4/19/15... We survived Songran... it was SO fun, so cold, so insane, so hilarious, and just so glad I will have my one and only Songran to remember forever!!

ME AND MY NEW คู่ <3 I love this girl!
Family!! Thank you so much for the updates this week, you are all doing your thing and killing it like usual, I am so proud!

so much has happened since I last emailed-- it has been a little nuts!!

But ya, you already know...I am in อุดร (Udorn) and I am companions with Sister นิตยา (Nithaya)!!!!!!!!! 

I died a little at transfers because this is literally just TOO perfect, this area and my companion are a DREAM. Everyone calls อุดร (Udorn) "the Promised Land" and I would say it is for sure living up to that in the total of 4 days that I have been here. Haha, the branch members are so awesome, our house is so cute, the town is perfect, and the ส้มตำ (SomTham) is yummy. 

Not to mention the biggest miracle of it all, I AM REUNITED WITH MY MTC COMPANION/BESTIE SISTER COATES! She has been serving here for 2 transfers already, and we are totally in a four sister house together.On top of that the Sister she is training, Sister Olsen, is like my soul sister lost at birth. I feel a little spoiled, but I decided that I am just going to be so so grateful and work so so hard this transfer to thank Heavenly Father! haha

Then Sister นิตยา (Nitaya)...I absolutely love her! It's so crazy, we were just bound to serve together sooner or later and I am so so happy about it! She is my first Thai companion (Seriously best thing ever... they just do like the most random funny things all the time.) But I have been following like all of her areas! She served with Sister Croft in บางนา(Bangnaa) right before me, and I met her family at the District Conference last transfer. And then most random thing! So I have this picture album that I teach with in our lessons, and on the front I have the pic of me with my mission call, the same one that Wisan posted on the church Facebook page, and she saw it during one of our lessons and was like "Oh my gosh Sister, that is you?! We talked on Facebook when you got your mission call and we talked about how fun it would be to be companions!" Haha that is like the most vague shadow of a memory in the depths of my brain where I store anything previous to my life here in Thailand (except you guys of course, you still have a prominent place, don't worry) hahaha, but way small world! .. She is so loving and HILARIOUS and is just such a good missionary and we are going to see MIRACLES together. 

Speaking of miracles, so the first day I get here... we are talking our bus came in from Bangkok at 5:45 AM Friday morning after traveling all night and so it goes, we started our day! (Like Ty says... "sleep when you're dead!") Anyways, we had a lesson set up to teach our investigator who lives way out in the boonies and is the mom of a member in บางนา(Bangnaa)... Turns out she is the mom of Jack, the guy I invited at Imperial that got baptized in Bangnaa and then I found out at the next transfer meeting that he is just a way strong member now etc/ has been trying to get all of his family to be baptized in Udorn-- I told you the story in one of my letters.. well now, I totally get to have a part in it!! We are working with his mom, and until this lesson, I guess his dad has never sat in or really given them any attention, but he totally sat and talked with us and took a baptismal date! It was so cute, I showed them a picture of Jack that I had on my camera, and they were soo so happy and proud. I think me kind of knowing his son was part of the reason his interest was kind of sparked. Yay. Then we called Jack after the lesson and he was so excited to hear what had happened, and we got things all set for him to come here and baptize them! He said he will have enough money for a ticket to come on the 10th of May. Please pray pray pray that all goes smoothly, that his parents (especially his dad!) keep progressing, he is able to come, and that this family takes one more step to becoming an ETERNAL family! 
Jack's parents! 
Sundays here are a little hectic, there are 2 branches, so we have church twice-- at 9 and at 1. It is a little nuts getting from a baptism after the first one is over to the 1 o clock sacrament meeting, but it was way fun... seriously so many awesome members. I think I have said that about all of my areas, but I am not lying! After the second sacrament meeting we taught one of our investigators หวาน (Waan), the cutest tiniest lady with no front teeth, who has been an investigator forever but would not get baptized! We had a way good lesson with her, and she will be getting baptized this Wednesday! Pray for her please :)

But yeah, as I have been moving a lot, I have really started to realize that you can be effective in your service from the very first moment you are called to do something or called to go somewhere. It is the natural inclination to want to kinda step back and figure it all out when you are in a new situation, but I have seen amazing things happen as I just remember to trust in Heavenly Father's qualifying power and rely on the Spirit. So special and also so humbling. I can't even tell you how much I love this work!!

Other tidbits I haven't filled you in on/ need to know info:

being surprise attacked by the members
We survived Songran...(which is a country-wide WATERFIGHT for the Thailand New Year!!!)  It was SO fun!! Haha actually so cold, so insane, so hilarious, and just so glad I will have my one and only Songran to remember forever. As much as I loved it, I think USA got it right with its holidays, we're talking the classics Christmas, Thanksgiving, the Fourth hahaha. And it was so true, we still ended up wet on Tuesday and Wednesday when we were supposed to be "working"... it is literally unavoidable!!

My goodbye with the branch members in ร้อยเอ็ด(Roi-et) was so good/ sad! I will miss them SO much. They became my family so quickly.. in fact my เเม่s (Mahs) somehow just got my number here in Udorn and called to check in on me this morning... HAHAHA seriously they are my fave. They all showered me with gifts, including knitted winter scarves. With all of this moving and how adorably generous the members always are, I am going to need to buy a new suitcase for my "gifts". haha Oh Thailand.................

So ya, I ended up leaving Sister Castell in Mahasarakam with the Sisters there and traveled with Sister Lor to Bangkok for transfers. Sister Castell and I had a great last week together, she is doing awesome and I am excited to see her finish some of the work we started together!  She is now companions with Sister Alley (who I served with in P-Log), which I am SO excited about. ร้อยเอ็ด(Roi-et) is in great hands between the two of them!

Last tidbit about my new life in Udorn... Sister Nithaya loves to เก้ลง (glayng!) which means prank/joke and she is literally ALWAYS laughing mischievously or trying to plan a little prank to play on the other Sisters. I love it, seriously HILARIOUS

That is all I have for you right now, promise next weeks won't be so scatterbrained! I love you guys so so much... more than you even know probably 



Sister Morgan
the town was MADNESS!! 
playing with the ward members!
somehow I was the target of EVERYONE... being attacked by the Elders...

for all ages!!
right by the church, haha drunk ladies dancing and just soaking everyone that drove by!! 

it was ICE cold!!
snuck in a companionship selfie! 
but you know me... I am a SUNSHINE girl!!

Saying goodbye to my regular food people in ร้อยเอ็ด (Roi-et)! 

we had lunch here everyday, it was literally right behind the church! 

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