4/5/15... A TEMPLE IN THAILAND!!!!!

this text came in exactly at midnight (00:00)..... 
translation "We are gonna have a temple in Thailand!"   heck ya we are............


Oh my gosh, I can't get over the cruise pics, sooooooo much fun! I am so glad you guys owned it, especially dad on the KARAOKE (still dying a little bit!) and Parker making reservations on his own/ knowing the ship in and out... SO classic. and the fact that Brad still made it home for baseball, I don't know how you always do it mom, but you do!  

So last night, we have dinner at the Stokers house and watch a little bit of Conference after (SO excited to watch everything next week, the talks we watched we so spot on!!). Sis Stoker told us that in the Saturday morn session the Prophet was too sick to speak, so that he would just be speaking later. 

I felt my heart beat, a little amused at the fact that of all conferences for this to happen, its this one. (The Lord is continually trying to teach me little lessons in patience I think HAHA)

We watch a few talks, it is time to go, and all I can say is "I just want to stay until the Prophet announces the temple!" We laugh, and kind of reason with the fact that there haven't been temples announced in the last few conferences, and they are working hard to finish the ones already under construction. Its ok Thailand's time will come...

We go home, we go to bed.

Its 12 AM.... we are sleeping, the phone is rings.............

Its our district leader Elder Sukan, and he's crying.......

"Sisters, the APs just called. President Monson just announced, there is going to be a temple in Thailand."

Immediately I jump on Sis Castell and am like speaking cry gibberish.. she is SO out of it and probably confused. 

Next thing I know, we are on our knees, and I am weeping some sort of prayer of thanksgiving and lets just say I don't think I fell back asleep after that.

I can't even type this without tearing up. A temple for Thailand, the Lord's perfect plan and vision for this country and these people. I think of all of the people who have had a part in this and I am left a little speechless. 

President Wisan called me this morning to make sure I had gotten the news (love him!)  and I could't help but get a little emotional as I thanked him for the YEARS and years he has been building the foundation for this.
I think of President Senior, about to finish his time here, and the incredible growth he has inspired. There were exponential increases, growing pains, going back to the drawing board time and time again all because a temple for Thailand was his/our goal.
I think of my uncle David and my teachers at the MTC, my dear Sister Croft, people who aren't here right now that served so diligently and had their part. 
Then I think of the members... I don't think there are a more faithful, God loving, humble people than the Thai people and the Lord knows that. 
All things in His time. And the time is now. I am ecstatic. 

I think all other happenings from this week seem small in comparison to the news that was dropped on us about 12 hours ago... but we are working hard and having fun here in Roi Et!

Some highlights of the week:

Our #BecauseofHim Easter activity was a hit! Sooo funny, we had egg tossing, egg spoon relays, and an egg hunt then finished with the video and stuff. They seriously LOVED IT... Thai people just had no idea about any of these things so some of the sisters in the ward were mortified that we wanted to toss raw eggs because a) you will get raw egg yolk all over you if you don't catch it (THAT IS THE POINT!) and b) they wanted to eat them as hard boiled eggs when the games were done! hahaha it was ALL we could do to get them to only boil the eggs for the egg hunt. Which speaking of, for it being their first time, they painted Easter eggs so beautifully! haha we walked in to the kitchen and they were painting them like dark forest green and red, and we were like "uhh Easter is more pastel...." but little did we know they were egg painting masters and were not yet finished cause then they added flowers and stuff. SO cute
painting christmas eggs? HAHA
We went to the Elephant Village in Surin last Monday! haha Surin is like the elephant capital of Thailand, I am pretty sure they count the elephants as citizens there, ha jk, but really so awesome! On the way there we stopped at this wat/ field place that just had one thousand monkeys... literally! Realization of a lifetime is when you realize that monkeys aren't actually as cute as people always give them credit for, they kind of look like old creepy english men.. haha still so fun and cool none the less!

So also this week, miracles with our teaching. We are still teaching the same people plus 4 new investigators too (a few of which more found us than us found them.. so awesome), and have a lot of them on date for the 19th. We are so excited about it because it gives them an opportunity to listen to conference next week before! It has been fun to promise them that if they will pray and prepare to listen to the mouthpiece of God, and even prepare a specific question they have, they will receive an answer. I never get over how many times in my life that has been the case... I love Conference. 

Next week is สงกราณ์ (Songran) the HUGE water fight/celebration in Thailand... honestly I have no idea what to expect or how to explain it but I have heard it is MADNESS...so stoked. haha look up a youtube vid or something!! 

It goes without saying after this weekend, but the Lord's hand and care are here in Thailand, and as always it includes His missionaries. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have a part in the work at this time in this place. Life is good!

I love you guys SO much, have great week! 

Mom, of course you will be in my prayers more than ever this week with the surgery... I have a really peaceful feeling about it. Brad and PJ and Dad.. Take care of her and be gentle when you are putting her hair in a pony please HAHA (I am trying to picture it right now... like all three of you, one with the brush, one with the elastic and one offering advice/ support) maybe video...

haha anyways, here is to a temple in Thailand and another good week,

Sister Morgan

ps we will be emailing way sooner (like 2 or 3 hours sooner) than usual next Monday so we can go out and dominate people with our super soakers............ haha literally I guess no matter what you do or whee you go you are DRENCHED
at the #BecauseofHim activity! I love them!
Sister นก (Nog) and her loot! 
one of our investigators แทน (Tan)... he got so hyped on the egg hunt. almost as hyped as I hope he is for his baptism on the 29th............... (:
Some of my แม่s (Mahs)!! The one on the far left is my RC,
it melts my heart how they have just taken her in! <3
this was everywhere.... but they had so much fun! so worth the mess
the egg hunt was intense, yes he is scaling the building.. HAHA! watching everyone hunt for the eggs took me back to all of the years the boys were in a mad dash around the yard to get all the eggs and I casually walked around till I found the big money egg.. hahaha love it

a little lift!

and a little hug!
seriously some skilled elephants down in Surin
District love at the Monkey wat!

seriously, monkeys were everywhere!!!
tried to get the little handoff...but failed...they are so fast and SNEAKY!

random fireworks at the ปึง the other day while inviting... I tell you, if there is any possible occasion to celebrate, Thailand takes it and runs with it haha I love it!

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