off to a good start, we have two new daters for baptism after last night and we have lots of lessons lined up to teach (some weeks you are more just piecing it together as the week goes, so I am so excited to have the elect ready to go! haha) Plus today we are going to a way cool museum (or so they say it will be cool... idk if I trust them... haha) with the Elders that is apparently not opened on Mondays so that should be fun!!

Life is good, the Lord's work is moving forward, it is still SO hot in Thailand, and we are happy!

I sure do love you and hope you have so much fun this week on SPRING BREAK, you all deserve a little relaxation... please take LOTS OF PICS!!!!!

I don't want any speedo pics of Dad or Jourdan though....




Oh my gosh....... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE!!! Seriously cried a little I think at how thoughtful you are mom... you take such good care of me and know me TOO well.... but the other moral of the story:

Do not ship Hairspray internationally!

Haha the APs were so nice and brought the package to zone conference for me, but when they handed it to me it was in like this huge plastic sack from the mail company and smelled so strong and like some of the cardboard had been eaten away... I knew immediately the hairspray must have exploded! haha well I get home and open it........ and don't worry nothing was compromised too badly but I will tell you, butterfinger muddy buddies and funfetti popcorn are not quite as good with a fresh covering of hairspray.............

somehow the bags totally ripped open and I am still trying to figure out what lesson the Lord was trying to teach me with this whole experience but it just seems really cruel to have my two favorite treats in my hands after weeks of waiting, still looking super delish but totally tasting like ballpoint pen ink.... hahaha I will let you know when I figure it out :)

Thank you again though...the lulu bag the camera case, the necklace, the brush, everything, you are the best!!!!!!!

our house! I call it 'Full House meets beach shack chic'........ I love it, it is perfect!
our kitchen that you see right when you walk in the front door
our desks... on the wall, we are putting a miracle a day for the transfer! fun huh?
More house pics to come... but I didn't really get any pics from this weekend so 
I am stealing these from the Church Facebook page and 
we will call this next segment of photos 

"The 101 beautiful faces of Sister Morgan......." 

"Wow I love slicing Carrot Cake..."
"Seriously Sister McKnight stop breathing on me..." hahahaha I really do LOVE Sister McKnight

"Hey Sister sit down lets take this pic already......." 
ok this one is actually not too bad....... love these Sistas
then I somehow managed to pull a traditional smile for the group photo... SUCCESS!

hahaha come on President Wisan, what did I tell you about only getting my good angles?!

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